Jessica - Planning For Jamaica - Story Three

He put his arms around me and hugged me and whispered in my ear about how much he was going to enjoy this day. "Okay, lets go," I said. After the clerk rang up the items I had chosen, he flipped his credit card out. "My treat," he said. "No, no," I said. "Yes, yes," he said. The clerk took his card and after the slip was printed I noticed his

A World Of My Own Ch. 5

the knee and pinned them to her shoulders. My cock had a mind of its own and found her cunt with no help required. Once the head of my cock was set in that tight hole I slammed forward and buried myself inside her and that’s when the animal in me was release. I grabbed a tit in each fist and started slamming her and I didn’t stop until I exploded

My Boyfriend's Cousin - Part 2.5: The Party Part 2

that almost stunned me.“We’ve showered together you know.” He whispered in my ear. I stared for a bit incredulously at him. “When?”“Couple of weeks back.”“Seriously?” I almost blurted out loud. Meanwhile my cock was suddenly semi-hard.“Yeah… I was gonna tell you but I kept forgetting. He came into the uni once while I was swimming and him and his

traci"s story

do as my Master commanded. I say in a whispered voice, “Master I am sorry, but I could not do it. I tried to breath like you taught me. I tried to control my sensations, but as the batteries began to die, the vibrator began to pulse in and out of life. I tried Master, really I did.” I close my eyes, because I do not deserve to look at my Master.

My 48 hours in B-Block

shower. I went in the stall and he was there, stroking his growing cock. But this one was bigger. 8 inches at least. He smiled and motioned for me to get on my knees. I did and his big, hard, black cock was at my face. He lifted it and pushed it towards my lips. I opened them and let him slide it in. It was just as fat as the other, but longer.

time you never forget

her knees and her head leaning against the wall. Max came over to her and lay down just in front of her. Rachel stared at him. She stared at the shine of his magnificent coat, she stared into his big brown eyes looking up at her. ''Do you want me?'' she said to him, knowing that he couldnt understand her. She lay down beside him and put her head

The Interview Part 1 – Anns Story

named Tracy to marry me. Tracy said, ‘Not until I tell you about my family and their business interests. Then I will ask you if you still want me as your wife.’ I said, ‘Okay, tell me and then ask me.’ After listening a short time to Tracy’s story, I said, ‘Please stop, I just can’t fathom what you are saying. I have met your mom and sister and

Laundry day

up on the floor below them, urged him on, this was the last place and position he wanted to get caught in. Holding her hips he pulled her back into each hard thrust, his pace picking up along with her ragged breathing, cries and moans kept getting caught in her throat as each thrust grew in rapidness and power. She swivelled her hips, making the

Living Room Lust

legs apart and expertly worked my clit with his tongue and mouth. I moaned loudly as his tongue explored deep inside of me, then moved over my clitoris. He rubbed my lips with two fingers, then gently pushed them until they were deep inside me. Licking my clit, he fingered me until I was on the verge of a major explosion. The orgasm rocked my

Special Delivery

breeze from the open window cooled me as I drifted between waking and sleeping. In my half-conscious state I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly came to my senses. The parcel! I was waiting for a new router for my laptop. It had been three days now without the internet, and life was dull without the chat rooms and my cyber friends. I leapt of

The Neighbors Daughter

surprised to see a new car parked in a blind spot on the road. As he approached the car he was equally surprised to see his neighbor Tom’s teenage daughter naked in the car getting her pussy eaten by an equally naked guy. Adam did not know the girl’s name or much about her for that matter. She had recently moved in with Tom and his second wife to

The Mortal and the Magic Wand - Chapter 04 - Thursday

extra hard, trying to get orgasms from scoring. Of course, Josh and Abbie got the most, but she did allow a few others to score every now and then. By the end of the match, the girls were up by one, which means they won, and the boys got to enjoy the sight of an entire class of naked girls experiencing their victory orgasms.The boys started to

Because We Can

that felt new and exciting for both of us. As soon as I got up to your room and closed the door I grabbed you by the arms and pulled you to my chest. You were looking up into my eyes with a faint smiling, almost challenging me into my next move. I felt your young breasts pressing against the top of my stomach and the sensations spread through my

Older Men... Delicious!

under his jagged hands; he was now fondling my breast, playing with my nipples, and firmly pinching them. My cunt was now dripping that sweet nectar; the smell of fresh pussy juice filled the air… He stopped and grabbed my hand “Come, please. Let me show you something” I followed him into the living room. The bulge in his pants now very

Total Woman Industries 01

just hit the jackpot. Sheldon got to his SAT phone and called Krista. ‘It’s the real thing.’ he told her ‘I’ll bring in samples for confirmation tests but these results are good enough to close the deal with the mining company.’ Krista cheered for him on the fortuitous find. ‘Please hurry home, sweetheart, and I’ll show you how really grateful I


He taught me History at secondary school and I fancied him so much. Apart from being a very good teacher, He came across as being a really nice person and thought he was good looking too. This was his first teaching post and was 28 years old. I would do anything to spend some time with him. This would usually involve pretending I found the

First Edition

at Black Water for the whole day. I didn’t see much of Frank that morning. I skipped lunch and grabbed the shuttle to Wal-Mart. I needed to pick up a few things and I was trying to avoid any more inquisitions, like I had with Mildred earlier. Things were fine right now, but it would be easy to screw up. I zapped a TV dinner and watch a couple of

Discovers the Beast

the end in sight, she began pulling herself awayfrom the dog.Finally, with a loud popping sound, she stumbled untoher face in the sandy beach as the dog’s cock camefree. She could feel the warm jism ooze out of hergaping pussy and puddling to the ground beneath herweakened, naked body.She felt for sure that this bestial ordeal was

Phoenix Pt 2 Ch 02

the sunlight.'That was one of the reasons for creating your hybrid species. You were an experiment to determine if you could survive in Earth’s sunlight without going mad.'‘But, if the others went mad anyway,’ Béla asked, ‘why give them bodies with the same flaw as the originals?’The Praetor didn’t reply. Instead it sent her an image.Béla was

Down the Road to Glory

John just kept up his steady pace as he slipped that cock in and out of me. I lie there on my desk with a smile on my face as a very warm loving feeling came over me. I smiled as my heart filled with joy. I knew that the fucking he was giving me was one of love not just sex. I am sure if there are any women reading my story they will know what I

The Black-On-White Photo Studio

before our senior year. Our marriage at such a young age was the result of Denise getting pregnant soon after we started dating, and our daughter Danielle was born in the fall after our wedding. Our friends and family call her Dani for short, and she is now 16 years old and a junior in high school. We tried to have more kids, but it seemed that

Apocolypse chapter 17+18

and we unloaded our belongings andfood into the room. An hour later we had our beds laid out and our clothes weretucked away along the walls to make room to walk. We sat down for a brieflunch of canned fruit and crackers with peanut butter. When lunch is over AJ,Adrien, Josiah, and I were going into the mine a bit deeper to see what

Letting my Sister Fuck me

it up and down. I reach up under her blouse and bra and felt those sweet tits bare. She moaned and then broke away and ran. I watched her sweet ass wiggle half way up the staircase where she stopped. She started doing a sexy strip for me. Slowly taking off her blouse, tossing it at me, then the bra, and hiding her tits behind it. Slipping down

The Beloved Children

Waking for the first time in this alien underground world of sunless caves she had discovered within hours why she was brought there. She had been shocked, appalled, and horrified by what was expected of her. She had cried for days and refused to allow the aliens, with their thick, oddly coloured skins and obviously reptilian features, to touch

Sex with my horney mom

is in my room I have thought mymother how to check emails so thatshe c an check mails of father fromgulf. So she has to come to my roomto sit in the PC. Now a day I needmore books to ready so my friends told my about some sites were I canget stories from that site. I know thatmummy comes any time to sit in PC.So I use to take printouts of the

Making Beautiful Music

to her to come in. As he heard the door knob twist, Alex rose off the couch, trying to hide his very obvious response to her nearness. Andi entered the room and quietly closed the door behind her. Turning to Alex, she asked, ‘You needed me?’ ‘Yes. I do,’ Alex answered honestly, his eyes taking in the clingy, low-cut shirt Andi had on this

Malmoe Maiden (III) the send off

but I said that grilled chicken and greens was what I would like. We hit the bread, cheese and wine quite heavily as we waited to place our order. It was much the same as mainland Europe, bread, wine and menus were what you got for the first 30 – 45 minutes. If your order was placed within an hour, things were moving along rapidly. These ladies

Sharing my Wife: Another Fun Square Dance

Brian got to the room a couple minutes after Michelle and I did. We’d just taken off our shoes and were sitting on our bed when he came in. “Thanks you guys, for letting me flip over here. It was going to be a long drive home tonight.” I told him, “You’re more than welcome. It would have been a shame to waste a perfectly good bed.” Michelle said,

Dinasty Mansion Diaries-Ice

deal. When you agreed to fuck me, you agreed to fuck Dane again. Now if that's a problem, we can call this whole thing off and I can go have a quick talk with your father. I know he'd love to hear all about how his only daughter conducted herself in her neighbor's house."He moved toward his chair where his clothes were laying."Wait," I said. " I

Our new baby sitters mum (1)

to see Wendy and her mum socially as well, we enjoyed their company and I think that they enjoyed ours. Certainly our two girls were thrilled whenever they were with Wendy, whether she was babysitting or just visiting. Then one Friday Wendy could not babysit because she was away at a school camp. Helen volunteered to take her place. She even

Be Mine

at the end of the couch, you smile softly and hesitate, unknowing of my intentions. ‘Would ‘now’ be a good time to show you what I bought today?’‘Sure. I’d like that.’ I am pleased you remembered my earlier request.‘All right. I’ll be right back.’‘No rush, I’ll make coffee.’‘I can’t help it. I want to rush,’ you say, grinning. I smile back

Work Buddies: The Taste Test

get fucked by three guys in a row and how it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. He told me how arousing he thought it would be to watch his wife, Jenni, get fucked by another guy. The more we drank the more we talked openly about sex thoughts. He told me Jenni always thought I was kind of sexy and I told him I thought she was real sexy and I

A Cuckold By Choice

was New Year's Eve last year when I first became a cuckold, a willing cuckold I should mention.Katie and I had been married twenty one years, all of them good.We had two children a boy and a girl who now had spouses of their own and we’d both decided to further our sexual explorations, somewhat.Over the years of our marriage we’d often enjoyed

Blackmailing Morgan

or ego, the final look from her before she turned away was a lust laden come on. Fucking had made her horny. Brad stepped out of the tub then followed his sister’s wet footprints. She was standing by her bed facing the door poised expectantly, the towel held in place by a tuck over her breasts. Brad came close, took her hand pulled her to sit

Chris's Gangbang

straps and one of those little ergonomic sitting stools that you find for computer desks out of my trunk. One thing I learned about those sitting stools is that instead of placing your knees on the knee pads and sitting on the seat you could turn a woman around the other way and have her bend over the seat and her ass and pussy would be on

My Lover, My Master, My Vampire Part 2

appetite was gone. He sat there quietly and after a few minutes he took my hand and I looked at him. He gave me a gentile and comforting look. He moved his hand and brushed the tears away from my face. I looked away, embarrassed and I downed the rest of my wine. Drake pushed his chair out and grabbed my hand. Come with me. He lead me out to a

She Just Might

Don’t fuck me with that,   Todd kept driving it into her pussy, she passed out for a moment, coming back to started fucking the shit out of his monster, yelling she was cumming again, Oh Fuck Me, I’m Cumming Again that’s when Todd’s eyes rolled and you could see it in her face, as if being hit by a fire hose as he filled her pussy again as she

