Stormont Cottage Ch. 10

his raging hard on still at the ready. Cute, blonde haired, blue eyed little Tommy Margin had already been the plaything for several older females before he had met Barbara in the summer of ’66. They had been sexual illiterates compared to Barbara, it was like she wrote the book of physical love and recited it to him chapter by chapter from

B Turns to D Ch. 06

him and me. I want that to be just between us for the moment. I can't imagine that he will be quite so understanding."Over the next few days, Barbara twisted the screw on both Jim and Sarah. She took great delight in fucking Jim senseless and then sending him home. She had told Sarah that she was to fuck Jim every night too and enjoyed listening

Kaylar Ch. 03: Remedy

known each other for decades. It was still drizzling when the two women boarded the Kaylar Mail and were shown to their Premium Class sleeping car. For a brief period, Jennifer began to experience uncustomary uncertainty about herself, but any misgivings she may have had were instantly dispelled when Alari undressed unceremoniously and in

mm anal

underessed himself.. first his shirt then his pants.. finally his shorts.. he was laying over me naked.. all i could do was slowing run my fingers over his hot body down the center of his back down to his ass.. i squeeeze each cheeck.. and rubed the sides of his body.. i could feel his hard on from between my legs.. then he slowly underessed me

AnimeCon Harem pt. 01

“Okay, she got it at a vending machine... in a shrine. Then, a forever-alone otaku neet lost his yen to the machine, and tried to tip it over. But, he was crushed under the machine. When the shrine priests righted the machine... his body was gone. Now, his vengeful spirit works in the charm, giving it mysterious power.” “That’s... did you just


hands clasped behind her back, balancing herself with her face and her knees, awaiting me, Katherine thought. Katherine leaned down and picked up the martini and downed half of it, and then violently kicked the Eyesore in the ribs, and the slave fell over without a murmur."Katherine!" Yatesy, the Eyesore's husband and Katherine's wonderful lover

Sling Buddy

slipping his tongue into my mouth. I am not a big kisser,but this was totally turning me on.He told me it was the hottest,best sex he had in a long time and thanked me profusely. Wanting to get me off he asked me what he could do to make me cum.A blow job sounded good to both of us. Moving back to the couch in the f****y room , he went down on

My Slutty Teen Slave Part 3

my hand, instead unbuttoning my pants. My cock sprang upward, and I grabbed the back of Jessicas head, forcing her mouth onto my cock. I moaned out as she started licking up and down my shaft. Her warm mouth encircled my length, and she bobbed up and down. Now, start rubbing your pussy. Tell me if you get close to your orgasm. Jessica started

Fashion Man 2

have been using this office to fuck my customers. Don’t deny it, Collin, unless you care to call several very upstanding ladies liars.” “I don’t deny it,” I answered. What the hell, I’d been ratted out by more of them than I figured and now I was going to loose my job for it. No use denying it. “In my defense, I don’t initiate it. Not ever.

Have Hands--Will Travel

vibrator one of the girls slipped in.. We would use it on each other.. Burnt the motor out of it, but it still felt good.. one of the girls broke my hymen with it. I think it's ruined me, and it's the only way I can get off.” She pulled the stone, and my hand lower.“Would y-you use your fingers in mee--, please?” Her hand trembled .“ No, I can't

A Normal Family: Chapter One

her bikini bottoms off. I caught a glimpse of her hairy bush. This made me stroke faster. Jay then inserted his cock and started fucking her. She started moaning. He started groaning. The faster he moved, the faster I stroked. Within minutes he took his cock out of her pussy and sprayed his cum all over her ass. He then grabbed her towel and

Costume Drama Part 2

girls took hold of Jack, one at each wrist, and led him to the door of the bathroom. When they had taken him inside the second girl slipped back and he heard the key turn in the door behind him. It was a huge room with a black and white marble floor and a Victorian bathtub in the centre slightly raised on a pedestal. The walls were cream

A Day in the Mind of Sean L Nelson

something. The other night I gave a shivering bum one of my well-loved fleeces, the part of me that did it hides well below my conscious self, with whatever makes my heart beat or my mouth salivate. In the end, everything turns into pleasure and pain, separated by The River of Consciousness and it stands to intuition that river runs into God.

She’s Special Ch. 07

He growled, ‘Your damned right, you’re not.’ God, she loved how he got demanding and how his voice dropped lower when he was in that mood. It made her hyper-aware of him and every nerve ending in her body. She clenched her pussy around his softening cock and laughed when he hissed. Katherine kissed his neck, nibbled on his ear. She felt his arms

Mary’s Bet

was on her neck – licking and nibbling. I reached down with my hand to play with her clit and felt her body shiver as I found it. She bent forwards, again, whispering ‘Cum for me, John’. She arched her back and pressed her ass out against my thrusts as she whispered the words over and over. My hands on her hips as I stroked deeper and deeper

Luc & Jenny-chapter 4

The rest of her body was pressed against mine. I could feel her large breast squashed against my chest, her hard nipples rubbing against it. Her crotch was moving seductively against mine and I could feel blood running into my limp penis, swelling it. Sensing my erection, she pressed herself closer to me and I could feel the heat emancipating

An old hard cock is just as good as a young hard cock.

each of us. Jill giggled, reached out and touched each of us. “Eenie, meenie, mineie, mo.” She stopped at Frank. She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. Then she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his slacks and dropped his pants. She dropped to her knees and helped him step out of his pants. Lastly she reached up and took hold of his

A Striking Resemblance

(Margie never learned further details) … The second time was much more dangerous and much more thrilling—she was bait to draw out an enemy, enabling Lara to nail the bastard first. Currently, though, Margie hadn’t seen or spoken Lara in over two years—hell, almost three by now. It was completely her fault things had gone wrong. Margie had

The different flavours of friendship

a haven. When Patrick opened his business three years ago he knew it would be hard, knew he would be skirting the edge of profitability for a while. I knew it too when I came to work for him and I knew that there might be lean times. So when the business is not liquid enough to provide the benefits, well I take it in another form. What can I say,

Vet School M/F

large and even had a refrigerator and microwave oven in each room. The rooms also had two double beds, two dressers, and two computer desks with computers. There was a large dorm type bathroom at the end of the hall.Classes were starting in a week, and the school was even willing to supply a small truck and driver to get her things in the city.

Wifes Best Friend

she and my wife lived together. She would hint they have played naked a little bit but would never admit it. Jenny, my wife, would tease me with those thoughts once in a while too. I’m sure they never did because both are very conservative especially when it comes to sexual things. I have begged and asked for pictures for years but never got

Angel's Search for the Perfect Dom Ch. 05

stood. He reached over and undid the buttons on her straps that held her skirt up until the skirt landed on the floor. Then he calmly reached up and pulled angel down over his lap and adjusted her into position. He then put his fingers into the elastic waistband of her panties and tugged them down to her knees. He then rolled the back of her

The Basement, Part I (Chapter 12)

feeling the cock arrive at the end of my pussy. To feel, my lips so open and my hole so filled is my most preferred sexual feeling. That real experience fulfills my sexual desires.    I find this beginning so pleasurable. Their cock sliding past my “G” spot and causing my brain to receive such a sexual feeling. I love this part so much that I do

Sins of the Father G

with Flight of Sin, Sins of the Father through Sins of the Father G. There are side parts, Naughty Pretty Things, Naughty Pretty Things II, Now a Family Affair, and That White Outfit.Since most only read one part I will describe the characters. Keri is a beautiful 14 year old girl of Thai heritage. She has a delightful body, long legs and larger

Hotel Gang Bang

all the time, slate grey eyes creased in obvious enjoyment, stared out from the eye holes of his hood. He slipped the point of the knife under the joint between the cups of her bra, the serrated back edge scraping the delicate skin between her breasts. Anne held her breath, frightened that he would stab her accidentally with the movement of her

Slow Burn

sake of our craft. My hands have long lost anything feminine about them, but I’m strangely content by that – these hands can craft dreams out of metal and stones. “Hi baby,” he whispered in my ear as he rubbed my shoulder. “Productive night?” He’s stopped asking whether it was a long night long ago. Sometimes, for me, nights are never long

For Want of an Alien Baby

longer felt Rho’s cum moving through her, so she assumed that the transformation had begun. Rho groaned and pulled out of her, a line of sticky cum connecting her pussy with his dick until it snapped. He placed his hands on her belly and closed his eyes, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Katrine watched him intently, and moved her hand to

My weekend babysitting Tyra Part 1

See, your penis got big again when you looked at my vagina Try put it in! she keep saying. Ok I said, I know I was wrong, but I couldnt resist. I got infront of her, and was about to fuck her, when she said: Its ok, that you put your penis in me, but you can never tell anyone, ok? ok, I promise I pressed my dick in her little pussy, and she was

Kidnapped by Older Women Pt. 03

been kidnapped.I must be crazy! I've been kidnapped and humiliated and I'm turned on! John thought.Amber started stroking his dick. "I may like to inflict pain on losers like you but I also like playing with a nice hard dick," said Amber.Caroline laughed and agreed with her as she smothered John in her arse. "What woman doesn't like to play with

School of Hard Cocks

and squirmed, struggling with my hand on the back of her neck. I only like it more when you struggle slavegirl. I rumbled and she surprised me by struggling more. I growled low and after a few moments of letting her ass adjust I started to slowly pump my hips. Her ass held me tight and squeezed my cock like a vise. It was glorious! She clutched

Nowhere Man

only ten minutes away,” I answered.“Let’s go to your place and really get to know one other much better,” he suggested.“Sure,” I answered.After Tully had stored his equipment, he pulled up next to me in the car park as agreed. Thereafter, he followed me home.I cannot describe the excitement I felt as I drove home. I had resigned myself to being a

Duty Bound

then try and transfer the resulting issue into me when he leaves?"She shook her head, giggled. "That would be difficult.""Don't fret, it's my duty and I shall survive. After all, I have you to protect me.""Yes, milady, I will always do my utmost, whatever your needs or wants.""Therefore you will come fetch me, after, or if I'm in distress"She

Resolute Love

“I will fight for my title. Too long these lands have been ignored by the fools in their distant cold castles!” He raised a fist in self-righteous glory.She looked up at him in obvious bewilderment. “But milord, you are the Crown’s man. Were you not the hand of the Crown who made sure these lands were not neglected, or its people forgotten?”