The Teacher Learns A Lesson

feel so good inside me right now. Oh, so good," as she began twisting her hips around back and forth as she pressed down. This was going to do it, oh, yes, for sure."UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, uh," as my semen flooded into her depths and she fell over me, kissing me over and over, now, bucking her hips up and down faster and faster."Oh, OH, OH, Adam, Oh,

she's all mine3

to cum but could not. the guys began to pound the girls with frustrated groans of pleasure. the girls moans practically begging for release. John put his hand around the girls neck and pinned her down. “Ahhh, oh John please can I cum” he grabbed her neck with both hands and pulled her onto the ground with him. she positioned herself over his dick

Fun At The Campground

his finger further and further into me. Once he got his finger into me as far as he could, he stopped and wiggled it around a little. It felt good and different at the same time. He then started to finger fuck my ass while I raised my legs up in the air, exposing more of my crack and giving him easier movement. I could still hear my wife

Learning To Eat Cum 2

upstairs then and we'll empty them'.In her bedroom Lynne dropped the towel. Her breasts were firm, tits hard. I looked at her fanny, it looked like she has trimmed her hair; but not shaved completely, I liked her dark pubic hair, running my fingers through it, licking it.She could see my growing bulge and encouraged me to take off my clothes, my

A Christmas Romance Ch. 03

top, and I began to caress each breast as though it was a treasure that needed to be protected. I enticed her to lie down on the bed, so I could have better access to her torso. But, before she did so, she removed her bra, revealing two masterfully sculpted breasts. My hot lips kissed her neck and chest, and slowly moved towards nipples,

Sleepless Nights

sleep through the night with no trouble. Now it seems once a night I make my trip to the bathroom to drain the main vein. It wasn’t that I minded so much getting up to go, it was that I could never get back to sleep once I returned to bed. I had begun going to the living room and turning on the tv or reading a bit to try to make myself drowsy,

Andrew to Andrea - Chapter 2

and had a couple of butters and oils that claimed to make skin feel like silk…not specifically on the list, but not specifically forbidden either, so why not? I decided that hair removal should be the priority, as I figured that would take the longest. I grabbed the depilatory that she mentioned and read the directions, along with grabbing what

Unspoken Passions

She started moving again slowly, making tiny thrusting movements with her pelvis. Suddenly a loud thud was at the window and then a snap. The storm outside made whooping sounds and the wind seemed to knock a branch off a tree. She stopped moving and laid perfectly still- waiting. I didnt want it to be over, I didnt want her to stop. I wanted to

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 12

It was fall, so a lot of places closed early. On the other hand, the weather was still decent, so he suggested they go to Old Town Alexandria. Ryan agreed, and he waited while she changed, musing over what Mark, Hilary and even Bax had been saying for the last few days. True, he wouldn’t mind being more than friends with Ryan. However, she’d been

The Forest

He guessed that it didn’t sound so bad, but still he was frightened. These nymphs were creatures not from his realm, it was dangerous to consort with them, let alone listen and allow himself to be convinced by them.“Okay...” Avner finally said after several seconds. “T-Then tell me, how exactly do you mark someone?”The nymphs looked to each other

High School Reunion

with a wide grin as her finger pushes up against my sphincter. Before I know it, her finger pushes past the entrance of my asshole. I tense up at the weird sensation of being anally penetrated. It doesn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would, of course, it’s only her finger. “I think it’ll be easier for you if you get on your hands and knees,” she

Glamour Shots, Chapter 7

I made him with a bigger cock than you?” “Actually I made him that way, remember? But no, it was because he was making love to my wife. I was jealous of him being better endowed too, but that was separate, kind of. I can’t explain it.” She reached down and cupped my genitals in her hand, covering my shrunken and shriveled penis and my depleted

Sold For Sex...A Females Fantasy!

behind her and grabbed a breast in each hand, squeezing and rubbing them roughly, an act which made Tina weak with pleasure, despite her anger. The man spoke again, his fingers stroking in and out of her twat."You don't care who screws your sloppy wet pussy, do you?" Tina didn't answer, still unsure as to whether she was irritated or turned on

Road Trip Day 02 Ch. 01

my face turn bright shades of red. ‘I was all man stink and I needed a shower. I apologize, but I used all the hot water, give it a few minutes and you can help yourself.’ Oddly, I noticed he was amused by my ‘checking him out’. He grinned and said ‘I hope I didn’t wake you.’ Trying to act natural, I shifted back and forth looking for a way to

Kitty Marie

flavour of her lover, her scent, all combining to enhance her own lust.Anna moaned as Marie licked between her lips, circling her entrance, and then changing her focus to her clit. Marie closed her lips and sucked gently, letting her tongue flick up and down over Anna’s clit. She felt it stiffen further in her mouth and Anna cried out as the

Anna and Sam Chapter 6

was probably busy and I didn’t want to be one of those people who constantly badgered their carers for attention. After a short time, the door opened and Philip entered, carrying a tray. I started to pull myself into a sitting position. “Oh, no, no, no,” he scolded as he put the tray down on the bedside table. “Let me help.” I leaned forward


gasps as she rode your face, your tongue expertly licking her and your fingers fucked her star. My cock is thrusting deep into your pussy as my fingers are teasing your star, sometimes one finger for tickle, then three fingers which feel my cock through your walls., your moaning became faster and soon I could feel the telltale clenching of your

Consequences, Sandy Ch. 02

them do their jobs and I let them know I like what they do.’ ‘When you told Karen to have John build whatever she wanted at the cashier station she cried for two hours. All her life men have looked at her chest, used phrases like ‘little lady’, and didn’t listen to her. You show up and she says you don’t even know she has tits! Then you trust

Maggie The Marathon Runner

fit. His passions are, living the high life, his wife of 22 years, and his only child Maggie. She is also the apple of his eye.Jacki Duncan is 44 years old, and had been a flight attendant, when she had met her future husband, Bob, on an overseas flight, to Japan. After a whirlwind romance when she was 21, they ended up married just one, short,

Black Canadians: Truths And Lies

of America, people of color earned respect by beating the racists at their own games. We did this by attending the big universities, storming the work force and buying up houses in large numbers in the most lily-White towns ever. We ran for office. From the School Board Presidency to City Council, the Mayor’s Office, the Governor’s Office and

A middle aged woman begins to realize her desires, both with man and animal

to feel so good as I reached for his head,bring him to me. I watched as he licked my slit, hislong tongue licking me as I opened my puffy lips widerfor him.He seemed to know what to do as he lapped at my wetfountain of sex. His tongue darting across my clit ashe licked started to drive me wild. I felt my climax asit started to build deep down

Rob and Amanda Lundsford - Chapter one of two

it. Okay?" I just walked off. I know she was maybe pissed at me or maybe herself, but I was also certain that I'd shaken her with my comments. I left her the mandatory note. Amanda, I love you more than anything, and I was even getting my head around about being your willing and submissive cuckold; but, I cannot deal with you not being

Mr Stephensons Fucking Machine part 4

a door and along a short corridor.A door opened into a long chamber where a monstrous crankshaft with fourteen pairs of connecting rods serving twenty eight penetrators at twenty eight seats slowly revolved."That my child is a fucking machine. We pipe the water from upstream and feed it through a waterwheel and it has sufficed for nearly three

The Unexpected Gift

there holding Tiffany, both dripping water onto the hardwood floor as he decided what to do; her underwear was soaked and he couldn't leave it on her, but did he dare undress her? “Fuck it, if she calls the cops, then she calls the cops.” He muttered to himself as he sat her on the padded chair by his desk, quickly removing the rest of her

First Time Visit To Adult Store

.When I got back home that night, I read it. “Hey sexy, I had such a great time, you are awesome. You got me to squirt for my first time, call me and we should meet up again. I want to turn you into a dirty slut.” She put her pohone number at the end.Well, our next meeting is another whole story. I also have a photo of the outfit which I still

07 - The Julie Journals - A Job

to run her hand up and down her naked groin before resting on her trimmed bush. Then running her hand under herself she pushed a finger deep into her own pussy and began to hump with the music. One finger was soon joined by another finger as Julie began to fuck herself as the crowd watched her become more and more turned on. Close to cumming

The Mile High Club

kissed some more as Honey reached between Debbie's legs to toy with her clit. I fingerfucked Debbie's sloppy pussy and thumbed her tight puckered ass as she moaned and wriggled in delight. "Oh God, John! Fuck me! Fuck me now! I want that hard cock in me!" she gasped breaking Honey's kiss. Debbie reached between her legs and grabbed my meatpole

Hot Summer Night

stood up offering him her hand and as he rose to his feet she picked up her sheet and slowly walked into her house, her naked hips swaying invitingly. She looked over her shoulder to see him still standing there with is cock in his hand again rubbing like he had been when she first saw him. She blew him a kiss and went into the house closing the

Angela and Bruiser

even though her anal ring tried as it might to hold me inside her. Unfortunately she didn’t reach another orgasm as we fell onto the floor, side by side. “That was fucking awesome” she said to me “I’ve never done anything like that before”. Bruiser, having finished cleaning himself came over to us, Angela lifted her legs up I the air and

Scent of a Rose Ch. 01

knew I wouldn’t be able to outrun a werewolf, but it would buy me enough time to dig out a charm that would confuse it and get me home safely. That is, if there weren’t any other Fae in the area that would hear its call as it prepared to hunt. And if I really did have the backup charm in my bag. And if I managed not to trip again. I would have

Blow Job Therapy

it.’ Mesmer ponders her confession, then turns to me, amused. ‘So you’ve never…gotten head?’ ‘Never.’ He nods. ‘Not as uncommon as you think.’ He doesn’t verbally scoff, but his eyes are scoffing. He looks at Janet, wondering how (I assume anyway) a woman with such deliciously pouting lips has never had a dick between them. ‘Medically speaking,’

My first threesome

lips shut, fine. But don't answer the door any more when we've just done each other, okay? The next time I saw Hannah, she asked me all about my relationship, and her evident interest started my fantasies running again, but again I did nothing to encourage them. Our friendship continued in its usual vein, and a month later I was unattached. One


anything so incredible as that. I thought I was going to die of pleasure. What the hell did you do to me?” I told her that I had just massaged her g-spot, and that she squirted. She laughed, and looked at the mess we made. I said, maybe we should get another room, with dry sheets. She agreed, and we picked up our clothes to move to another

Kacey and James

can't take much more, so she moans and says " I want you inside me now, I need it now." James pick Kacey up again. He walks to the back of the truck and lets the tailgate down with one hand. He then sits Kacey down on the tailgate.He takes her pink shirt off and throws it in the bed of the truck. He then undoes her bra and throw that with her

First time for Eve

written for you, about you and I. I hope you enjoy it again darling*Eve was feeling a little low, her boyfriend of the past two years had finished with her a week ago and she was still reeling from the call. He hadn`t even had the decency to speak to her face to face. All she got was a brief phone call. Well she wasn`t going to let him get to

Life Gets Better Part 3: Night Out With The Girls

"Of course not," the man said as he opened the door. "Have a good time." Brian was stunned at the inside; it was like no night club he had ever seen. The walls were pure black with white trim around them. Stairs were leading up to the upper levels. The rails of the stairs were golden. There was music that was loud but not too loud, but no one was

Grandma Cries Alone in the Dark

a nursing home kitchen was just about the only type of kitchen I hadn’t worked in. The kitchen was entirely unremarkable, a small rectangle of stainless steel sinks and gas stoves surrounded by plain white walls. What I saw while working in that kitchen, however, was very remarkable. Often I heard my mother’s words echo in my mind. She was right,

BBC Affair

into the parking lot. It was pretty crowded but Jessica was able to find John and his friend across the building. Pushing our way towards them I got a good look at the two guys. John is tan skinned, dark hair, dark eyes, okay looking I guess. His friend William though is not at all what I had expected. First off he is black, no the darkest black


he slowly got on top of me. I said "Please FUCK me!" My legs were spread wide like mom's and his thing pushed right into my slit. It hurt at first, but got better as he pushed in further. He then began pumping me and I yelled "FUCK me!" Tim then took his turn on top. His thing is smaller than my brother's so it went in easy. I was rather

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 26: Twincest (Part 3)

making out before me were doing it for the first time all over again. That is the beauty of fantasies; they do not have to make sense, they just have to be hot! But back to the fantasy…The two sisters passionately made out for almost a minute. I just sat there, watching in a mixture of confusion and arousal. Why were they kissing? Why were they

A families Pain

what I was going to do. I have been watching my sister for months now and now I finally had the courage and leverage to do what I wanted with her. I especially wanted to fuck her mouth. I walked quietly into her room and turned off her lamp light and stood at her beside. I threw of my pyjamas and started to feel out my 16 year old sister’s form.

The Lady Past The Woods

Moments later, Jill arrived with a tray containing veggies, dip, and sodas. It was her way of making our first encounter more romantic but we really didn’t need anything more than to get naked and get in bed. I felt that I had to make the first move so I had the girls sit on the bed and watch me while I undressed. They were both amazed when my

Sibling's Nightly Indulgence

his cock. A lock of hair came down and she quickly swept it behind her ear. After adjusting her mouth to the thickness, she lowered her head, pushing his cock all the way into her. Jonathan groaned at the pleasuring warmth around his cock.She moved her head up, her lips rubbing along her brother’s shaft, before moving back down again. His tip was

Greek Goddess

and bought my own Greek villa as my late father had left me all his money in his will before he died.So, here I am in glorious, hot Greece. I opened the balcony doors and stepped out onto the balcony sighing happily, raising my head to the hot morning sunshine. I was about to return back inside when I caught sight of the most beautiful woman I

Demure MILF Exposes Her Inner Slut

I have found some fascinating porn sites that I enjoy going to. But hey, I don’t want to put you off if you don’t look at that stuff.”I recognized right away what he was doing, and I made it easy for him by saying, “I honestly haven’t looked at much of that stuff, but sure, I’ll look at it with you. It might be interesting to see what kinds of

The Chauffeur (#54) The Shooting

scene in a limo would be of poor taste. The group quickly gets up on the plane when we arrive. Fred said that he would keep an eye on the phones in the Chateau and let me know if there is any contact from Tina or any law enforcement.The flight from LA to Phoenix is only about an hour so I decided to use that time to establish our game plan. I

The Hardest Answer: Parents

spoke to reassure her mother. ‘Lauren will be fine Mom. I think I had to stop her the other day from eating raw meat.’ The joke was lost on her mother and Julia just uncorked the bottle of wine and grabbed four glasses for the dinner table hoping she believed her own words. Another thought struck Julia, ‘You’d find a vegetarian more disturbing

Friends Forever

Often times, people mistook us for sisters as we did almost everything together, from dressing similar to joining the same clubs in school to playing similar sports. As a result, I started looking at Sam in a different light in our senior year of high school and the following summer…Sam and I had graduated from high school and, a few weeks later,

A Lesbian Romance

a big one you have, and what an odd color!" Michele laughed. Secretly, she was fighting an urge to touch Barbara, finding the brunette unaccountably attractive . "What's going on with me?" she thought. Eventually, the bottle was opened and the bubbly was poured. They clinked glasses, smiled at each other, and toasted their new "sisterhood".

The House Sitter

the growing lust.   “Use me!   Make me your slutty little whore!” Again I drove myself deep inside her clenching ass, my rhythm increasing with each thrust. “Beg for it,” I stated firmly as my balls slapped against her swollen pussy lips. “Please!” she seethed through tightly clenched teeth. “Use me like a whore.   Take it.   Take

Thumper Ch. 04

sex. Hell, she didn’t even know whether mature adults did fantasize. Had she known about the question, she might have asked someone. Maybe there was something wrong with her. Maybe she worked too hard. Maybe she was too busy to engage in fantasies. Maybe you should answer the question, she told herself. She’d circled the one. ‘I characterize my

My Wife Roses Birthday Surprise

The site was giving this for good quality picture of a dog, fucking a woman. Rose just sighed realizing it was a great idea to have fun and earn some extra cash, but she had no dog. Rose shut the computer down and got up to lie down and have a sleep. She noticed it was just after noon 12:30pm. Rose laid back and reached over to the bedside

Gay first time memories

whatever happened was out of my control, I was quite thrilled really and knew it was what I wanted so I stopped feeling guilty and enjoyed the experience. After about 5 minutes he moaned and I am sure his cock swelled even bigger and I knew this was it. I felt a powerful spurt of spunk hitting the back of my mouth, and then another and another. I

First Time With My Friends Cosin

got on top of me, face to face. He then positioned himself so that his penis was close to mine, and then we both out of instinct began to thrust. This was by far my favorite thing we had done simply because this was my wish, to get as close to a boy as physically possible, and this was pretty close. We continued to thrust for a few minutes as I

Choose your own SexVenture Page 19

fingers out of her pussy and starts rubbing rapidly at her mound, the folds of her pussy moving with her hands until you see her come, her juices pouring out of her, down her legs and spraying in multiple directions including splattering the mirror. ‘Incredible,’ you say. If you decide to return the show, Click here to go to Page 20 If you

An Unexpected Meeting of Two Souls (How I Met My Soulmate)

I’ve been staying at her house recovering from an operation for about four weeks. And I already know she is the woman I will spend the rest of my life with. Everything about her is nothing but perfect. She is the air I breathe, the fuel for my life, she makes me feel so happy, and the joy of being in her presence is nothing short of absolutely

Let It Rain #6

Tanya's cum off of them. When she was finished she pushed my back putting a little kiss on the tip. “Fuck my throat and don’t stop until you cum in my stomach.”She pulled and pushed until I was fucking her throat almost as hard as I had Tanya's pussy. At this rate it was only a minute or so before I hollered “I’m cumming.” Tonya pulled me to her,

Brandi Enjoys Young And Old. #1

She immediately took a drink. I said to her, ‘I will go up to the bedroom, turn my computer on so I can watch you and him on the big screen. Put on some slow music, then go out and ask him if he wants something to drink. You should be able to figure out what to do once he comes in the house. Here let me get you another glass of wine.’ Ever since

Riding On the Edge of the Storm

the white spotted rump of the mare as she turns sideways in a gentle prance. The light gleaming upon the sleek coat that shimmers with dark intensity. Her mare’s lengthy tail twists and dances among the dense air. The essence of slim fingers grasping for reality comes to mind. Sighing softly she catches her breath. The sight of ice crystals

First Threesome

my cock and Icould see some of my precum gleaming on the tip of the head in the light of the stereo. She touched the back of his head and pushed his mouth down all the way to the base of my cock, and I shuddered at the feeling. He then began to bob up and down on my cock much like his wife had. She came up next to me and kissed me, fingering


I suck your cock, too?”He didn’t answer. Just roughly pulled the gown from her and examined her nice young tits. “You ever had a cock in you, girl?”“No, sir,” she lied. “Only in my mouth.”“Oh, so you give the boys a little suckin’, huh?”“Yes, sir.”You gonna give me this gal, Lela?”“Yes, Mr. DeWitt. If you want her.”“Want her? You know I fuckin’

Party well beyond my expectations!

sports bra. I thought I looked pretty hot!I was talking and joking with a few of my friends and making some new ones. Some were smoking and drinking , a few had found the hot tub but I stayed I the house.I had like 3 beers when I met up with this really cute guy. The music was loud and we started dancing really sexually. Rubbing and grinding

A Buzzcut and a Strapon

I asked her to wear it. ‘Are you ready ?’, I asked. She nodded and I kissed her. We both smiled as I turned on the clippers. The noise of the clippers made me more horny. I’ve placed the number 2 guard and started to shave her nape. Within few seconds her nape hair was reduced to 6mm and some skin was visible. It was in contrast to the rest of

Mommy's twisted Birthday Present

and her bra."Sorry mom" Tony said looking embarrassed at his cum covered mother. He stepped out from his pants and boxers and grabbed some paper towels from the kitchen which he handed her."It's okay baby" Audrey told her son and wiped his sticky matter off her face and body. She rose back to her feet and walked to the kitchen to throw the towels

Charity Graduates 5: The Prom

laughs from everyone. Then I was pushed up to the mikeThere was the squeal of feedback, a deathly quiet.Oh right. I’m supposed to say something.“ Ummmm..thank you. Go Cougars”What a stirring speech.Faith and Hope loved it though. I even saw them kiss in the crowd. What nutbars.The floor was cleared for our dance as the Prom King and Queen.It was

Tracy's Reading Porn

What was she doing home? She was sitting at the kitchen table with Tracy. “This is unexpected,” I replied. “Did you have a fight with Floyd?” Floyd’s her boyfriend.“It’s just the opposite, actually.” She waved her left hand and I caught the glint of a diamond on her ring finger. “You’re engaged? That’s great, Mom. When’s the big event?”

Fall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 05

me and your friends go free, or refuse me and know they will be my slaves forever. This is your only chance.’ She hesitated, torn between the need to save her friends and her revulsion at what he wanted her to do. ‘Clock’s tickin Sapphire and my patience is wearing thin.’ ‘Alright!!’ she snarled. Her blue eyes flashed as she looked at him, ‘Keep

Mom's Desert

want to know some don't. I won't lie about my size, I am fairly blessed never had complaints. I am 7 inches long and really thick, if you were to drink from one of those Gatorade bottles I am thicker than the opening by far. Anyway back to the story so I was to shy to show my mom and said no. But I always think about that day, and now comes the

The World's First Futa 06 - Futa's Beauty Pageant 1: Futa's First Naughty Pageant

Anemone's amazing, pregnant pussy massaging my dick. She gave me such rapture. The friction of her spasming flesh surrounded me. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut. It was so incredible. “Damn!” I whimpered.“Cum in me, Becky!” hissed the redheaded slut. She bucked back into me, looking over her shoulder. “Please, please, give me your cum.”“Not

Cabin In The Woods

said Louisa happily, clapping her hands together. Jessica stepped up beside her to whisper, “Are you sure this was a good idea to bring Sammy and Marisa together?” They watched as their friends fought over the luggage. Louisa nodded confidently but inside she wasn’t so sure. “God, Marisa, why are you such a baby?” said Sammy, yanking her blue

The Slave Princess....Part 5

What must pass between us requires no words.” I spoke with gravity, making him look at me wide eyed. Maintaining my steady gaze, melting him with my eyes, I slowly unbuttoned his blue silk robes and reached for his belt. He breathed audibly and looked down. He grit his teeth then half opened his mouth, “Ah, I warn you, if you speak, I will

My Aunt. Chapter2

along an ornate, timber panelled landing until we reached a large oak door with a very heavy looking black iron handle. She opened the door and stood back to allow me inside. ‘This is your room, Miss Victoria,’ she said. I stepped inside and stopped dead in my tracks. The room was huge. There were two large windows in the opposite wall, the

A Time to Behold

With that in mind, I unclasped my bra, shimmied out of it before throwing it perfectly that it found its mark on the man's chest. He picked it up, looking at what size it was to see what was being offered. Noting a C cup, he looked up to focus on my uncovered tits, sadly he was not quite so lucky. My blond hair swirled over my breasts, only

Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 5 Re-Issued

hiking and I sipped my hot chocolate. I put the empty cup on the table beside my chair and sat back. I started to feel sleepy and began to yawn. I felt my eye lids slowly close and opened them again. I was a bit surprised what I saw when I opened my eyes. Matt had his hand down holding the bottom of his mother’s dress in his hand. On the

Different Pastures

story, but features characters that will appear there later. No overt sex. Sex contents: A bit of Sex Genre: Romantic Revenge Codes: MF, Cheat Originally Posted at SOL: 2007-07-16 Revised: 2010-04-15 ****** Thanks to my original Editors for this story — Zaffan, Gandalf4217 & Duffiedawg, and also to Dragonsweb & Sue who offered their suggestions


time. While it is definitely the devil’s tool, at my age, I don’t mind it one bit. And sure, while I sometimes get into trouble, it’s okay. I’m not hurting anybody. On my daily trips into the village, I often hang out and shoot the breeze with the help. I stop at the hardware store, the local market stand, the post office and finally the