Nikkie Part 1

and had a few boyfriends, none of them were serious relationships. Rather, there was a group of girls and guys that always hung out together. We went to concerts and movies and even went camping a few times. A few of the girls hooked up with one or the other of the guys occasionally, but there was never anything serious. More like friends with

Me and megan #1 part 1

her house and shes waiting for me in her door way, shes wearing her hair up and has on a nice blouse and a short black skirt with black stocking. “GOD dammit I think to myself, why does she have to be so gorgous?” She shoots me my favorite smile in the world and I melt and simply start up with the small talk, trying to avoid my inevitable

Suzy Unleashed Chapter 2

things all had happened for one simple reason: I enjoyed blowing him. I enjoyed having that huge dick in my hands and mouth. As much as I enjoyed dressing up as Suzy because I liked how it made me feel feminine, touching and sucking that spectacular cock made me feel even more feminine. As Kathy had pointed out, compared to Ron's, my dick was

Out of this world Part 1

your earth years, but it wasn't until recently we had discovered the technology to safely have a human on board our ships without causing harm to ourselves. I have been studying region 1164, or what you call the state of Washington, for the last thousand years, learning your languages, cultures, traditions, observing your wars, watching and

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 08

wondering if Robert would let her wear a collar while she did her corporate attorney thing, possibly under his desk. She had that wicked smile on her face again, and Lisa saw it, and suspected the reason. Lisa invited Sherri to lunch again, and again they ate at the salad and soup place. Sherri skipped soup this time, but Lisa took the Vegetable

My Massage

remove the rest of you clothes’. I guess he sensed that I was a bit nervous. He’s works as a RN(nurse) so he knew what he was doing in regards to massaging me. He was complimenting me that my legs looked good for someone my size. I was laying on my tummy with some pillows under my breasts. He asked me to spreas my legs and he started to massage


it clear that her time was precious and she had no tolerance for coy or elusive answers. John was outrageously aroused by her demeanor, by the fact that she could be so open and unambiguous about what she wanted. It was that aloof sense of superiority that cemented the deal, that set the stage for their meeting. Thinking he was paying her a

Maria - A true story

was hard and ready to go. "Time for some more pussy." He said. Maria slipped off my cock and got down on all fours on the floor presenting us with her gaping pussy and just fucked arse. Goodie knelt behind her and pulled a condom on and slipped into her pussy. I just sat back pulling my cock as he went to work on her. After a while he flipped her

A night of passion

had. As she lies there her mind starts working. Thinking of his hands and his lips working over her body. She lifts her hips a little as she thinks of their love making. She looks over at him and feels her desire for him growing. Lying on her back she grabs his hand and places it on her stomach. He doesn’t wake even when she pushes his hand down

Room Serviced

and fuck me. All you need to do is push up my dress and FUCK me. Fuck me as hard as you can for as long as you can. It may not make sense to you, but my pussy is yours to take. I want to feel you inside me. You cannot cum inside me. You will pull out and cum ON me. This is part of the fantasy. Please do not deviate. My fantasy is not about love

Class Reunion

like for you to come. We’ve only a handful who aren’t able to make it and we’d like to get as many as possible to make this a very special reunion.’ Kevin mentally checked his calendar and couldn’t think of anything that would interfere with it. Even if he went alone, it was better than sitting at home doing nothing. ‘Okay,’ he said, ‘you’ve

Company Christmas Party

is Jim and after finishing college, I got a job in accounting at a small company. I looked and looked for a job, and finally had a job interview with this company in late September, and was hired as of October 1 st . The company had several small stores that sold women’s jewelry and accessories, and I was responsible for keeping track of

Train Ride to Remember

few minutes a shadow fell over me, I looked up and the twinkle was there …He said “excuse me ma’am would you care to join me for a drink”. I smiled, put down my book and told him. “I thought you would never ask.” We made our way to the lounge car and ordered. He was definitely a rum man and I enjoyed a glass of white wine. The hours passed

John's Story

debating it with myself out loud for a few seconds feeling like a complete idiot for talking to myself out loud I opened the mail center. It was him! He emailed me. I opened the email right away. It only said "Bring your stuff to work tomorrow." Well I signed off quickly and packed a small bag for work the next day.The next day at work I was

Patience and Self-control

in rapturous delight as the ice cube came in contact with her vulva. Abigail tensed, clenching her hands into tightly formed balls as he rubbed the ice back and forth along her pussy lips. She felt the sexual tension building within, wanting desperately to erupt. "Don't stop, please don't stop," she pleaded as the icy massage continued. Feeling

The Girl Next Door - Stage 2

of her legs, homing in as if magnetised to her pussy, nuzzling against the hot area around her entrance and I could feel my precum lubricating its ‘head’ testing her resistance before entering. Becky’s eyes had suddenly clamped tight shut and her bright red lips formed an ‘O’ displaying youthful white, even teeth but making no sound. I was at the

The metro experience (Part 2)

out angrily. "You might as well hook up with our principle if that were the case." suddenly realising how randomly he got that experience. "Look at this" he said while holding out his school emblem on his blazer. "How much more do you need to know what school I am from, a fucking moving hoarding?" With increasing anger, she said "Don't talk to

Adventures of a Super-Cuck Painslut Ch. 02

There were only three things Max had left out of his essay: 1) How he jerked off fantasizing about that night for months afterwards, 2) How he desperately hoped that the soccer teams might make it an annual event, and do it again this year, and 3) That he considered it one of best nights of his life, seeing as he had finally made it to 1st base

My Slut and a BDSM Party Ch. 01

helmet made an enticing outline in my pants. I reached out and grabbed my slut by her tight braid and pulled her face to mine."Let's go check out the lawn" I spoke slowly. I led her by her hair to the sliding doors exiting to a massive backyard surrounded by 2 story hedges. The centerpiece of the yard was an Olympic pool complete with a fountain


she’s rich now, filthy rich. She inherits all that lottery prize money he just won, forty-two million dollars.’ ‘Geez, he played that loser number for decades. And, then, when he finally, won, he’s dead. Isn’t that a kick in the ass?’ ‘Yeah, but he was so young. This is so sudden and so premature. He had so many stories to write and so many

My Blind Masseur

shiatsu (pressure point massage) plus some western styles such as Swedish. Today would be a little different because I was in a hurry between work and dinner. It would be in and out with not too much time for my regular one and a half hour massage. I was already wondering how I would get a decent massage in only an hour. Walking along the busy

Horny dogging session

meat as he began to wank it to full stiffness in front of me. I watched as he slowly rolled his foreskin back and forth over his bulging helmet until he was totally erect and his 10 inch thick black cock throbbed proudly in front of him. He positioned himself behind me and began to run his helmet up and down my pussy lips coating it in the spunk

Dare You? Tina Ch. 06

eyes narrowed and her mouth hissed quietly, "Don't be fucking stupid, do you want this place in ruins? Members would leave, and those who stayed, if there were any, wouldn't trust us. No, I forbid it.""Why the fuck did you have to put her up for auction so quickly?""Because, partner, we haven't had an auction since just after Christmas. I put the

Happy In the End

was flipped up in the story. Without any warning, Kirk started spanking her with his hand. He spanked hard and fast, randomly moving the spanks across both cheeks. She couldn't focus on the story, but she had the images in her head from her reading of it before. Her ass started to burn from the heat of the spanks. Tears welled up in her eyes and

Good Neighbour

was restless and bugging me. I hate taking her for a walk, but I wasn’t getting anything done with her begging for my attention, so I hitched her lease to her collar, put my shoes on and headed out the door. The sunlight hit me like a ton of bricks, my eyes adjusted. Blue skies and a crisp autumn wind hit my skin and sent a chill down my spine. I

A high priced call girl accepts a new customer while her significant other monitors the meeting

placed his hands on each side of her headthen leaning forward, her face under his chest as hebegan in earnest to fuck her, her body shaking as hewithdrew, tiny lips clinging to his cock like wipers ashe withdrew only to be shoved within her as he drove ithome again with an audible slap on the sound system.Neither spoke as he continued to fuck

Into the Abyss Ch. 03

-- power to take her to that place. She wasn't sure where it was. She had only a glimpse of it last night. But as she leaned out to look into the dark abyss she wondered how deep it was and how far down she would go for him.With more grace and agility than he expected, she managed to wriggle out of her panties. "Give them to me," he commanded. He