My Black Master

he is there getting a quick bite to eat on his lunch break. I always make sure to do the shopping around the time he comes in to sit in the cafe to eat his lunch. His strong black body looks like it will rip through the business suit he is wearing. This time he catches me watching him. He smiles at me and rubs his hand on his thick cock so I can

The Feminisation of Michael. – Chapter 4

tight fitting cardigans in black, red and various pastel shades.I put on a black lace, slightly padded bra and matching panties along with suspender belt, as I now was only aloud to wear stockings! I slipped on some fishnet stockings and fastened the suspenders to the tops.I put on a fitted, black lace, long sleeve blouse that would be worn under


just to the point of full hardness. His cock looked much bigger. First he thought his mind was playing tricks on him, but he put his hand down next to it to get a reference to its length, and it seemed to be half again as big, nine inches. It was also growing thicker than before. Alan couldn’t wait to try his new cock out, and he new exactly who

You Want Me to Call You, What? Ch. 02

"Well, okay. But just gently. I don't know if I can trust you yet." "You can, Daddy! I'll be good!" I said, my hand reaching for his hardened cock, my eyes locked on my target. "I'm sure you will be, unless you want another spanking. Mmmm, that's it, nice and slow, baby girl." He groaned softly as my fingers went around him and he said, "Damn,

A Letter of Desire

in Las Vegas. How wonderful it will feel to wrap you in my arms and feel your heart beating next to mine. To feel your breath upon my skin and to once again, taste your sweet lips. While it’s only been a few weeks, it feels like an eternity. And I know our time together will seem to rush by us like the wind. Your smile warms my heart like the

‘Quiinnysentially’ Sophie

her just as a woman, I knew if it was going to be anything it would have to be the whole vamoose, hook line and sinker. I wanted a woman for keeps, not for a quickie in the study. I told her that. But she smiled beautifully and simply replied: ‘Yes sir!’ and somehow it was working. I adored how she adjusted herself to meet my needs. Opening wider

Love Thy Neighbor

and licked her pussy like a mad man.  She pulled her mouth away from my cock and let out a loud moan, almost a scream.        I got a little nervous that my daughter might wake up, or someone could have come in and heard her, but in the heat of the moment I wasn’t going to stop.  I continued rubbing her clit quickly and licking her pussy as good

Teachers pet

a couple blowjobs and a handy every now and then. We had actually never done the deed. I was hoping that we would finally do it on our anniversary but someone else got there before I did unfortunately. Though I'd never told Damian that.We talked a it more before he had to leave."By Damian.""By bro"I sat at my computer staring at the now black

Amy's Rape

was an ass man, Frank liked her tight pussy. She had taken two or three loads of cum in each hole with the rest deposited over her naked body. Like a slut, she had cum numerous times and was beyond caring and exhaustion by the time they were ready to leave. She was utterly and totally used. She was spent and they were discarding her.Frank

Milk Milk Lemonade

born.So we took Debra up to our bedroom. Shortly after we bought our four bedroom three bathroom home I had two of the bedrooms combined to make it one large bedroom. Then I had one of the other bedrooms turned into a walk-in closet for our clothes. Our master bedroom had a very large king-size four-poster bed as the centerpiece. I could already

Edward Albright’s One Good Review

I brought you these. I’ll swap them for a glass of something wet.’ ‘Flowers? Gosh. Thanks,’ Marina said. ‘Well, there’s some champagne. Are you drinking champagne at the moment? I can never remember.’ ‘Champagne? Pushing the boat out a bit, aren’t you?’ I said. ‘Have you had a particularly good month? Or has your mother died?’ ‘It was The

My Scottish Girl

on the way back to my room I drop my key my phone my wet bag and it goes all over the place and I'm worried I'm going drop my towel and show everyone my packing but then I look up and there is this gorgeous girl in front of my helping pick my things up. 'Ummm thanks!' I say with a big smile on my face . 'No problem' This 5ft 8 girl says wearing a

Kim Part 1

seen me yet and I was so nervous to hear what she had to say as I replayed how she thought I was perfect 5 years ago. I hoped she still felt the same.“Wow you aren’t the same little girl I remember before I left. You grew up, but still as beautiful as before. Now give me a hug” She said looking me up and down before walking over to grab me up

The sexual Adventures of Spidey.

had come into the apartment and looked stunned to find peter waiting for her with dinner ready as he read the newspaper."Why was I such a fool?" She had whispered, Peter's keen hearing allowing him to have heard the question, though he kept quiet and pretended otherwise. Mj was berating herself for choosing Harry over Peter all those years ago.

Past Desires

taking one into his mouth to suck on it. It doesn’t take long for either of them to finally approach the orgasm that Alex was planning on. As they knew their orgasm was approaching, they both couldn’t break the eye contact that they were compelled to continue for as long as they could. They were staring into each other’s souls, finding the

Best Friends Ch. 02

wet spot, my cock instantly sprang to attention. Had I caused that? I tried to look away but I couldn’t. I was drawn to it. It pulled me in. I finally was able to look away. ‘Did she notice me looking?’ I thought to myself. I always had a hidden lust for Erin. She was so beautiful. And just a few hours ago she was rubbing her panty-Claude ass

Girl of my Dreams

quietly on the bed sipping our water trying to get rid of our hangovers I could tell something was bothering her. So I turned to her and in a soft tone I said “what’s wrong you look bothered?” she took one last sip of her water and set down the lipstick stained glass, looked at me and said “I woke up for a second last night after hearing a noise

A Mother-In-Law's Fuck Fantstasy

nextmade me literally freak out.Matilda was actually telling Lucy that "I" looked so sexy and don't know how to make a move on me cause her daughter and husband were present but that they will be spending the weekend.Upon hearingthis I was both shocked and sexually aroused at the same time.So she finished her call and went back to the dinning

Best Concert Ever (actually here)

started playing. I couldnt move as everyone started screaming and trying to get closer. Damn. But I could still enjoy the concert. About 10 minutes in, I felt a hand on my ass, slowly rubbing. I looked over at Cal, but he was too engrossed in the show, both hands over his head. It wasnt him. I went to turn around, but then figured fuck it. I

Prof. Davis gets a new job 6

on a bus. I’m on a bus on a two and a half hour ride to our away game tomorrow afternoon. We’ll probably stay in some crappy hotel too. I was a tad bitter if you couldn’t tell. Coach Kacey, the cheer coach, had asked me if I’d ride on the bus. I thought I’d get a chance to talk to her. It turns out, however, that the reason she wanted me on the

Sexy Grooming

eager to get me inside, eager to lick my pussy that he had been teasing mercilessly over dinner. He was as eager to thrust his hard, achingly aroused cock which I had been teasing as mercilessly as he had my pussy. He wanted to take me hard and fast, but only after he'd teased me slowly for hours. I know, because he kept up a litany of not too

My first sexual experience was with my older sister.

me to suck his cock and I have never done it before. I watched it on the internet and know what to do but I’m going to practice on you so I can do it good for him. Get over here.” I was shocked. She took my hand and pulled me up out of my chair and pushed me down onto my bed on my back. Donna grabbed my belt and opened it, unzipped my jeans

The Final Visit

and barren all winter so the cheeriness of it startles me. Has it really been that long? I’ve brought one of the cats along for company. She slowly circles around, finally selecting a chair to hop into and stretch out for a nap. I put away the supplies I have brought while she lounges peacefully. Finally I sink into the couch and hugging a

Bus Trip

sausage, which I had been fortunate enough to see when he joined me for an outdoor ‘man-piss,’ late one afternoon.My reverie was suddenly interrupted, when the large form to my left arose from his seat and moved in my direction. With his left hand on the backrest of the seat before me, he extended his right hand in greeting. It almost felt like I

Hampered in His Plans Ch. 03

as she came into the office. Inside was Todd Burke, CEO of BOW Enterprises, parent company of the company that owned KXTC. ‘Ah, Bettina.’ Todd said with his charming smile. He was wearing a well-tailored suit, looking like the young, successful executive that he was. ‘Come in, have a seat.’ ‘How can I help you?’ she asked, sitting down. Todd

Documentary: Cougar

her hot mouth. Marie moaned, her lips stretched around him and her jaw open wide to admit him. His fingers twined into her dark tresses and he groaned, “Oh god.” The feeling of him – so hot and hard against her tongue – spurred Marie to even greater efforts. A burst of flavor exploded in her mouth as a drop of pre-cum welled up from his tip. Her

A Silent Fulfillment

her. First he would sit on the edge of the bed and touch her. Touch her intimate places; toy with her nipples; slide her panties to one side and explore her pussy with his eager fingers. She would hear his heavy breathing as he probed her intimately; as he violated her. Then he would undress and climb on the bed and squat over her face and make

Revenge of the Nerd Ch. 22

dramatic effect and said in a breathy voice, ‘We met at a Mensa meeting.’ I howled, and when I finished, I said, ‘No way.’ ‘Way,’ said Sunny. Sandy was looking at her mother with her mouth wide open in surprise. She had obviously never heard this story. The door opened and Angelica, like that was really her name, greeted us. ‘I’m glad you’re

The Black Book Of The Nature Boy 16

sex-starved. The one who stood next to me was short, light-skinned with a shapely body. Her hair was blond and cut close, and she could not take her eyes off me. Her curvy friend was also pretty and a shade darker than she was. She had her arms around Randall. ‘We have some handsome gentlemen on the elevator, Angela.’ Angela. That was her name,

An Old Flame in a New City: Chapter 1

You will submit to me as I see fit. If I tell you to stay in a position, you will stay in that position. Restraints are simply cosmetic. You will restrain yourself. Is that clear?”“Yes sir”“Now ask your questions”“Why didn’t you ever show this side of you before?” She asked, in position“I was a stupid and unsure of myself kid with a fetish a

The best time is the first time

she passed by, I left all my friends and started talking to her. As we started talking to each other, she asks if I could come over to her place. Sarah: Want to come over to my place and hang out? Alex: Sure. I’ll come by after school.Sarah: Here is my adress. The lunch bell rings. Alex: Want to walk to walk together to DMA?(Digital Media

Video sex with the wife

the shower. Wonder if I can do it again. “That was nice baby. It’s past your bedtime.” She tells me as I’m wiping off my stomach and chest. “I have time baby.” I tell her as I see her pulling her jeans back up. “What are you doing that for?” I ask. “You have to work tomorrow and it’s late. This isn’t our last time.” Wish I didn’t just blow my


to the rear view mirror the entire time, looking back to see if he was going to shoot or come after my ass. He wasn't paying my ass any attention. He was too busy helping his wife's cheating ass up out the street. His partner wasn't checking for me either. He was too busy taking off his jacket to cover her up. Shit! I stepped on it. I was

A Time for Work & A Time for… Ch. 02

in my pussy! Fill me! Fuck Me!’ she cried out as she could feel my prick swell then spurt my love juices into her womb! Niki’s mouth was open in a big ‘O’ as she arched her back, pressing her firm tits into my chest and came again! ‘OOOOHHHHH FUUUUCCCCK!’ she screamed! What a way to start the day! That was better than going for a 5 mile jog! And

Starting Off the Summer With a Bang

minutes of heightening arousal, 'I kind of like it... let's see how far he takes this' and she finally looked up and into his face with a questioning look."Yeah, I saw your little suckfest in the backyard," he pulled her tube top over her breasts and wrapped it over her mouth, muffling any sound she might make, "and I think I want a piece of that

City Lights

to hold it any longer. My legs begin shaking, my pussy tightens and your cock starts throbbing, and with one last push we cum together harder than we ever have. We stay like this, unable to move, trying to catch our breath. You slowly pull out of me and I can feel our juices running down the inside of my legs. You pull me up off the couch, kiss

Mike and Angie part 2

a bit. I was awakened by someone lightly touching my thigh. I glance up and about fall off the table. It was Justin. "What the hell do you want?”I ask."Man such a dirty mouth for such a pretty girl," he says as he sits down on the bench looking at me. " I just came out to tell you that your mom called. She's leaving to go out of town for a few

My Sexy Officemate - III

in her hands and strocked them gently. I could feel them riding up within their sacs. She then gave a gentle squeeze to them and took my cock in both her hands. It was a mesmerising sight for me. My cock was about six inches, unlike the twelve inches as many guys who failed human anatomy claim to have, and I was circumcised. My cock was rock hard


your black trousers. Unzip them. Peel them off. The Mount of Venus would be in front of my eyes, covered in the sheer black G String panty. I will probably be dripping inside my jeans. I will kiss you. On the neck. The base. And downwards. Till I reach the bra. I will unhook it. The dark nipples will spring free. Awaiting my mouth. Awaiting to

Mom & Dad were OK with it

I whispered to her to please go back to stroking my prick, which had gotten even harder if that was possible. But she shook her head and whispered back Not in front of your dad. I tried to tell her it was ok but she wouldnt do it. Then my dad grasped his hard cock and started slowly masturbating in front of us. I lightly stroked my own cock but

Boxing Clever

much and I shoot way inside her tight walls, collapsing on top of Kay, who is flat out against Alf’s hard chest. We are all breathing heavily, sweat pouring from our bodies. Eventually, Kay comes to her senses first, disengaging herself first from me and then Alf, a huge slurping sound as his dick withdraws. She stands up, come dripping from both

She Chose Me

managed to snap a few shots before Will’s cheerful expression changed. ‘What the fuck is he doing here?’ he said. I turned to see a Rolls Royce standing at the side of the road. Its chauffer was arguing with a traffic warden. In front of the roller stood a man of slight build, about five foot ten inches tall with grey hair and piercing blue eyes.