Gabrielle's fantasy

clip. Once back on the bed, he puts the clip on one of her nipples, puts the other nipple in his mouth to lick, and sticks a finger inside her pussy. After about a minute, he stops again and takes the clip off. By now, she is begging him to finish her. “Please, let me cum,” she says. He smiles and kisses her. “See, I knew you liked it,” he

Sleeping Daughter 3: Nanny Cam Revelation

as my daughter's trembles lessened, stopped. “She came hard.”“And now her pussy's begging for Daddy's big, thick dick to ream her. What are you waiting on? I know you want to bury into her snatch and fuck her into the next century, honey. Do it. Give our slut the pounding she wants and deserves.”“Yes,” I groaned and rose. My dick bobbed before

Be Ready For Me

she does, crying out so loud she's almost screaming, her juices dripping from her pussy and onto the floor. I cum with her, thrusting to the hilt as I fill her, flooding her ass with my cum and making her take it all.We stay like that for a long moment, both panting, my cock still buried in her ass, my arms relaxing to hold her in a comforting

There is a first time for everything

and sits down beside him, hands him his glass, and the slugs half of her drink. She sets the glass on the table, and the hangs her head into her hands, beginning to cry again. Terrance sets his glass down and slides over to her and hugs her again, and lets her cry. She really needs someone to help her out, Terrance thinks to himself, just don't

Baby girl or butt slut?

darted out, licking and probing her wetness. My fingers parting her petals. She was soaked.She pushed me onto her cunt. I lapped at her bud, swelling, unveiling.My fingers slipped into her wetness, flexing her cunt as they curled in, feeling her warm, velvet puss. I twisted them. She moaned.My tongue pressed down on her clit, then I sucked it up,

Introduction Ch. 04

her and carried her indoors, to the bedroom where I laid her on top of the bed. Another large drink of water was greedily taken, then off with the blindfold. A fresh towel dried the sweat and sunblock from her, then I applied massage oil to her arms and began to massage the strain from her limbs. She was moaning softly as I worked on her arm

Procured Ch. 05

She went around behind the tree, pulled on an unseen end of the rope, and Nadia's arms were quickly dragged up above her head, until she could just touch the ground with the tips of her toes.Lucy walked away, and from behind the picnic tables, fetched a long, cruel-looking bull whip, which she cracked like a circus performer.'God, she's going to

Tutor Session

and beautiful. That’s a really tough combo at this school." My knees had started to shake and my heart had started to beat at a million miles an hour. I couldn't believe he was into me. I knew I had to keep it cool if I wanted anything to do with him. I said, "Thank you that means a lot." He smiled and took a step closer. He smelled good. My

Good Girl Gone Bad Part 5

"You are fucking amazing.""You are," I said. "You're so strong and big and you really know how to use that thing.""Yeah," he said laughing. "Have to work it nice and slow. Otherwise it just hurts the girl and in the wrong kind of way." "Can I tell you something," I asked him. He nodded. "You are my first one night stand.""One night stand?" he

Fin and Travis

in her throat. This blatant sexual hunger with a man she barely knew! She caught his wrist, her eyes flying open. "Travis, no." "What is it, Fin?" Tell me to stop and to get the hell away from you before this goes any further," he said. "I don't think ...... I can," she answered honestly. "Then we may be in a heap of trouble, sweetheart, because

Angel 2

he wanted. She blushed, feeling a completely new sensation in her crotch. Stripe twitched his whiskers rolling his eyes. ”Here or in the grass.” He insisted. “You owe me Slut or Angel if you wish.”“I owe you…Well I suppose the grass would be better.” She said wondering why she agreed to…”I must be crazy!” She thought as she let him lead her off

Wendy Ch. 03

the loveseat. I was stumped. But Wendy and considered the situation. As we collapsed on the small piece of furniture I discovered a large pillow had been placed next to the armrest, this raised her butt high enough to clear the obstacle. I marvelled at her ingenuity. I wondered if she had tried the setup, a dry run so to speak. Knowing Wendy’s

boarding school for loving boys chapter 6

Tommy back and said that he was welcome and would always want to be friends together. More photo's from Harry's brothers and their friends together having fun. "Wow that was so cool of you to kiss me like that and you arewelcome any time to do that again.”J.W grinned as he gave Tommy a hug anda squeeze on the cock. Everyone was happy and in a

A Flair for Trouble

luck since then, supposedly. He died a few years back when his private plane crashed didn’t he? They’re up north in the White Mountains somewhere… not a great place to be flying planes if you ask me. Since you’re asking me about them I assume they’ve filed for bankruptcy?’ ‘Yes, a Chapter 7, it looks like they want to close up shop for good.

Afflictions of Unruly Passion Ch. 01

That he appeared before her so distraught proved another failure. Dozens of eligible prospects, now! Violet was past frustrated, but had to keep singing the bloody opera. "Good heavens, Lord Benthill! Whatever can be the matter?" Lady Godwin fluttered to his side with a handkerchief and began dabbing his cheeks. The wan and slight prospect could

All Women are Bitches Ch. 17

of car they drive or anything of the sort. Deep down inside, they're all the same. Bastards will be bastards. And bitches will be bitches. The sad thing is that bitches think that they are entitled to special rights simply by being what they are. I don't know about you but that's not gonna fly with me. People get what they deserve. End of story.

Web Cam Sex

came, he came so hard I could see it shoot onto his keyboard. I rocked into a shivering orgasm. We laughed afterwards and blew each other kisses for the night, promising to connect again tomorrow night.The next night I was having a drink after work at the hotel bar when a man sat down beside me. I was anxious to get upstairs. I was excited

What do frustrated mature women do?

awful number 40, then you realise another year has gone, but amazingly, a whole year where you have never felt a cock. 22 years of tugging, pulling, biting, streching, squeezing, sliding, kneading and applying vaccum sucks, with love and saliva, have come to an end, that Christmas. When I say I am dry I dont mean ‘On the Wagon’ or vaginaly dry,

What he doesnt know

to wonder if it’s on purpose or just piss poor time management. Oh well, you’re getting used to it, truth be known, it doesn’t even bother you that he’s not home, again. You used to pay attention to what was going on with his work. Then the interest started fading away, until one day, who knows when, either he stopped telling you what was going

It's All About The Roses

to the bedpost. Whimpering she wiggles for Him, trying to feel comfortable even with all the bindings placed upon her. "Just relax my pet. Take what you can, for Me my pet." She nodded although she felt the first set of tears start to spill over her flushed cheeks.His hand smacked hard upon her ass, causing her to rock forward. Again and again he


to the theatre. I’ve been in the theatre a few times to see plays and it’s one of those typical black box type deals. I walk up the stairs to the balcony, my favorite place, and there’s this girl, sitting in my favorite chair. I know her, vaguely, in the back of my mind, it nags me. She’s about 5’7′, shoulder-length brown hair, full lips, and

Happy Birthday! I Think?

hard rub on my asshole, then I felt that hard object enter my asshole. It was huge and painful. I felt it go back and forth, gradually moving faster and faster. "How does it feel to have your ass violated by a woman?" Ellie asked. I tried to respond but the gag was so big, all that came out was what seemed like random noise. She continued

Mistaken Identity – Part One

making Jake smile. Even at the end of a grueling day, his edgy black stallion was literally chomping at the bit to go. Jake slapped his neck affectionately, thinking that he’d miss his horse while Midnight was put to stud next season. He’d spent a mint on a little black Andalusian filly with seriously impressive bloodlines. A purist would murder

Captive Hacker

so I am standing naked in front of her, but she is still frowning a little."I don't think you quite understand your position here 1337." She tells me. "When I give an order you immediately and totally obey. Is that clear?" I nod dumbly thinking this is more like a military sergeant major than a Mistress. "OK then," she says, now bend down and

The Penis Problem - Pt. 02

before slipping the tip of my forefinger into his anus.“That’s good, Alex. Now rest your arms against the cubicle wall and get those legs spread wider so I can get to work on your cock and balls.”As he complied with my request, I snaked an arm around his waist and leaned over him and held him firmly with my hand flat against his stomach. With my

Scenes from a mall

around happily, entranced by the sights and sounds around them. I saw them through the video feed, but even without that, I knew what they were feeling, I could feel it like a warm breeze slowly pushing at me. It was intoxicating, I could feel their stimulation, their desire, their greed for the sights around them.I knew that they were feeling

At The Laundromat

right hand a big drop of precum formed at the opening. Steve was going to love this! I looked into his eyes and slowly dragged my tongue across the top of his cock, drawing the pre-cum into a string from his penis to my lips.I felt him tense and heard him suck in his breath, so I quickly pushed my mouth back down his cock as far as I could go and

X-Rated Romp Through Life

a woman?’ Betty said as she sat on my cock. I was surprised by what she said, but not surprised enough to stop what was happening. If anything, it made the experience even sexier. Imagine, an older woman showing me what sex was all about, and the older woman was Betty whose body was beyond sexy, It was the perfect place to practice the most

The Real Estate Connection Ch. 06

on my man here you hear me? If you get him upset I’m gonna be plenty pissed.’ She kissed me softly and left with KJ and Hemi following close behind. As the door closed behind them Chief Wallace pulled a chair over to the bed and sat. Wordlessly he stared at me. If this tactic was designed to intimidate me it wasn’t working, I stared back with

A Second First Time

the apprehension in your face, but your own erect cock betrays your true desires."I know this is scary, but you can do this. Just trust me, it will feel amazing. Any time you want to stop, just say so. Tonight, it is all about you." I say, to calm your nerves.In truth, I'm so tantalisingly close to taking your anal virginity that I'll say

Her Game Was Passion Ch. 02

I’d stuck a knife in him. ‘Well, think about it,’ I said. ‘Stiff fingers?’ ‘No, they’re okay. Maybe I was just pressing.’ ‘Hell, you’ve caught that flare too many times to press.’ He shook his head and I saw his wife glance at him and then quickly look away. ‘Forget it,’ I said. I looked at my watch. ‘I better get going. Have to check out and

Fantasy Vacation Chapter 12

finger in all the way up his wife's virgin ass to the third knuckle than he heard Don ask Terri again. "Are you ready for another one?" He asked while his finger slowly opened up her tight asshole.   When Terri nodded her head again in agreement, Don slowly inserted a second finger inside her, stretching her virgin asshole even

Wife's First Swap (MMFF)

me leaving me on the brink.My pussy was hungry. It wanted something in it and I wanted to cum BAD. However we sat around talking about what had happened. I sat with an itch that need scratching.The opinion was I may be fast to cum but L. was faster.I joined in the conversation but my pussy was aching to get off. I had been left on the edge and my

Doctor's Orders

unbuttoning her blouse. The examination was certainly not over yet.Doctor Rose kept her eyes fixed on Mary's naked body as she casually began to remove her own clothes. She watched with growing satisfaction as she noticed how aroused her "treatment" had made Mary. There was no question that she was now ready for her last act of therapy.Now

Neon light

of my building orgasm threatening to burst. I moaned and keened, grasping her lustrous hair in my hands as she slowly sunk to her knees, kissing me all over my stomach, biting lines down to the top of my skirt, pausing only to nudge it down. Frantic now, she removed my skirt over my hips and pushed it down to my ankles, leaving me in thigh high

Little Sister's Dilemma - Part II

besides, where I really want to be is with you . . . or was the sex yesterday just a one-shot deal?” Joanne growled.“No, it wasn’t a one-shot thing!” I proclaimed. “I told you yesterday, I love you. If you want, I’ll tell you again today, and tomorrow, and the next day, too. I thought you already knew that, Sis.” Again, Joanne surveyed the

The Devil's Pact, Cult of the Ghost Chapter 3: Winter

sounds like a positive reaction to me,” laughed Nevada.“Super positive,” I moaned, crashing back into the seat. “Keep stroking me. Oh, fuck! I need it! Give it to me!”My body quivered, the pleasure billowing through me. I arched my back, Nevada's mouth engulfing my right nipple. Her tongue swirled, adding more sensations to the growing swell of

Two way stret PT.2

my dream…I mean your ok looking I guess.She tried to play it cool and hide the fact that she was over excited. He walked over to her and without a word planted a kiss on her. This usually would’ve startled her but something she hadn’t accounted for took control. She then remembered she was wearing her new high heels and just the thought alone

The truck stop slave

as the D.O.T goes, every one would have went to jail that night if the D.O.T would have seen what went on. However, the truck stop owner and the company both worked together to set this up. The drivers found out that i am submissive, but that my MASTER has just died in a traffic accident, and i was depressed because of the death, and did not have

Her Fantasy Comes True

grabbing her left nipple and pulling up, and reached back with the other, rubbing her clit with his thumb and pushing the vibrator deeper with his fingers. She gasped, and had the momentary thought that her lover was even kinkier than she had thought. His hands found her breasts, and he squeezed them, bringing the nipples to attention, then bent

California – The Introduction

her breasts, her legs, her pussy made my cock jump again. The motion startled me, I couldnt believe the thoughts I was having, I couldnt believe what was happening. And that thought made me look around to find my wife and Todd as my mind tried to get a handle on what exactly was happening. Stacy was still pressed against Todd, but theyd moved to

The daughter of the boss

long ago, my life took a different, better, direction.This Friday I woke up as usual. I sipped my espresso on my balcony while watching the sunrise. After a fast shower I shaved and — fresh and clean with an odor of a cheap after shave I got on sale at a super market — headed to work.On the way to work I had the same excitement I had when I first

Mary Irene McDonaldson

trouble draining the blood from the body, what came out was almost as thick as jelly. As they were transporting the casket to the church for the service they had to pull over because there was a loud thumping from the back of the hearse. After making sure that all was well they found they had a flat tire. As they tried to unload her at the church

Naughty Drive Home

with lust and booze, all I could think about was my orgasm I was desperate for and my need for his dick to be in me. "Pull over on the next exit and fuck me on the side of the road," I pleaded. "...oh how I would, but you forget it's could out."I sat up and put my naked breasts against the passenger window. "See, I like the cold.""...oh really?"

The Twelve Lays of Christmas Ch. 03

heard, it wasn’t hard to tell she was extremely upset. ‘Who?’ Thomas wanted to know. ‘Irina’ Cherie replied. ‘My roommate and the owner of the cabin’ She grinned a kind of lop-sided grin at Thomas. ‘Something’s pissed her off.’ ‘Yep.’ Irina turned, looked at her girlfriend and ran into her arms, sobbing wildly. She carried on, Cherie’s arms

Add Another One to the list

Then his cock plunges to its limit and twitches then spurts of hot cum splash deep, one, two, three, four, this guy's balls had stored so much cum for this opportunity. My needs satisfied I pull away from him and see that his young meat is still hard and wonder if he has another source of my pleasure in him, but then I know I have to get back

Ingrid Ch. 05

lesson, Captain.’ She was noticeably brighter again, the disappointment of his Thursday absence now passing. ‘Just one other thing, Ingrid. I’ll call you at eight o’clock tomorrow, just as we have all this week. I’m sure my Japanese friends can manage without me for a few minutes. I won’t be able to spend much time, but at least I’ll hear your

Modified Mother taught lesson Part I

myself.  I know, my indulgences were very expensive.  I kept over spending, and Marcus, who is very responsible, would get upset when I would call and ask for more money. That morning, I learned of a fashion show in Paris that I simply had to attend.  I had already spent my allowance, and called Marcus, begging him that I had to go to that show! 

Beneath the Pine

loud gasps escaping her lips. Then she feels her skirt lifted, her panties pulled aside, and a vibrator slowly inserted into her body, its small stimulator sliding snugly over her clitoris. her panties are put back in position to hold the vibrator in place, then the toy is activated. As the heat in the captive's chest subsides, a new heat spreads

Who Knew What The River Would Bring: The Finale

was turned to one side and I could see my man still standing in the river. He had stopped fishing and was just watching the erotic rub down of girl on girl. “You have such soft skin. I could just keep gliding my hands over your body all day. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to put some sunscreen on your cute little ass cheeks.” Before I could

At Peak Lodge

And then she said: ‘Oh, no. I see what you mean.’ ‘Well, given that it is just you and me,’ I said, ‘why don’t you take me to the kitchen and we’ll see what we can rustle up? I assume that you probably need something to eat too. And I’m sure that we can manage something between us. By the way, I’m Tom.’ ‘Noelle,’ she said. ‘OK, Noelle. Lead the

Kid Sitter Weekend Surprise

were already there fixing TV dinners. I did not have to do anything for the boys, just be there for them. Troy said, "Tara you are really a hot babe now!" Devine, who is never at a loss for words, spoke up and said, "Yea you look like some of the girls in dads DVD!" Troy slapped Devine on the ass and they both laughed. I knew then the boys

Sara’s Journey Ch. 07

in the hot tub for a few minutes. Once we were settled into the hot water, Rebecca turned on the jets and bubbles then settled into the turbulent water beside me. ‘John, as you probably know, is the fourth generation of publishers of his family,’ she said. ‘He has been diagnosed with a slow progressing terminal cancer and has no heirs to pass his

A Slave's Life Ch. 01

before you to offer it. You lovingly stroke my head and tell me to continue. I quietly go about preparing the meal, cleaning up as I go. From time to time you rise and caress my body. You talk of the day and ask questions as I cook. Again, i kneel before you offer your meal. I feel you pinch my nipples, it thrills me that you like to see how

Eight Part 4

and I want to get to know you a lot better. If you’re still interested in the morning call me.”She stood on her tip-toes, kissed my cheek and got into her car.I stood on the footpath feeling a bit lost and looked at her card.Jane Swanston0488 246 006.Nothing else.To say I was curious would be the understatement of the year.46The very next morning

Sister-in-law better than my wife

answer, Joan asked me if Jennie and I were having sex. I told her no.  Joan then asked me if I wanted to have sex with Jennie.  I hesitated at first and then told her that I did, but Jennie said it would be a sin if we did and she would have to go to confession. She asked me if I had a condom, should the occassion arise were we did have sex. I

My Journey Into Serenity - Chapter 1/3

to an end. "You can count on it, sweeth---" My head jerked towards the loud slam of my little sister coming in through the front door. I looked at the stove's time and noticed it was 11PM! I know.., she was out with her punk, goth, emo or whatever the fuck kind of bad influential friends she has recently gotten into hanging out with. "---heart. I

Big Black Boss and Danielle the secretary

to taste the salty juice that she felt on her fingers the door creaked and we knew that Kaley was up and the window was gone. Frustrated I quickly showered and left for work. In the lift I rested against the back mirrored wall, waiting to reach my 21st floor office. On the second floor the doors opened and Danielle strutted in. As I saw the knee