Secret Insemination Clinic

and penis should they come into contact with one another.  Government control over all aspects of a person’s life was such that these reports weren’t questioned, but simply accepted as fact.    What only the elites had access to, and precious few others had knowledge of, was a secret clinic where barrier-free intercourse could be had for the

Last Night in Paradise

our vacation had been. As I walked into the bedroom I saw Susan sliding on her heels. Damn, she had great legs. She smiled, as I walked naked into the room. “I see someone is already excited about tonight.” She stood up and smiled at me. No wonder I was so excited. She looked fabulous. The heels accentuated her long toned legs and thrust her

Maxine’s New Life Ch. 16

old statement about people who cheat, but I decided not to waste it on her. I could have asked her who, but I would find out soon enough. ‘So are you coming home soon,’ Gwen asked. ‘It looks like tomorrow is the day,’ I informed her. ‘Cool, I can start filming you again.’ Gwen suggested. ‘Well this is fun ladies but I have to be heading home. Bob

The fall of Eden

only partly, she thought as she flashed a doorman a smile and some ID; she wanted to feel desired, but more than this she wanted to be fucked, she wanted to be used, and she wanted to be bad.The club throbbed to the bassy pulse of a grinding R&B groove. It was the kind of tightly-packed place where the walls sweat with body heat and hormones.

Annie and the wolf

best to raise me and I didn't ask much, so when it came to clothes, I got simple, bulky and somewhat dumpy plain dresses.The bulky dresses did afford me one advantage, hiding my body. I was never proud of how I progress physically faster than girls my age, I was 13 and already a size 32E breasts, having to wear an ugly off-white bra, but again,

My wife paid for my mistakes

then go home and fuck you silly big guy’….' besides, how else am I going to end this? I can't just say, sorry pal, my husband and I were just pulling you chain". She sounded so convincing and I almost came right there thinking about this guy kissing her and what I was going to do with her later. ‘Ok’ I said, ‘but no feeling the goods, keep his

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 01

makes a show of raking his eyes from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, pausing at all the juicy parts. ‘Fuck you Mint,’ Mira says after a charged moment of silence passes between them. She thinks of the bag in her own closet. A big leather designer bag she’d picked up at an outlet mall between Toledo and Reno. ‘How did you find me?’ He

Sunday Morning Delight

to feel his body holding yours. You begin to moan as the flower pushes deeper inside you and you thrust up toward him when he stops abruptly, reaches down, and gathers you up and into his arms. He fingers find your face. ‘Did anyone ever tell you that you are an incredibly beautiful woman?’ he asks. And his fingers slide again across your face.

Postcards Ch. 06

together, wrists together in front. It was a bit pushy, but Sean seemed to be in a permissive mood. Naturally, Sean went a different path. The curtain rod was a ready made spreader bar, but there were no cuffs. Sean had me stand on one foot while he wrapped leather around my ankle, then tied it in place with all three colors of paracord. Once

Ambers learning sex Vol. 1

of the room for a moment, she asked me while feeling around the bed in between us where is it? Where is what I asked the stupid thing you was poking me with, half asleep and remembering the dream I was waken from I said its my thing dumb ass. Amber then asked me what was it over and over again, after a few moments of this I told her my dick. Your

Final Interview

I strip down to nothing, and use the towel to rub myself vigorously, removing as much of the sweaty aftermath of the last test as possible. While I’m putting on the fresh clothes, I happen to glance at Ron, who, as it turns out, has apparently been avidly watching me. When she sees that my attention is on her, she blinks, and then quickly turns


“OH GOD I AM CUMMING,” Beckah screamed. Stephanie continued to lick her juices up and then when Beckah calmed down she sat down on the couch. “Wow,” Beckah said, “I never had an orgasm that great.” Stephanie was totally turned on from pleasing Beckah and kissed her. Beckah pointed out that she was overdressed and Stephanie quickly stripped

My Beautiful Mother

to see what she did right and what she needed to work on, Ashley agreed to let me record her. Mom had Ashley walk back and forth sideways across the room in front of me several times and then walk away and toward me several times. As Ashley walked away she looked completely naked with just a tiny string around her upper back, another one around

Willy and the handjob

talking about?”“Well, I guess so, I’m surprised you haven’t seen me in the shower or anything like that, but if you want a good look, I’m OK with that.”I stood up and unwrapped the towel and let it fall to the floor. She got a little red in the face but took a good look, walking around me to see from different angles.“It’s so hairy! So those are

Renee and her brother Ch.2

to her buttocks, all unconsciously, as if he were hardly aware that his hands were so close to her vulnerable sex, or making her melt with the promise of release...... "Turn over," Ryan commanded softly. He started with her face, gently stroking across her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, and then more firmly, his thumb rubbed oil into her lips.

Mommy knows best part 6

for another day in the great outdoors?" He said, standing up."You know it, if we see something interesting that would be nice" I said, as mom popped some eggs and bacon infront of me."You'll get to like it soon enough, i was like you once, everything you do now, i can certainly say ive done at your age." Dad said chuckling."I seriously doubt

Love Is Ch. 03

of fact, you three have a lot alike. Okay then, I’ll see you for dinner then, Kasey, Emma.’ With a wave, he returned to the carriage. Leaving Emma to her own devices, Kasey headed to the house next door. After two knocks, Dwight, Mrs. Monroe’s butler answered. His round face lit up when he saw Kasey. ‘Miss Morgan! I shall announce your arrival,’

Dusting And Deflowering

please you.” “You did, Connie. You’ve been a very good girl. Did you enjoy at least some of it?” She nodded. “I enjoyed being yours, even though it hurt.” “It’s going to get easier every time for you. You’re going to have explosive orgasms, trust me. Your pussy just needs a little bit of practice. I will help you with that. And those other things

Mommies girl

her own age as she went through high school were now in the mid-twenties and could only be described as men.Donald and Maria were pretty liberal and as Stephanie was over the legal age of consent and nearing the end of high school, Maria and Don knew there was very little that they could do other than encourage Stephanie to make good choices.

what ever happenz happens

was methen all of a sudden my left arm became suddenly cold amd three seconds i had full controll of my arms i got up off my bed looked around to get a sense of my surroundings and i walked to my dooras i oped my door i noticed that i had left the light on in my room so i when back and turned it off i walked downstairs and looked around for my

Zero Chemistry?

to spare. I spent those last two minutes watching my lab partner out of the corner of my eye. I learned that he knows nothing about history. Nothing. He stood up, and I got a really nice view of his ass in his destroyed jeans and lost my train of thought for a few seconds. What can I say, . I’m butt girl. When I finally got it back, I stood and

My Fathers Boss

a plus one. My mother has been away for the past three months taking care of my grandmother across the country. I was the last person he wanted to take to the event, and the gala was the last place on earth I wanted to be. I am more the type of girl that goes to rock concerts and biker bars. I have always felt more comfortable in a black tank top

A Conservative Lady, or A Latex Fuck Bunny?

only response was to say, ”Thank you…” She spoke with confidence and a sensual inflection that captivated me. I had hinted a few times that I was an aficionado of kinky and unusual things, but with no response other than a fleeting smile or two. Twice, on our dates, I wore my skin-tight leathers, boots and motorcycle jacket that I wear when

Black Cock Dominance of a Sissy White Boy

because I was nervous. Please, please, please give me one more chance, please!”He finally relented and gave me the blessing of another chance by saying, “Don’t fuck it up this time punk white boy. Put your mouth on my cock after I start counting from five to zero.” He started counting and never got the word five out of his mouth before I had his

Assaulted in the Pension Hotel.

Australian, in fact, eight or nine of them, all girls!Now, I won’t try putting on an Aussie accent, I can’t.The language being used was totally foul, and I’m no prude.It was like a dozen machine guns firing off - shit, fuck, bollocks, up yer ass, and so on.I then made the mistake of taking a quick peak, to be confronted with all these gorgeous

A Threesome Turns to Cuckoldry (Part 1)

stimulation. She was really into it. She didn’t break stride when he made sure to say loud enough for me to hear, “I am going to fill your womb with my cum.” She reached for his ass and pulled him in close. His balls drew up tight to his body and I could see the base of his massive cock pump pulse after pulse of his seed into her. They laid

Wrist-Deep in the Cunt Hole - Fisting At The Cinema

anus and licking her finger, then lick my puckered hole and, when I shifted my position slightly and lifted my rack a little higher, she licked my wet slit as well.I don't know how much experience she had with women before, but she was certainly a good licker, though I had the feeling she just enjoyed the flavour and being of service more than

The Swinger Confessions: Corrupting Shirley Temple (The Epilogue)

I wanted to lick it, my desire to taste that pleasurable nectar on her skin was deeply rooted. I motioned for her to join me on the car, pulled her face to mine and proceeded to lick her smooth caramel skin. “Oh fuck, Coco! You have to know what you do to me, don’t you?” “No.” “You do…” My head shook in the negative, as my tongue snaked from my

My Sneaky Wife...

rub and jack his cock while my wife was polishing my own, he worked his way onto the bed on the opposite side from my wife and started rubbing my nipples with one hand and gently cupping my balls with the other. I was in extacy and thought I was going to blow right there! But, my wife, knowing my every twitch and movement, saw that I was about to

Moth Ch. 005

let it die no matter what it is?’ snarled the spider. ‘Or are you waiting to see if it’s something nice before you decide?’ ‘I’m not pregnant,’ sobbed Lei. ‘I didn’t fuck him. He died before I could. He died.’ ‘Don’t lie to me,’ hissed the spider. ‘I’m not lying,’ screamed Lei. ‘And I’d never let my baby die if I had one. Not even if it was

They Meet at a Wedding: Part I

at the best of times, but business weddings are the worst. The Davidson wedding in LA was a “must attend” unfortunately. John had helped Bill Davidson raise the money to expand his hotels in Asia and now his oldest son David was getting married. David Davidson he thought, what a stupid name and chuckled to himself. John has made his rounds and is

BDSM Introduction

need to accept and own up to any of your own faults, and you need to provide boundless support and compassion. You should not expect to continue having fun that night, or possibly longer, depending on what she needs. This is your penance for the mistake, and you are never allowed to forget what is most important in all of this:Everything is about

What I Didnt Know About Jim

cock. I remembered the videos I saw last night so I learned from them. I put my face into his ass, I could feel the warmth coming from his cheeks. I stuck out my tongue and started licking his cheeks, then I came closer to his hole. It was hot, not warm, but HOT! I licked around his tight virgin hole, then I started stabbing his ass with my

Morning Ritual

her finger. She felt her labia get warm from her touch and she felt the intense feeling deep within her clit that was still hiding. However, the formation of moisture began from the first tug of her nipples. She could feel the warmth within her carnal trench as the moisture built up inside it. She swore she could actually feel hot whiffs of air

Random Encounter

proper names.""I don't think normal people really care about stuff like that when they want to wank off -""For your information, I am Vance," the cool blonde said. "This is Kensington," she added, pointing at the freckled redhead. Lastly she voiced: "She is Garcia," which was directed at the curly-haired tanned girl.I moved my eyes from one to

"Joy" Ridin'

passenger seat was holding up a napkin that said, “Meet us at the Flying Jay off of Exit 303.” I thought about it for a second but the temptation of possibly getting three dicks at once was too much –I gave them a thumbs up and followed them to the exit. As I pulled into the gas station it was just about dusk and the place was pretty much

The Belated Christmas Present

she widened her legs as I again slipped between them as my dick probed around. I wasn’t sure of what I supposed to do or how to do it. But nature took over for both of us.My dick ran across her slit several times before it slipped easily up and down it. On each slide upwards it would dip slightly in until it became wedged in her outer her cunt

Grave Robber

in for—“Clarence stopped. He saw April. She lay on the bed, sheet wrapped around her body, staring. Clarence's jaw dropped. Then, turning to Wallace he said, "You're a sick man, Thom Wallace!""It's not what you think!""Sick! I'm not above a little body snatching when times are tight, I’ll admit. But I take 'em to the university for dissectin’.