Flying High Part 2

I could hear moans coming from somewhere but I was in such a sexual frenzy I wasn't sure if it was me or him. "OOOOHHHHHH Fuck, AAAhHHHHHHH, AAAHHHHHHH." "Spank me Baby, Spank me, I need to be spanked I've been a bad girl. I shouldn't be here with you and I need to be spanked." I could feel Bruce reach over to my ass and spank me. God,

Awakening of Alexis – part 2

gently rub her jeans between her legs. She didn’t mind, didn’t resist, and would even part her legs to enjoy the stroking while responding or asking the occasional question. Or shemight reciprocate while gazing at me with eyes showing sexual arousal. That too, was very exciting, and it usually culminated in us going upstairs to the bedroom…

The Wedding Reception

on her womanhood. As my tongue blasted her clit, Tara's hips rose off the bed and she uttered "Fuck, yes!" I couldn't stop lapping up her pussy juices and having my tongue entering her slit. After about five or ten minutes of eating her out, Tara came up with a plan. "Let's sixty-nine for a while and then you can try and drill my brains

My Life With Cassie Part 1 REVISED

More specifically, she was looking at my crotch! I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there frozen. Finally she broke the silence first by saying “Uh.. S-sorry..!” and running off down the hall. I instantly put on my clothes, went back to Tommy’s room and went to sleep, traumatized by what happened. The next morning I woke up early as

Truth Or Dare (The Family Reunion) Chapter One

she asked.Jamie moved his hand and said, “I guess so if you want to."She touched the tip with her index finger, dragging the flowing precum down his shaft. Jamie’s heart raced as his sister wrapped her fingers around his shaft. She was stroking him slowly, her fingers feeling his hardness. She felt his heart beating in his cock. Licking her lips,

Fallen Angel Part Two (Lovers)

She throws her head back with a snap. Keeping her orgasm at bay. Her hips become still. She has one final question before she will allow herself to cum. "Is there anything so frightful to you that could keep me from your arms?"  Her words struggle to come out, she is ready to cum on my cock. "There is but one thing only. I dare not dwell on it

Hard-Won Attraction Ch. 02

Cadee noticed were a deep blue that twinkled when the light hit them just right. The teeth beneath his smile were, while not perfectly white, nice and even, a relic of either good genetics or time spent in braces, one of the few expensive personal vanities that Cadee approved of. The short dark hair that framed his face was ruffled and a little

An Older Gentlemen Turned My Wife Into A Slut

love to each other while he watched. I started to think about how excited it would be to make love to my wife in front of another guy so I decided to inquire more info from him.He said all he wanted was to watched us make love while he watched. My wife is in her mid forties and we had been married for 20 years. I thought as long as he just

Hungover Mom

My finger slid in, not far, but the tip of my finger had spread my mom’s pussy lips. There was an audible moan from mom when this happened. I knew I was going to be busted, but I was so horny I didn’t care any more. I pressed harder and ever so slowly my finger found its way further along her pussy slit until my entire hand was underneath her

Learning Experience

and not be constrained by even the thin top she was wearing. When the Prof looked back at Meg he looked at her over the top of his half glasses. Before he had a chance to utter a word Meg smiled, and while lifting her empty glass toward him, asked him if he was ready for another drink. Now the Prof was off balance. Was he sure he had her figured

Toman of the Cherokee 16

chambers. Toman had finally healed a day before had also raised Naci's power somewhat more. Toman looked at the amount of guards nodding to Naci. They separated going to opposite ends of the building.Toman stepped out as the two that he had targeted were walking out of the building. Shouting Toman watched as the guards flew into action. Smiling

An Accidental Love God Ch. 08

the tops of her stockings and a lacy garter belt. Gwen had not stopped dancing and was gyrating like a stripper, bending over and wiggling her ass at Jeff. ‘Let’s do some shots to celebrate.’ I suggested. Everyone did a shot of tequila. ‘I have an idea.’ Jana announced and stretched out on the couch. ‘Pour some of that tequila in my belly

Clueless Pt. 01

to admit though, he had been wanting to talk to Kaylie about stuff like this ever since they had started dating. It was no secret that he liked control, but no one knew the kinds of things that he wanted to do to Kaylie. "Wyatt! Are you okay?" Kaylie asked from outside the bathroom door."I'm fine!" More than fine, actually. He had just discovered

Shoplifting Punishment

he had done the week before. “Ever been handcuffed?” he asked. I explained the incident when I was in college. “Look what I have,” he said as he pulled out a pair of handcuffs from between the pillows of the sofa.” I felt myself blush. “This man wants to handcuff me for real”, I thought to myself. “I will be the cop and you will be the shoplifter

Mr. Officer

but in the end, they never win.Well, let me tell you about today. As I start off my day like any other, I wake up in the morning and get dressed in my uniform. I’m looking sharp, and just hoping for a good day.I usually work the day shift, from five o’clock in the morning until five o’clock in the evening. While out on patrol, it’s just another

Summer School Part 9

and at each other and ran back into the water. Once they were deep enough, they stood beside each other and stared towards where the sound emanated from. The girls had gotten a good look and now knew that it was Daryl and his friend Brett. To Kim’s delight, she saw her first naked boy and she was enthralled. Two mature penis’ on display, and

It's a dogs world.

licking her pussy furiously. She tried to get him to stop but he was just to big and strong and the attention he was giving her cunt brought her to a climax which he cleaned up her juices with enthusiasm. Alyssa rolled over on her belly and tried to crawl up the bed to get away and only succeeded in allowing Bear to mount and fuck her. She lay on

Black Master for Black Feminist

discovers that they don't like it? So many questions and not enough answers.Reginald Xavier respects a person's right to do with their body what they want, but he could definitely see an agenda at work on the Carleton University campus. Instead of letting young people find their own path, certain powers were pushing an agenda on them. When

Spanked by my Babysitter

jerked me off with the other hand. She stroked me harder and faster with her oiled up hand. I was so close to orgasm. I said to her, "I'm gonna cum." Lori pumped me harder and faster, then she opened up her mouth and just took it all in. She deep throated me and swallowed me. She sucked me like a lollipop until It was all over her cheek and chin.

Lazy, Sexy Night

chuckle, and I used my hands and mouth to unbutton and unzip his pants. I felt him tense, and rubbed his thighs again. "Relax..." He sat back again and let me take his pants off, sliding them off him slowly until he was sitting in the chair, pale skin glowing softly in the light of the street lamps. "Jesus, you're gorgeous." I ran my hands slowly

Preconceptions Ch. 03

imagined before. ‘It’s all worked out for the best,’ he smiled, kissing his wife’s beaming face. ‘Was mom in on it too?’ Barby giggled and Jisel shook her head. ‘No, that was an unexpected surprise for us,’ she chuckled naughtily. Jisel didn’t understand the reference and had a puzzled expression on her face. She looked at her sister-in-law and

My First Time With My Little Bambi

anymore. I stood up and walked to my computer and turned the music off. I hope I wasnt so loud that Gammy heard me. If she did, it wouldnt matter that much anyways. Whats done is done. The worst she could have done was take away my stuffed animals, but I fulfilled my dreams already. I calmed down after about three minutes or so. My breathing had

My Senior Year with Ruth

me. That sent him over the edge. He sullied Donna with pulse after pulse of his god cream. She loved it and came with a stifled moaning into the bedsheet.I never imagined I’d feel this way with Beau or with any man other than Joshua. If Joshua and I hadn’t made this plan to have sex with other people, I’d never have known the sexual intensity

He was looking for job

a couple of Hispanic men hanging around the parking lot, Iknow that they’re waiting for somebody to stop by and offer them some kind oflabor job, anyways, I went into the gas station’s store to buy something todrink, I’m coming out of it and this guy was coming up to me and asked me if Ihad any kind of job for him to do, that he’d do plumbing,

Her, Him Me…Part Three

my cigarettes and a lighter. As I lit up he rolled over and in his deep, husky voice whispered ‘Morning beautiful’… I think he noticed my face light up as I tried to hide my grin behind the cigarette. He still had a thin sheet draped over his legs held up by his erection. At first I thought he didn’t think I noticed but it soon became apparent

The Night She Seduced My Wife

I don’t know. Can we try something else first?” Katie says, once again a bit nervous. “Sure honey, we’ll do it when you’re comfortable. I know just the thing. Get up on all fours!” Lisa commands. As Katie gets into position we catch each other’s eyes. She looks stunning and she is still as randy as all get out. You can tell she wants to just go

The wizard and his dragon

and bring a smile to his face. Little to his knowing, she was also watching his dragon soar through the afternoon sky, she marveled at the sleekness of the creature and its flight, and pondered about the home of it. This took her deeper into the wood, after coming into the clearing, gazed upon the castle and all its beauty. The crystal ball


direction, and was now naked apart from the socks and shoes.‘Christ – I never expected that!’ she gasped; ‘that was amazing – kiddo, you’re a natural, there’s no doubt about it!’ She grinned at me ferociously, and I blushed but felt exultant at her accolade. Then she took my shoulders in her hands, and scrutinised my face again, affectionately

Home alone with Alyssa, part 1

water made entering his virgin step sister easy. She's the first virgin, he's ever been with. He wasn't quite sure what to expect. As he pushed in she let out a soft squeal. He pushed in deeper, the moister from the shower made her first sexual experience easier. Her body trembled, he whispered "You ok Babe?" she replied meekly. "Yes, I'm ok. I

A Fool Stumbles Into Love

nags except to go out and when its time to eat.’ Warren gave Maggie a scratch, ‘You’re hopeless buddy. Isn’t there any way I can get you meet a girl.’ Cal who was working on his lawnmower, answered, ‘I’d be interested if I could find a girl who wouldn’t end up being a warden.’ He tightened a bolt on the belt that held the lawnmower blades in

It’s All About Faith Pt. 09

until I ask.’ He dropped her off where the trail joined the cul de sac near the townhouses, and she made her way back to Wendy and Rae. ‘Well how did the tractor ride go,’ Rae asked almost laughing. ‘I’ll just say that if he asks either of you, I’d suggest you accept. Just make sure you are bare assed when you do.’ With that she grabbed her heels

Amazon-dot-cum Ch. 03

bitch and I hated her, but at the same time I lusted for her. I wanted to rip the belt off and throw her to the floor. I wanted her to do for me, what she made me do for her.But instead, I fucked her pussy with my fingers, while making sure to breathe on her pussy. Telling her about what I did in the bathroom. Even telling her where I put the

Stewardess Cindy (& Sindy) Ch 8: a Frankel Humour story

him a blowjob all day if that was what it took. Mr Saunders finally took his arms from behind Cindy's back and put both hands on the back of Sindy's head. Sindy felt his fingers grip her hair and he took control of her head. He made her suck his penis deep into her throat, then pull back up and then go down again. He didn't seem to be able to

Single in New York

the time remaining, the girls and I did shopping and sightseeing. Our last night there we went to a few casinos and played the slots and won a few dollars. My thoughts were of Rich and the fact that I wanted to see him again. Before we knew it, our vacation was over and we were all on a plane back to New York. We landed at Kennedy, picked up

Slave girl punished

his cum and her blood. He walked over to Bertha. "Suck my cock clean." Bertha knew better that to refuse. She had been fucked and beaten by Massa James' father when she was young and pretty and he was the master. She saw the cum and her daughter's virgin blood on the cock as it entered her mouth. "Now get down there and lick your daughter clean."

The sexual Adventures of Spidey.

cock thrusting over her tongue and squirting his load into her mouth.Mary Jane had no choice but to swallow. She gulped rapidly as Peter's huge load of cum filled her mouth, hours of pent up seed shooting from his cock. She moaned in pleasure as her mouth was filled by the sticky, hot liquid, keeping her head firmly on his spewing dick to make

Cassy's Game Ch. 4

Mistress to say, "once we get the wig on, everything will fall right in place".She was right of course, with the wig snugly on my bald head the effect was much better. I wouldn't pass as a woman but the illusion was much better than my previous hairless debut. I calmly waited as my wife applied the fake nails and sat blowing on them until the

The Geography Field Trip – Part One

in the class. The class was senior geography, and the five students were the only seventeen year olds in the school that were dedicated to the subject. The small group of students piled onto the minibus and Ms. McCarthy got into the driver’s seat. Ian’s classmates Adam, Chloe and Rachel dashed to the three seats at the back. Ian tutted at them

‘JLo’s’ Ass Again

them with the wash cloth and, when I was through with the smooth part, I hung the cloth on a safety bar. The more important parts of her ass still needed to be washed and, while she continued to hold her cheeks apart, I reached between them and used my fingertips to lave her velvety brown rosebud and the tan puckered area that surrounded it. She

My downward spiral to a becoming a slut Part 5 – pulling a train.

made me see she was much nicer then I had ever thought. I think my sister was also stunned at the company in the room and she seemed a little flirtatious toward Scott and Mike and Lisa looked a bit protective of Mike and made a point to hold his hand when she could. I did my best to ignore it and not be jealous of it and focused on having fun

Like a Whore

previously, I would have opted not to take on the unenviable position of being the designated driver. The idea of a bar full of intoxicated, scantily clad women seemed like something that I might want to have fun with. Nevertheless, I had promised my friends I would drive and so I resigned myself to a night of drinking water and watching everyone

Life Goes On - Me and My Sister - Part Three

both of us were in college and lived in a big house, just for us, as our parents were living abroad.Having a big house implied many different places that we could use in our exploratory missions. Like, this other day, I went downstairs to make some coffee in the kitchen, and the first thing I saw was my sister pouring some milk into a bowl with

BBW Anal Sex Training Camp

whorehouse. It's a training facility. You know how lots of rich men with too much power in their hands like to go to dominatrix establishments? Well, women with too much power in their hands who want to experience what it's like not to be in control for a while come to me. These women are fully aware of their bitchiness and want to be cured of

Professor Gets His Way

If he would only replace the paddle with his hand, or finger, she would cum violently.Without warning, he erupted. Hot, molten cum gushed into her mouth. She relished the salty, creamy texture and began to swallow. He pulled back slightly resting his cock just inside her lips, spraying her tongue with his cum. She sucked hard, trying to catch all

Phase IV of the Autobiography

looked up at me, then back to Lynn.“You are going to love how he finishes you off”, Lynn said with a knowing smile.“I…I..I just don’t know if this is right” Keri said as she took her refilled glass.“Hell yeah it is right and I dare you to say it wasn’t after your done”. Lynn proclaimed as she put her hand on my back pushing me towards my

Adult Arcade Stopover

was traveling up the interstate to northern KY one morning a little while back for a conference, and a couple of exits before leaving Tennessee into Kentucky, I stopped at an adult superstore. Being so far away from home, I felt reasonably safe that I would not run into someone I knew. Nevertheless, I was still very nervous. A large billboard

Special Delivery

this in the kitchen." "Take your time. Air conditioning is good." I heard her smartphone beeping after she stepped in and closed the door, but I ignored her conversation as I opened the package. When the wrapping was off, I opened the box. For several seconds, all I could do was stare. Inside the box was an assortment of oils, lubricants, and

The Hitchikers

she wanted fucked. Well, fucked she will get. Karen again began to respond to my hand on her pussy. I sucked hard on her nipples as I spread her pussy lips and worked a finger into her virgin hole. She slowly began to spread her legs wider to give me better access. It wasn’t long before I had a finger partially in her. It was soon joined by a

Girl Gets Her Man

in here. You’re with the college, right?’ The man nodded. The mc laughed and said, ‘A music major, right?’ He shook his head and leaned into the mic on the piano to say, ‘Biochemistry.’ ‘Well, that’s some bullshit if I ever heard it,’ was the response of the mc. ‘You’re wasting your time with the test tubes. Come back and use the piano anytime.’

Peeping Tom: Part 1

slip down and give me a view of her body, but that didnt stop me from jacking off beneath her window. I was starting to get a little frustrated though. I was masturbating every day, sometimes more than once and yet this girl seemed to be able to go weeks without doing it. But, I kept watching, hoping that one day I would see her again. Then,


I'd show you I was legit," she said.And then her bra came off. I sat there, feeling my dick get hard. Staring at this girl's boobs. And all I could think was how badly I wanted to put my mouth on those nipples. Suck on them. Play with them. Touch them.And then she stood up.And without warning, unbuttoned her shirts, and pulled them down.I sat

My Hotwife Lana.... Chapter Two

living room where she sat on the middle of the couch and Dennis and I sat on either side of her and passed the tequila around again. We talked a while, mostly about how sexy Lana is and the sexual tension was palpable and all three of us were getting pretty loaded on the tequila. Dennis had his hand on Lana’s leg and I noticed it inching to her

Witch Tales

really turned on. Instead she raked her fingernails across his chest, suddenly and violently, like an animal tearing into its prey. What the fuck?Before he could even react, she did it again the other way, slashing a bloody X across his heart. He screamed, and then he recognized the look in her eyes: killer instinct. She went for his throat next,

The Hairdresser (Lynette)

was all so easy and comfortable. Her husband never came near us when I was in the kitchen and the most I ever saw of him was when he opened the door or when he called goodbye on my exit. That part of the visits never bothered me. That particular evening I parked on the street in front of Lynette’s house as usual but as I approached the door I

Mum wanted to know all about my time with Aunty Sue

her instead? Did mum play with herself listening in? And what about her letting my dad go and fuck her? I went into my bedroom to get some clean boxers and a change of T shirt. I was luckier than most of my mates as, being an only child, I had a large bedroom complete with double-bed, mirrored wardrobes, my own plasma TV and a Playstation, and

Fuck Me Please

as she lands on the sofa face down. She tries to wiggle free of her pants but He is too quick, He is on top of her, pinning her to the couch with her hands trapped beneath her stomach.His mouth finds her neck, biting a growl into her tender flesh, His free hand freeing His throbbing member from the confines of His pants, wanting her as badly as

Case Study 301: Now that's what I call a COCK~tail drss

the lockers really hard and tight. I couldn’t move at all. Dave smiled at me and grabbed my panties and pulled them down around my knees. Why do boys think that girls should just do whatever to boys tell them to do?” Kristen stood from the couch and pulled her skirt up above her hips and she hooked her thumbs on the sides of her thong and

Dream Scape

hospital. I was either struck or at least knocked down unconscious. A nurse came in as I was waking up. I remember seeing this beautiful pair of boobs rocking back and forth while she worked on me. She had the top couple of buttons undone and I just stared at the Y between her breasts. I don’t know why I did it, but I reached up and touched her