Village Tales: Alexia Pt. 02

wantonly so that she could derive the greatest contact with Evelyn’s finger. ‘I do believe that you are getting wetter by the second. It’s coming out of your little nook.’ ‘Don’t stop, keep touching the little knob. Aah … aah I feel so hot. Ohh yes press it harder. Ohh yes … yes. Ahhhhh ….’ At this last outcry her legs tensed and her little hole


as my voice caught in my throat. I could hear William sawing logs down the hall, and I knew Jenny had crept out so as not to wake him. ‘Look, Phil.’ She whispered, coming into the office and quietly shutting the door behind her. ‘I don’t want you to say anything. I’m not drunk, and I’m not crazy. I just figured that we had always been able to

Twisted and Torn Part 3

at the kneeling man kneeling as he nudged at his throbbing cock. What would his friends think if they saw him now? Slowly he felt the guy part the towel with his face and could feel the open mouth search for his cock and he almost jumped as the soft lips found the cock head. He felt the warm intake of breath and the head disappeared between the

Twenty-five Year Old Virgin (part four)

and then I rammed it into the cunt and Beth squealed into Mandy's cunt.Now I was thrusting and Beth was trying to eat all the cunt she could. I was going to let her eat as long as she and Mandy were into it. But I wanted my fuck and I was going to get it. I was getting so deep I could feel my balls banging against her cunt at the same time, they

He likes to watch

while Larry’s moan turned into guttural growls. He felt his muscles contracting and his hips shifting to get ready to cum, so he decided to play a surprise: he arched his body so his dicks was aiming right to his mouth. With a loud, satisfied groan, he finally came, sending a good part of his cum into his own mouth and the rest on his face. He

My Outlaws come to stay – Part One

years old and I live with my Fiancé Claire. Claire is twenty five years old, 5’2” tall, slim build, with 34DD breasts and the sexiest ass and legs that you have ever seen, good things come in small packages.Claire’s family live in the country and regularly come and visit us in the city.Claire’s father, Andy, is forty and works away. He can be


Zena had told Carmen and Ron, in a very cultured English voice that she had just one night left in this city, before she flew out later the next day.Ron was fascinated at what might lie hidden under the veneer of English reserve and expensive well fitting clothes, both sexually and in bedroom conversation.Would her genteel veneer disappear if

My New Girlfriend Kay Part 2

am just starting to know Ann. I do know she is very skilled at her work.” SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! “Clyde, I hope I don’t need to spank you like this on every date, but you do need to respect me more and to stop complaining.” SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! “I do want to please you everyway I can, and I hope we can keep on dating. That is why I accept these

Take it Easy - Chapter Six: Much Ado About Nothing

the movie was so awful, we made a sort of competition out of making each other laugh by pointing out the movie's fallacies. After the movie, I drove Emily to her house and walked her to the door. "I had a lot of fun, Aaron." She beamed at me, her eyes glowing. "I did, too." I smiled back. "We have to do it again sometime.""I agree." She looped

Stacy's Destruction

I hated this stuff, it always seemed like pills were mixed with it to give it its flavour. Michael looked at me with tearful eyes and I looked at the cup which was still more than half full and quickly drunk it trying to zone out the taste. David and Tony gave a small smile and Michael walked out the room saying“I got work to do!” I nodded slowly

My Last Lover

the lights when I absolutely have to. I was cleaning up some papers when I heard a knock at the front door. I was still half asleep, so the noise jarred me a bit. I took my time getting the door. I probably looked like shit, but I didn’t care. I was working from home, but I was in baggy gray sweats and an oversized college sweater. My straight

Side Work

speak, as I continued fucking her soft soaked cunt. She had cum at least twice or so I thought and it was fun having sex with my old pal from high school and although she had put on some weight she hadn’t lost any of that vitality or passion I recalled from way back when. She took hold of me in the end and her lips were like superglue that

The Great Rite

once again, in harmony. Wicca, a fertility religion, requires intense study, and I had studied diligently for the required year and one day. In celebration, I was finally ready to participate in this year’s festivities as a true witch, not just observe them from aside. My time had finally arrived. That night, September 21, I would be the offered

Bestfriends Forever

to seeing him this Christmas. I am so excited. I haven’t seen him since he moved to North Carolina to be with the rest of his family. He’s been down there for 5 years…after the 4 th year he stopped begging me to move down there. I remember the night before he left when he was crazy drunk and he was begging me to leave the next morning with him.

An Accidental Love God Ch. 01

‘That will do it’ ‘Yes, then I will spread your legs and fuck that tight wet pussy’ ‘Yes please do that… ooo yes’ she moaned. She moaned as she wrapped her lips around my cock head and thrust her hips to get maximum contact with the vibrator. Suddenly she stiffened and shuttered with her orgasm. ‘Yes FUCK YES! Keep going!’ she yelled as she came

One Hell of a Way to Unwind after an Exam

I grab the base of his cock and hold my hand around it like it is a cock ring so he cannot cum yet. Taking his balls with my free hand I run my nails across them as he slides in and out of my hot mouth. Feeling his cock tighten in my mouth tells me he is going to cum soon. I suck faster and faster and he pulls my hair and yells, “Fuck ya baby

The Bridge Club Ch. 07

me until a strange woman walked in. With Jake gone, Emily was here to take his place. She was a brunette, in her late 30s if not just on the other side of 40. She wore a bit too much make-up for my taste, but she had a trim body and a saucy way of sizing people up. I said Hello, and she studied me like some kind of lab specimen for at least 5

Pulling down her panties

a finger along the edge of Lisa’s bum, through her skirt. “What the fuck are you doing!” “Easy, easy, it’s OK.” “Why are you touching me?” “Has he ever seen you, you know, in the shower or anything?” said the woman, nodding towards Don. “What?!” “No?” added the woman, suggestively. “What’s going on here?” asked Don, his face pink with

Worshippind Miki Part Two

I am so happy I have a husband who knows how to cook."I showed Miki our locker that held the goggles, snorkels, and swim fins, then I helped her find some to fit her and found our two pronged flounder gigs. I picked out two empty bait buckets and added a fish scaler, a knife, and a net with a small meshed bag to our gear.As we walked toward the

First Time at the Gym

down onto his cock. I let out a long, load moan as Allen moved me up and down. This was the first time that a penis had ever been inside me, riding him, and it felt better than I could have imagined. Surprisingly, there was no pain at all like most of my friends said there would be. I breathed in and out with each bounce. I wanted him to go even

L003: Lizzy’s story: The proposition:

completely sexually aroused, almost in that state the whole time, and we pleasure each other.  But I'm also, your little girl to care for and treasure.  Yes, you offer the best of both worlds to me.  You seem to already understand my overactive libido, and my yearning to be kept in such a state of arousal.We'll stay here for the weekend, until


fangs bare to see, teasing him. She saw the fear rush over him, filling her with excitement as she slowly retracted her red tinted piercers. She slowly lowered her lips around his shaft, wrapping them tightly as she slowly slid up his cock. The blood left on her lips and in her mouth now smearing around his cock, giving it a dark red shade. She

book of fortune part three

in her pussy. After a while he got dressed and so did she. He returned to his seat and then everyone in class woke up. No one noticed that Ms. Crawford looked like she had just ran a marathon or the fact that her desk was crooked and a full inch pushed back. Ms. Crawford just went back to teaching the lesson as if nothing had happened. Brad just

Cuckold shortcut

her head. When they returned they each held several items. Estrella told me with cool authority to strip. I looked to my wife for support, to be told I didn’t have to demean myself that way, but she just smirked at me. With great reluctance I began unbuttoning my shirt. Soon I was down to just the panties I was wearing, shamefully conscious that

A woman tries sex with a big mutt and discovers she really likes it

no bullshit, they just fuckthe crap out of you and bounce out the back door andI’m really good with that. They’re like giant livingfuck toys and I’m getting hooked. I’ve got a three dayweekend ahead and I’ve got a plan, I need a new fucktoy and I know just what I want.* * *I douched all the dog jizz out of my ass with my oldred hot water bottle

Luck and Love: IV

her tits, wanting her to go her own speed. She hadn’t gone far when she began to cum. “AAAAH… Fuck YES, fuck my tight little cunt… ohhhh, FUCK Yes” She dropped back down onto him and stayed as her cunt convulsed on his thick cock. Knowing that they didn’t have time to waste Michael grabbed her and began to move her up and down on his dick.

Summer Nowhere Part Two Keep My Secret

not sure if she would be able to find her, so she drew Isobel a map of where she was specifically headed. Isobel set it on her bed and then head to the shower. Brian, who had been listening in for a while, snuck into the room and looked over the map, making sure that he had it down enough to not get lost. He then placed it under Isobel’s bed. If

I Don’t Know Where It’s Been Ch. 02

again. This time it didn’t last as long, only three days. It must be true what they say about it getting easier over time. And then Mr. Wonderful shows up, and guilt doesn’t even bother to show its face. You two just carry on like life is just wonderful.’ ‘Remember the last time we talked, you said what you did with him didn’t mean anything? Well

my sister jean chapter 2

of morality and fair play,trying to suggest that what she had to talk about wasprobably just as "dirty" as my stuff. (*I* didn't evenbelieve that.)Still pulling on the button, "Okay, little brother."Then smiling, "I do trust you."Mentally rubbing my hands, I thought, try to get into your pants, big sister. Affecting anonchalant

It’s Not Easy to Be a Love Goddess Ch. 08

I lamented in his arms one night. ‘How can she refuse all this? The ecstasy, the joy of being naked in your embrace, the fountain of bliss that rises up within me at every communion!’ ‘I know,’ said Darian sympathetically. ‘I know. Just give her time. Give her time.’ * * * * * * * * * Angela decided to go away to college when she graduated. She

Dont Worry Cupid Has a Plan

introducing her to the pleasures of a vibrator after her divorce, but wasn’t this wrong? Picturing the chiseled form of young Rob in her mind as she pushed the seven-inch silicone monster into her petite Asian body was just not right. Young Rob was Wendy’s son and Yumi had helped tutor him in math when he was sixteen until he was eighteen. This