Massage for a friend

she has really well toned upper arms and torso. After doing Davina’s arms I start going from her neck down her chest, kneading her breasts and stopping now to work on her nipples, which are now standing up, erect. Davina is now breathing quite heavily as I lick around her small areola, going from right to left then back and on to her nipples,

I Was a Young Exhibitionist 2

now lapping its way over my small stiff clit swirling and flicking and driving me crazy while her slender thumb was making circles around the entrance of my young cunt. Her eyes looked up at me and they were smiling. As her mouth sucked the top half of my cunt into her mouth, her thumb slowly and steadily made twisted into my tight pussy. I was

Days Out Will Never Be The Same

could walk in and catch me standing in just my underwear, but I didn't care. David slowly kissed my neck, shoulders and lowered my bra straps, to admire my large breasts. My nipples stuck out under the material of my bra as he continued kissing and stroking my body. I moaned with pleasure as his touch felt so good. Moving one hand down towards my

The Lady and the Firefighter

got hard and he started playing with them on his own. She moved her hands back down to his manhood and began stroking and playing with him again. When she moved him from the shower to the living room, he knew the time would be soon. She laid him down on the rug and busied herself with setting a mood. He just laid there and admired the view. She

Alexandra and Paulie

it innocently over her hips and rested it on her warm pussy mound. Only the fabric of her underwear separated Paulies hand from her tight, virgin cunt. He needed it more than anything just then. He couldnt work up the nerve to do anything, though. He decided he would just try to fall asleep. Alexandra kept squirming around for the next several

Amy Emily and Me Part 5 Truth or Dare?

pushed my face towards Amy's asshole. I took the rest of it in my mouth and was licking her hole as clean as I could under the circumstances.Emily then pushed me backwards to the floor and pushed my cock in her shit filled mouth. I leaned on my elbows so I could see what she was doing. My cock was turning brown with her mouth going up and down.

Draught of Denial

would attend. Some were even aware of the fringes of kink, so she could share a knowing look with them when conversation edged towards the arousing. Most, though, were tamer. Like the man who was staring at her with something akin to horror, now their conversation was flirting with the idea of tease and denial.The canvases were erotic

A Cute Young Boy Part 2

and I go after him, locking it behind me. He leaps into my arms and kisses me. I hold him, and kiss back. I run my tongue across his lips, and he opens his mouth to let me in. We make out for about a minute, then he breaks it off and tells me to put him down, which I do. He starts rubbing my hard-on through my pants. What is it that you were

My SEXY Cousin


George, Isolde, etc Chapters X XI

the 3.4 and 3.8 liter Jaguar engines. Ignition is neat, though. It has two coils, and two sparkplugs per cylinder.” “Well, I don’t know anything about that, but I’m glad you are going to be able to get somewhere with it.” “So what did you tell Bob? And how did it go last night? Um – don’t give me any details, but did you come?” “George, Honey,

She Opens My Hole

pre-med student and registered nurse. She was funny- but never vulgar. And she loved to fuck. In the car. On the beach. While the neighbor’s daughter peered through my living room window. Another story that, but suffice it to say she sucked down my whole load while lovely young Melinda stroked her pussy behind her bedroom window. When we

Afternoon At The Adult Theater

her. As he got close enough, she reached out and started to stroke his dick. Dave’s cock was driving in and out of her, and her hand was sliding up and down the stranger's thick cock. She could hear the familiar sounds of orgasms in a couple different directions. Leah felt the stranger’s cock start to get even harder, and after just a few

Confidence Ch. 01

look wealthy. And, if these girls were so amazing then why were so many of them single? My mind flashed back to a picture of an incredibly hot chick with the caption, ‘No matter how good she looks now, somebody somewhere is sick and tired of putting up with her shit.’ I chuckled. Women. What the hell had I been thinking? I usually tried to dress

Game Over Ch. 02

her clit. The pressure of his hands against her most sensitive area, combined with the coldness of the metal made her twitch and jerk helplessly in her bonds. She cried out as best as she could from behind the gag and she could hear him laugh softly from somewhere near her leg. Because of the way she was tethered, she had to constantly readjust

Undead Cosmonaut

between her bottom wet, shimmering lip, and the head of its cock. It shoved its member back into her mouth violently humping her face. She could feel the furosity of the large cock being forced down her throat. She gagged a few times and made a near choking noise everytime it pumped into her mouth. She wasn't getting air with the creature going

Sharons Husband

oblige her and I hope all of you and her enjoy it. First let me tell you she is a wonderful person. I am lucky to have her as my wife. She has this smile that melts my heart, she is amazing in many ways. She loves to take care of her body, by exercising and eating right. She thinks of everyone before herself and does without so others can have.

Deep Secret Ch. 25 – Sentimental

last come. It was time. Simone’s hips, no — actually it felt like it was her vagina that was using some muscles to tighten and loosen its hold on my entombed cock. There was absolutely nothing to do but to have an orgasm. ‘Go for it,’ she whispered, knowing that I was about to come. ‘I’ll join you. I’ll get my nourishment later.’ As I said, there


I way back then, when I think about it now…. And I still think about it… Atlantic shore, NJ, the sea blue as turquoise and the glare of the sun off the sand bright enough to water my eyes even behind my aviator Ray-Bans… I was on summer vacation from Brown where I was studying law on a swim scholarship. My prowess as a swimmer and scuba-diver had

Film Noir

impatience. Incited by the film, you leave the chair and go to a locked draw. "Do not look, do not move," you order. You return with a box but do not open it. "Play with yourself, make yourself wet," goading me, knowing my reticence in such matters. "I want to see the liquid on your fingers, but do not cum," you order. I close my eyes, not


in my hands; her hands fumbling with my belt. A loose length of hair brushed out of the way. She had backed up to the bed and was pulling me down when another knock on my door sounded off.“Ignore it, let them think we are not here.”The knock repeated, harder.“I don’t think they are going to buy that.”Louder, more persistent.“Hold that thought” I


leg, and he was wearing shorts I lifted the hem of his pants and I could see the head of his dick. I pulled the pants back further and I could see the full thickness of it. It was growing right before my eyes. It had grown so much at least 7 inches of it was showing. I took my hand and put it on it and felt the warmth from it. I grasped it and


of it, that first mega-spurt backed out onto her lips and chin, but she continued to milk out every last drop, finally looking up at me, licking the cum from her lips, and saying, "That was the biggest and best tasting load of sperm I've ever had. Delicious!"We got our bathing suits back on and planned to go back to our respective rooms, but my

Dahlia's BDSM Adventures

gets me hotter than submitting. I like to be dominated."She held her breath, waiting for his response, but all she could see was "..." She knew he was writing, and writing quite a bit, or else writing, erasing, and rewriting, by the looks of it. Respond already! She screamed in her head. What if she'd read the situation all wrong? What if he

In the Stacks

with that look, your arms crossed, your eyes piercing a hole through me. "I want you naked. Now." I remove my sweater, reach behind to unclasp my purple satin bra, unleashing my pale, soft breasts with their upturned, dark pink nipples. I never tire of the way your eyes widen when I reveal myself to you like this. An appreciative moan escapes

Humiliated - Part 1

can be clearly seen behind us. “Still think I won’t? I press send and I’m sure he will believe me.” Trembling with both fear and excitement, I reach out to part Nikki’s legs. As I do, Nikki lets out a soft gasp and a shiver of pleasure runs through her. Her legs are so soft and smooth and warm under my hands that I can’t help running my hands

Fantasies do come true

hard yet, from my nervousness. I didn't knew what to do, so my mother-in-law commanded "Bend over. We'll all take turns feeling up your prostate." All the girls took out from their back a tube of lube and began lubing their fingers.Ruth was the first to insert her index finger up my rectum. My cock grew hard immediately, as her daughter had never

Sara I, A Story of Sibling Love

much stuck to our agreement, although there have been a few close calls. We started sleeping together about a month and a half ago, I find that I can't sleep without Sara being in my arms as I go to sleep. We have to be extremely careful though, as our mom is an early riser, except on Saturdays. We set our alarm to wake us a couple hours earlier

Harsh Punishment

to view, I knew them well, it was my master's boots, I had licked and kissed them several times, in the last 6 months.He reached down and grabbed my leash and with one hard pull he got me on my feet. He was looking straight into my eyes, not with his normal kind eyes, but with eyes that were filled with hate, I got very scared."So you thought you

She Got it Hot in Their Holiday Hotel Room

were already erect and hard as little rocks. Her masseur’s warm, firm hands were just below the swell of her breasts. His fingers had already lightly brushed her nipples. She was wet with anticipation. She was naked and her legs were wide apart. She was in their room at the island resort she and Ambrose had chosen for a four-day break. To be

Flying high

couldn’t believe I had fallen for a guy just by talking for a few months on the phone. It had been every night for three or four hours for those few months, but still it wasn’t like me to fall for someone so easy. I had been with James for 8 months and not felt this way about him and even to this day I haven’t fallen for someone as quickly as

Second Chances Ch. 13

Please, I’m begging you. Liam is going to catch us. You have to stop, please.’ Brian ignored her and kept lapping the butter off her behind. He savored every inch of her delectable bottom, laving her with firm strokes of his tongue. ‘Brian, please,’ she sobbed. ‘Please stop.’ ‘I’ll make you a deal,’ Brian murmured, still licking her bottom. ‘If