Cum for Mom

Matt would sometimes bounce the edge of his hand into her mound. As time went on and more sex scenes flushed into Mary’s mind, she leaned back and closed her eyes a bit. By this time, Matt was very confident and was now, for the most part, resting one of his hands on her breast, and the other cupped her pussy as he felt the warmth that came out

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Volume One (Part One)

the truth. We aren't lovers, and despite the romantic setting, this isn't a romantic getaway or honeymoon. The gorgeous man inside me is not my boyfriend or my husband. In fact, he's someone else's. Husband, that is. And we aren't making love. Or even just having sex. This is good old-fashioned, raw, reckless, uninhibited fucking. Just like he

My wife and I decide to be naked on the weekend

in preparation for what I hoped would take place a little later. That evening, having jointly prepared the dinner, we sat down to eat in the living room having decided to have a more informal meal using trays on our laps instead of sitting at the dinner table. I quickly noticed that she had allowed her legs to fall to the sides and without any

The Pool Party

cock ejaculate. Jill was jacking Scott off, and we watched him achieve his orgasm also. I looked up to see Janet and Dave walking over to us in bathrobes, having seen the guests to the door. The four of us got out of the pool to join Jenn’s sister and bro-in-law in the sauna. Jill and Scott said their goodbyes, as he had to work Saturday. The air

A Grope in the Gloom

was my visceral reaction to seeing him in it. He’s not perfect. Not the ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ type. Not really. Still, he does it for me. And seeing him come to work in his kilt, with the heavy boots, tight t-shirt, and big thick belt got my juices flowing. The tattoo on the back of his right calf highlighted his thick muscularity. I had

A Gift From His Father Ch. 21

to gather everyone together and see what we can find out.’ Calling out loud he said, ‘Turn up the lights and turn off the music. Party’s over ladies.’ Dennis found the light switch and turned up the lights illuminating the great room, while Chance climbed the stairs to search the upper level. He was very thorough but didn’t find anyone. When

Slut Training

would ever know. But would they? I knew that the difference between seeing my back wall closet and have full view of her in the center of my living room was about a step and a half toward my door. I'd intently watch her reaction when I opened the door, looking for signs that would have me draw him in or keep him outside of view.That would have

Elf girl 2

ripped his clothes off, before finally releasing his raging hard-on. He shifted between her legs, on his knees, looking along her fabulous body. He took a deep breath, and put his tip against her hole, that seemed to be her pussy. It was now back to its normal size, but it still didn’t look like his cock could fit in. Only one way to find out

It Started On Skull Island - Chapter 4

you, and all that hurt and pain went away. I owe you a big thanks. Let me show you how grateful I am? Let’s go for that walk on the beach? Please?”Roger and Lucy started down the path to the beach while the remaining four teens stood and watched their progress. As much as Brian wanted Marsha, and Ted wanted Denise, suddenly it became more

Stars In Her Eyes

on her ass for good measure. She cried out again, surprised. He gathered his clothes from the arm of the couch and began to dress.  Suulin gently lifted the limp Lindsay and laid her on the couch. He spread her legs and kissed her inner thighs then sucked and nibbled her inner and outer lips.  Lindsay was beyond pleasure, her body was so euphoric

Wrong Side of Town Ch. 02

‘No, I called in and took off the rest of the day. Why don’t you go get dressed? We can start then.’ ‘Oh, I figured you would have thrown out all of my belongings since I’ve been gone so long.’ ‘No, I didn’t. I was really hoping you would be back. I just didn’t know that it would take this long.’ ‘I didn’t either, so thank you. Before I get

Stranger Suck Off

enjoy the new experience. Steve turned away from me and sat on the sofa. He opened his legs and beckoned me forward. I felt like a slut as I crawled across his floor like a dog, looking forward to my treat at the end of my short journey. I got between his legs and resumed my duties. We alternated between me moving my head up and down, sucking and

My sexy daughter

her right then and there."Be patient," I instructed her. I got down on my knees. I was not about to pass up the opportunity to lick her virgin pussy. As I got close to her well-groomed kitten, I could hear it purring. I kissed the lips and she began squirming and panting. I licked out my tongue and massaged her clit. Photos

A Mothers Dream, chapter four

I want to see your tongue in her cunt."I stripped naked as mum sank to her knees and fastened her mouth onto Dolly's cunt, she beckoned to me with one hand, the other holding mum's mouth between her legs."Cock Micky," she gasped. "Give me that cock."I straddled her and rubbed my erection all around her face until she grabbed it and fed it into

Weekend Alone

a lot of fun. When "Work It" came on April pushed me on to my work chair and started to give me a lap dances. Since we were both naked my dick would slowly get wet from her pussy. This was driving me crazy. After about a minute of this I couldn't handle it anymore so I picked her up and brought her down on my bed. I looked into her eyes and said,

Parisian Surprise – Part Six

with his penis before cupping his balls and giving them a small squeeze. Robert gasped but still managed to carry on taking photos. Juliana then very slowly undid his fly and reached forward and wrapped her hand round his growing cock. She very gently moved her hand up and down, teasing and enticing him at the same time. He stopped snapping and

Cum in a Wet Womb

as did I. Rubbing my hand over her shirt draping a hand over the small of her back, resting on the bust of her bum. Just a little dip, my fingers penetrate the waist wrap lip, my pinky slid touching the high reaches of her bum slit. A quick glance upward, her face impassive, barring in no way. I slide her shirt up a bit, that big bulging belly,

The Life Anna Endured

loved him, believed that he and I were the best couple in our friendship ring. It all ended the day before their wedding. A day Anna would look back on and wonder why she ever continued with him. For 16 years she has looked back at that fateful day with regret and fear. Anna was excited, she was to be marrying the man she loved, respected and

My Wife Is A Total Slut - Part 1: The Engagement Party

knowing my wife is bi, and it's always turned me on.  When we first started dating, I knew she was playing the field and so was I. We had a don't ask don't tell sort of thing going which she seemed to prefer. I knew that she had cheated on me with an ex-boyfriend pretty consistently. I first almost caught her during the night of our engagement

Journey into Cuckoldry - After Eight

I had encountered between my own wife’s thighs. She was very near a shattering orgasm and needed very little to push her over the edge. I dipped the tip of my tongue deeply into her vagina, feeling its heat and the metallic taste of her extreme arousal. Carmen convulsed again, pulling a small handful of hair from my head that would have made me

100 Years

was on her. I remember the time I first met her. As cliched as it is, I could remember it like it was yesterday. It felt like it was even yesterday I met her… Flashback It was my first time at work, and I was nervous. I met with Vince, and there was Stacy, in her white polo and her short denim skirt. ‘Randy, this is my assistant, Stacy,’ Vince

Stranger Hitchhiker

as I thrust my mound deep into his mouth.When it was over, I lay spent. Unable to move. I was light headed and my body felt like it was floating. He moved up to my face and gently kissed me. I could barely respond, and he laughed softly. "I'm glad you enjoyed that". He said, and I smiled, and laughed a little too. How could a stranger know my

The weekend as the babysitter part 2

flipped her up.“OH YES THAT FEELS GREAT!!”I continued to fuck her until I came 5 minutes later with her have cumming 2 more times 5 times in all.Man what a great week its been already have fucking two of the 3 daughters, couldn’t wait to take Rayne’s. Ready to fuck Lauren and Savannah again and sleep properly with Lauren tonight instead of on the

Great holiday party

were all listening and giggling. When Todd was done with her mouth and throat he pulled her head back and looked her in her watery eyes and told her to bend over the toilet she got up and as she was bending over Todd grabbed her hips and shoved his cock towards her pussy he missed… as his cock went into her ass Ann screamed out in pain and Todd

Young Experience Changed my life

a bad looking guy, but he was a small Asian guy and Mia’s attractiveness outweighed his significantly. It was very difficult for me to keep my eyes off of her. Mia would wear very short shorts, exposing her beautiful, smooth, toned legs. The bottoms of her round, little butt cheeks were visible, as well. I could tell her breasts were not very

Young Angel getting changed into a woman

a ponytail , blue eyes, tanned skin from head to toe. She was wearing a collard shirt with a black mini skirt stopped at mid thigh. She looked older like maybe eighteen, but I bet she is a few years younger tho. After she was in her seat, she said her name was Angel and she was going to visit her grandparents in Arizona. I asked her about her

Downsizing Ch. 05

Dan was stressing big time about not being able to find another job, so I came up with the idea of giving him a female persona to use for work. That way he wouldn’t look like a man going into work with makeup on. All I could think of at the time was, I wonder how many guys are going to come back to work looking like bozo the clown.’ Mrs. Lambert

Leben 6

he'd take them into the assistant's place with no fear of the man taking them over, or making them ignore danger. Sighing there was of course the doctor, that asshole was far stronger in different ways. Alan looked at Angelika she had come up herself, her abilities were almost double what they had been. The assistant might influence her a bit but

fantasies of my friends for my sexy mother

hat ever seen but she cant go on any step in her shoes. she felt a little bit saftier as she realized that there was a small policestation beneath the motel. she opend the door and looks in a bar full of smoke, loud music and unwashed, rough and d***k men. she tries to ignore them as she tried to blaze a trial to the crowd. she asked the barman


and said, “Well Leigh, you’re a bitch.” Then he walked off. Stephen behaves like a 13 year old trapped in a hot, 19 year olds body. I’ve caught myself a time or two checking out his form. He has always had the looks but never the maturity to go with them. I’ve know Stephen my whole life because his sister Megan is my best friend. He’s only two

The Ice Princess

case. Nothing was amiss he said, but noted upon further investigation that her file had been shuffled together in a manner he was not responsible for. He said, ‘The bottom line is that I am fairly certain someone copied the file on Catherine Vandermere. And they went to great pains to hide this from me.’ Brandon asked him ‘Is my name in that

That Questioning Look

The place is familiar, well-known to me and comforting. My life has been so prosaic – I’ve been in a rut that feels as deep as a canyon. I feel as if I could die from ennui. I’m resigned to attending the conference, but can’t help feel a slight breeze of optimism, with this welcome break in routine and typical of my nature, like a sailboat, I

The Egyptian Mummy

public my spouse." it's commanded as it stretched forth it's hand, the Sceptre suddenly flew into his hand, his flesh started to reinvigorate. Color returned and muscles pulled together, the wrappings fell off and eyes regrew. She noticed the change looked up at her new lover just as his face became complete. He was an extremely hansome man,

My Perfect Saturday

it. You’re amazed at how much wetness there is. You’ve never seen me like this before. You start to lick my vadge lips and using a finger, you rub up and down the lips. I’m going crazy because I just want a part of you inside of me. You keep licking and sucking the clit, then you stop and come up to kiss me. Your face is covered in my jizz and it

Boys; they make the best girlfriends!

to move from her sister’s home. The advancement included a transfer however, from her current location to one over three hours away. Nicki believed her mom had earned the raise and all, it wasn’t that, but of course that would change our availability to each other to some weekends at best. We spent nearly every moment during the next three weeks

The Awakening of Love Ch. 10-11

his jeans and boxers down his legs and let them fall into a heap on the floor. ‘Are you sure?’ Jake asked, poised over Ashira. Ashira lifted her hips and nodded as Jake pushed his way inside. ‘God Shira, you’re so tight,’ Jake groaned. Ashira tensed a little as Jake pushed farther and farther inside her. Jake felt her tenseness and cupped her

Not Big Enough Part 2

her pert orbs. She asked me to lower my trousers, allowing Sarah to see me become erect in seconds, before dribbling into my briefs. ‘Sarah could make you this excited’ she whispered in my ear, her fragrant warmth enchanting me. ‘And maybe I’ll give you benefits’, she said placing my hands around her slender waist. But you need to help Sarah

Daughter and son finally seduce their mother

were having on her, laid down next to Tommy, spread herself wide open, and began rubbing her clit furiously. She knew it wouldn't take much and could already feel herself getting close."Make yourself cum." Susan said almost in a whisper. "I can't believe how wet I am, he fucks me so good. I bet you like watching us fuck, don't you?" Sandy moaned

Cuckolded by Blue-Collar Cocks

smiled and lied replying, “I have never seen a hard one that size. But, I do remember from the showers in high school that some of the boys have some pretty long and thick soft cocks. And by the way, we should just call them cocks instead of penises. I’m sure that some of them must have been at least as big as that dildo when they were hard. A

Nicole's Feet Finally--Our First Night All Together Chapter 3

in exactly one week, I want court documentation that my charges are dropped and I am a free man. Furthermore, I want a check for $10,000 in my bank account by the close of business on that same day.”“What? I am pretty sure I can get all that done except for the money. It is going to be hard to get that done without a lawsuit. Besides, I don‘t

JJ Finally Gets Hers!

after JJ told me about Sally and getting her knee into good condition to play tennis again. After eating, we went to JJ’s car and she drove to her house. We had to make a fuel stop and as I filled her car, she took a restroom break. That was perfect. She had a go cup from the restaurant and I put the drug in it while she went! I stirred it

Mother and Daughter

that the skirt looked awfully short.   She just said, “Oh, Mom” and went to try them on.   When she came out of the dressing room, I was right.   It was very short.   But, I didn’t say anything more.   She was my little girl but I realized that she was quickly becoming her own woman.   I had always been proud of her.   She was a cheerleader in

A Summer Like No Other Ch. 01

of tourists would come and stay for the summer. The resort is called ‘Stay Away’, which basically means you get a vacation from the stresses in your life. Well that’s what the website said anyway. Most of the tourists would stay at the resort during the summer for one reason or another, and during this time the resort always had a celebrity or

Smoke Break, My House

chance and she wasn't about to miss it. She dragged hard on her cigarette as Ashley's poo began to dam up in the triangle of her legs, cunt and Kaylie's tits. Kaylie in turn dunked her mouth down through the pudding-like poo to Ashley's pussy, pushed out her tongue and restarted her cuningulus on her friend's clit. As Ashley's poo flooded her

Young Sarah part 2

know how to pull my strings!That spring my wife and I bought a camp on a small lake. It is in a resort so there are many other campers all in close proximity. Sara’s parents bought one near ours too. Our wives are all Asian and they do everything (almost everything) as a group, especially camping. We bought a small boat for fishing and tubing and

On Saving a Species

much spittle and pussy juice on the thing as possible. She used her secret weapon, her control of her gag reflex, to take every single inch of the ten-inch dildo down her throat. She held it there for a moment, looking over to where the alien voyeurs stood eyeing them. Malent had left by that point, but Wierdren was watching with flames in his

A Trip with a Co-Worker

with her legs on my shoulders. After lifting her skirt up, I discovered a beautiful shaved pussy. I could see her lips glisten with her juices. The tip of my tongue slid into her slit for my first taste of her. Looking up, I could see her hands on her breasts pinching her own nipples. It didn't take long before my tongue and lips were covered

Don Juan of Hypnotic Suggestion Ch. 02

best friend blowing him while he fondled her tits and fingered her nipples. Wow, now that’s hot. Only, he knew that his sister, Kathy, wouldn’t like the idea of him fooling around with her best friend. If she ever discovered that he not only saw Miranda naked but also had sex with her by hypnotizing her, she’d disown him as a brother. Only, how

Infernos of Love

She kept spitting out bloody ice because it was too cold. She came back into the room and lay down on the bed opposite Ixchel. Her puppy dog eyes stared at Ixchel for a long time. Margot wanted to apologize. She just wanted Ixchel to be nice. So she said, ‘I was just joking. You know that, right? I was kidding. I would never hurt you.’ Five

Me and My Brothers -- Chapter VII

my pajama bottoms. He just watched me so I said, “Your turn.”Still on his bed he removed his pajama bottoms. His peter waved around provocatively as he moved. He looked at me and said, “You still got panties on.”“That’s okay,” I said as I climbed on the bed with him. I lay on top of him as I laid him back with his head on his pillow. We

Johns little family affair 5

him nothing. If he wants to see you sucking pussy, you suck pussy. That means if he wants you pregnant, and tonight fails, he can keep on trying. If he wants you putting on doggie fuck and suck shows, you will. Conversely, if he fucks you but no sperm winds up in your pussy, I'll be his whore for a year, and I'll let him knock me up. To further

Karen and the Tow Truck Drivers

That is the riskiest of all the parks that we have visited because the picnic tables are in a pavilion about 250 feet to 300 feet from the back of the liquor store and apartments.Since Karen had not participated in a gangbang since she ushered in the 2017 New Year with a sizeable impromptu party at the theatre that lasted for well over four

Visiting the Lake

of the TV screen. Then I hear it! The announcer just warned of a small craft advisory, waves eight feet! I race to the bedroom, throwing my work clothes off as fast as I can. There I quickly pull on a pair of cut-off shorts, an old tee shirt, thick socks, and my boot…. Where are my boots? A fast scan of the room reveals nothing. The laundry


barely knew. I got the palms of my hands flat against his hard chest, trying to push him off of me. His weight pinned me against the ground and I felt my tight muscles release as the enormous cock slowly entered me. I stopped fighting at that point and succumbed to the delicious sensations that enveloped me as his shaft travelled deeper, inch by

Seducing the Man in Black

late shift, earlier than usual. She tosses her frumpy nurse’s scrubs to the floor next to the rest of her laundry, both dirty and clean. “I’ll clean up tomorrow,” she says to herself, knowing she won’t. After a long shower that fogs up the mirror and leaves more water on the floor than her regular shower, Laurie makes her way to the bedroom of


not a breathe of wind stirred and not a single animal call could be heard, as the air took on an almost electric feel of tension. Then like a ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel, they saw the hut through the trees, no more than a couple hundred metres away. Suddenly the tension in the air climaxed as a streak of lightning screamed its way

Me and Mr. Bill! Part 1 & 2

sweet hot cum as it exploded into my mouth in strong spurts and continued down my throat! It seemed to never stop and I swallowed as fast as I could, but quite a bit of his sperm dribbled from my mouth and down my chin. In looked up into his eyes and could still see his lust for me had only been heightened as he looked down at the gobs of cum

Life from a dog’s point of view

my cock. I wanted to hump hermouth because it felt just like a hot cunt wrappedround my cock.It had been a long while since I had fucked a bitch,and I could feel myself getting ready to cum, lettingout a loud yelp of pleasure I filled Trish’s mouth withmy cum, she gagged at first but swallowed all she couldbut there was still some that ran out of

Her Love

He looked at the glass jug and shook his head, doesn’t remember drinking half of the liquor. He poured two drinks and headed back into the living area. Receiving her drink, she thanked him. Remy looked at her and noticed, for the first time, her blouse was unbuttoned to her bra. He looked away quickly, not wanting to offend her. He did, however,

Seven Years Since The Motel

fishing boats from the harbor. He would spend the afternoon on the porch, drinking iced tea on his favorite white wicker rocking chair and reading an old book from his father’s library, before feasting on local delicacies for dinner and repeating the entire glorious process again. He might even find time to squeeze in a nap on one of the second


but I hadn’t reached the point of lying to myself. Yet. I tapped a key and the tablet went dark. It was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. A fuzzy orange sphere shimmered on the glass tower across the avenue, drenching my office in thin, calming light. I stretched my fists above my head and yawned before picking up the collection of pages I’d

Special Connection

drive to Sacramento seemed to take forever. He turned up his music loudly and he and Tupac lamented over the trials and tribulations of being a black man in a society that wanted to keep them oppressed. He tried to ignore the constant dull ache in his nuts and half hard dick he would get occasionally but the closer he got to her house, the more

Young Bank Teller

favorite position is and give into the orgasm washing over her. Her pussy contracts and expands around my cock; I come as well, digging my fingers into her round ass cheeks so hard she thinks I'm going to break the skin. When it's over, I let go of her wrists and she collapses. She hears me still breathing heavily. I unbuckle the belt and she


to tell Victoria I was home. I reached the door and was about to shout when I noticed that she hadn’t closed the door, I couldn’t help myself, I peered through the crack in the door into the bathroom. Victoria was lying in the bath, with her back to me. I stood transfixed, as I watched her rubbing soap into her pert breasts. I should have left,

Opening Up Victoria

present from my wife. Unlike me, Victoria was still dressed at this point, her slim figure covered in a simple white t-shirt and skinny jeans. She was 5 foot 6 with a slim figure. For all her slenderness she already had fairly large C to D cup breasts. Her hair was long straight and mid brown in colour. Her eyes were large and blue and her

Why do fools fall in love...Jack

as she looked in the mirror. His eyes now followed hers to her flawless reflection. Traveling back up her legs, his eyes were drawn to the most incredible sight of all. As if pointing in the direction of heaven, her bushy pussy, in the form of a perfect triangle, protruded from her pubic region as a vision of a goddess. He almost stumbled in the

Not a Typical Walk Home

see him start to shake and hear his moans. This sets off a chain reaction for Lukas who then pulls out and explodes over the ground, over Mika’s back, over the crates, over everything. This makes your pussy clench and unclench, rippling on the dick you have driving into you. You can feel him grow larger within you, feel his cum approach. His

Clothes Make the Man

in here, take that silly mask off,” she smiled, reaching up and gently pulling it off my face with the hat. “Oh, you’re not ugly at all,” she murmured, caressing my face. “You sound disappointed,” I smiled. “Well, maybe a little,” she grinned. ‘But then again, maybe not.” She pulled my face in again and our lips met. I felt her tongue and opened

My gay friend

house, who I didn’t really know. After we left there, my friend asked, ‘Did you know he’s gay?’ I couldn’t tell. All of my friends were straight and so was I…I thought. Anyway, we would always go there and chill. I often fantasized what it would be like to suck a dick and found myself getting hard during such fantasies. I would always be nervous

Betty Takes On Chloe

Certainly not by my overbearing 48 year old Mother in Law, yet here she was, sitting on an upright spanking chair, demanding I present myself to be turned across her lap and spanked. Well, there was no way I was going to accept that kind of punishment. David might well have, and that turned me on, but having my butt thrashed was a real turn off

Bad News Leaves Vegas, Part One

was a hot summer day, but the street was empty except for her.He answered the door completely naked. He looked much more handsome than she remembered, but what struck her the most was his enormous penis. It was bigger than anything she had ever seen, in real life or porn."Well, hello," Mike said, and smiled.Lily realized that she was naked too,

Off The Beaten Path

like a little child getting ice cream. “And if you look closely, you can see the highway, right up the road.” Taking his invitation into consideration, I leaned toward the map and the head of his cock seemed to be sucked right into my grasp. I pretended to be studying the map as I slowly worked my hand up and down his shaft, slowly feeling every

Climate Control Ch. 01

the fraternity. As he got to the shallow end on the other side, they guys weren’t there. It was the girls from the Sorority where he had stolen the panties. He could still hear the taunting in their voices as they held up a pair of panties. ‘Since you like our panties so much, we brought you a pair to put on when you come out.’ His face burned

Morning Surprise…

It had probably been going off for hours. I went through all my missed texts and a few missed phone calls. They mainly said, ‘Hey, did you make it home safe?’ or ‘ Me and so and so are going to so and so’s house, want us to pick you up?’I had gone out the night before and partied my ASS off. I prayed a hangover wasn’t about to kick in. I rolled

The Neighbours Daughter

it a long weekend. My girlfriend was leaving for work on the Monday when I got out of bed, having enjoyed a ninety-minute lie-in. Slipping on my running gear I had gone for a forty-five minute run, returning home hot and perspiring. I left my running gear on as I brewed and drank a cup of tea while I cooled off, and then stripped, tossing my damp


tight togetherbehind her back.“Hang her high, just like in those movies you showed me.” Yea, Jim and Hannah had enjoyedwatching bondage movies, now it was real. “SHOWTIME MOM” Yelled Hannah as Jim threw the rope over a ceiling beam and began to lift Carol,hogtied off the ground. Carol was screaming as her joints ached especially her injured