Bathroom Break

face and hands on display, this was what I wanted.She looked so beautiful laying there with her eyes closed. I crawled to the opposite wall, pulled my knees to my chest and watched her. The bubbles in the water had already begun to thin leaving that thin white covering that allows you to see and not see. Damn even the bubbles were teasing me.Then

a special present

My cock was straining at the zipper as I removed the panties and opened them up revealing the gusset. I exhaled as I raised them to my face and buried my nose in the crotch and inhaled slowly.  At last...there she was! These were the panties she wore on her trip home. The panties that contained her sweet bottom on her 5000 mile journey. The same

My second date with Daniel

I just continued to fuck his cock. O.M.F.G it was so wet down there, It felt so fucking amazing, I could feel Daniel squirming under me, " michelle I'm cumming again" he started to tense up again and I continued to fuck him hard and fast then he started thrusting into me and I ground my pussy onto his cock, suddenly he went totally rigid, it was

I am a pervert

husband's brother into bed with her at about the same point where I got Rick into bed with me, and another man and his sixteen-year-old daughter consoled each other with sex before the undertaker had even picked up their wife's and mother's body from the bedroom where she'd died in the same house. So, maybe I'm not as weird as I

Suzee gets a new Master part 2

to us on the beach the couple that had been watching us.” “I looked up to my Master, deep into my eyes, and told him that with his kind permission, I would gladly service the couple on the beach.” “Very good. Now, take off your clothes and walk over to them and invite them to enjoy your body.” “Yes, Master.” Suzee stood up and walked over to the

I want Her so Badly Part 1

that cute ass swaying. It kills me knowing I can’t have her. We are friends, plus I have a boyfriend. But most of all, I’m a girl. But nights like these, when I’m spending the night and we are alone in the house, and all I can think about is how Sam isn’t wearing any underwear or bra under those short shorts and thin tank top, I can’t stop

Futa Naked In School 08 - Naughty Futa Bake Sale 2: Leann's Sells Futa Pies

her strawberry-blonde hair sticking to her cheeks. “Someone bought the really expensive creampie,” purred Ji-Min. “The one you make with your mother. A $100.”My eyes bulged. I glanced over at my mother. She pulled her fingers out of her twat and sauntered to me. There's this look of wild hunger in her eyes. I swallowed. I'd never seen the like.

Jane (Collared and Chained)

after I first captured her when I picked her up at the nightclub in what she thought was a Minicab that she ordered, the wide collar attached to a long rusty iron chain which was in turn attached to a metal ring which I had securely concreted into the floor."And I have the key." I added, and I reached in my pocket and fished it out, it took a


of the room. You get out of the bed and walk to the door trying the handle but the door is locked. You start feeling scared standing there alone. You walk to the window and look out across a well-trimmed lawn. There are flowers around the base of a tree in the middle and hedges across the front. Then you hear a noise coming from the door. You

Family Guy Porn

against his hands before he slid them down and pinched each of her nipples causing her to groan in pleasure through her gag. He raised the nipple clamps up to her body and set them to minimal pressure and positioned them under their respective nipples. He then pushed them up so the nose of the clamps touched her soft breasts and released them.

Secrets of an Officer's Daughter part 12

began squishing her thighs together and biting her lower lip Maria became resolved that she wanted to take her son right there. Sliding the shower door open Cody was shocked to see his mother standing in front of him. The first thing he noticed was her hungry eyes and aching hands as she grabbed his washrag from him, “Mom what are you doing?

Frozen Stiff

issue was only about him, but he would be stubborn if it affected other people. I usually loved this personality trait in him. Today however, it was going to be a total pain in my ass. I know Alex, but it wont do anyone any good if we all get stranded or worse… killed in this weather. Besides if we cant make it in the Jeep, neither will your

A Problem With The Neighbours

hissed quietly, "what other torments have you got planned for me?"" Wait and see, sexy sub," I whispered, "by the time I have finished, George will give anything to get inside your sexy slit."Alison served the food, again looking to me for permission to sit and eat. She was sat opposite me, and my foot stroked her stocking-clad leg during the

A Hole New World

apart to allow him easier access, while he applied more lube into me and on his cock. Placing himself at the entrance, he looked at me for permission. I quickly nodded, letting him ease himself into me. Taking just the tip hurt so bad, I had him stop for a minute so I could adjust, and he massaged my clit while we waited. Eventually, I opened up


a tiny pocket rocket finds that mark more often, and just a few seconds of stimulation at this point has you again at the edge. A few seconds more, we both know, would push you over. Not yet, mon cher. I find I can tuck the rocket inside of you, and maneuver it with my tongue, the sensations not quite enough to bring your release, but the tiny


Pete and I were best friends so I was always at his house or he was at mine. Peter and I were sixteen years old, Laura was about twenty, a student at community college and lived at home. Laura’s mother Anna loved me and always invited me to stay for dinner. Laura would say, ‘Why is he always here? Doesn’t he have a home to go to?’One summer night

Figging Experience

this as a punishment. Within BDSM practice, figging is often used to prevent a sub from clenching their buttocks during impact play, as contracting the muscles intensifies the sensation. The thought of being beaten with this inside of me was a petrifying thought. I clawed at the sofa, gritting my teeth and squeezing my eyes shut as my already

Locked In The Past part 2

but that moment of submission is communicated from spirit to spirit without a word or guesture being made. Then in just a moment or two her legs relaxed and fell open a little wider and her hand released her grip and moved to draw my head deeper into the kiss we shared.My fingers were back inside her and then attacked her clit again. The next

Second Chances Won’t Leave us Alone

in her eyes. ‘…please.’ Jed looked at his mother and excused himself to his room, the last thing he wanted to do was see his best friend cry. He was heart broken and she was the only one who could remotely understand what he was going through but he still was not ready to face everything. Tenley left without saying a thing. They planned a future

No Downs, Just UPS

me want him inside of me even more. He finally placed his cock into my hole and plunged me down onto it. We both sighed with orgasmic pleasure. Feeling him inside of me for the first time was nothing compared to all of my fantasies I had about him. I couldnt help but raise and lower myself onto his cock, moving my hips back and forth, making this

Fifth Time’s the Charm Ch. 02

He headed off to his next patient. At first Alex and Janine, just stared at each other, open mouthed, eyes wide. Then their faces scrunched up, their lips worked, and they burst out laughing uproariously at the same moment. After about a full minute, Janine finally regained enough breath to say, ‘You were supposed to fertilize my egg, not blast

Hers For Life Ch. 02

while she sat facing me, we shuffled up real close, her legs over my thighs behind me until we were only about foot apart. I reached up to play with her breasts, and soon after she said, "touch yourself."So I did, getting my dick hard, while she had slide her big pink vibrator into her pussy and was working it very slowly in and out, starting to


by starting to slip it in, but then taking it out and rubbing her pussy lips with the tip. He then spanked her round butt cheeks a few times before finally giving her what she wanted so much. He rammed his cock into her pussy and thrust his hips, going deep inside her. Pam let out a moan and bit her lip as along with the pleasure there was a

Summer Time Ch.1

out wearing as little as possible. I swear the heat is making them a little dumber too, I mean who walks around the streets with their tits barely inside their tops and their ass cheeks bouncing out of their short shorts. Either the heat is doing their brains in or they were all just sluts to begin with and now they have an excuse. Either way,

Working at the weekend

it to the office wifi. I wanted to watch some porn and masturbate, but dared not do it from my working computer. At first I was just sitting on my chair, rubbing my pussy through my panties with one hand and playing with my tits with the other one, the tablet on the desk in front of me. Then I took off my panties, which were already wet, leaned

Sarahs first love

nights shall be Johns. I was to be married, and a Vicars wife but now I am to be a kept woman? Sarah asked, I should rather be a nun. Too late my dear, Lady Caisterdale suggested, You relish carnality too much, why we could her you screaming in ecstasy, no you are far better suited to whoredom, and I think with John you have the best of it. Give

All Women are Bitches Ch. 03

hot pain. I loved fucking her asshole while dripping hot wax on her or whipping her with my belt. She was always screaming for more and demanding that I go harder and faster. Damn, this chick could take anything. She loved getting her ass stretched. I bought a twenty-inch black plastic mechanical dildo and brought it to her as a surprise. Her

Living It with Dylan - chapter 2

he wanted us where and how on a fairly detailed storyboard he’d drawn up before we even agreed to participate. He also made a script for every scene, just a few lines he wanted us to say, and he went over his plans for quite a while before we finally got positioned for the first scene. “He walks in and there you are, whacking off in the chair,

The Sexual Society of the Future

or lay back to have their pussies licked to climax by a sexy waitress. In the year 2025, scientific breakthroughs eradicated stds, do there were no need for condoms.           At this point in time I was 19 years old. Through the years I had had many sex partners both male and female and through sports I had developed nice abs and a nice round

Mandy's Mommy

one inch per week, until there's nothing left to cut, all the while feeding you to yourself and to your daughter. Then I'd cut off your tits, a sliver at a time, and then cut out your tongue, and then slice off your eyelids. How much could you take, I wonder?"Jenny was crying in earnest now. Her sobs shook her body almost as hard as Kevin's cock

Just What I Need

on his face. Master uses my hair to pull me to standing and kisses my neck fiercely. "Well done my sweet little girl. Now go to bed."I smile up at him and kiss his cheek. "Yes Master," I whisper. He pulls back the blankets for me and I crawl into bed. He follows me to bed and then covers us both. I lay on my side facing him, unable to lie on my

Her Fantasy

with some cock cream from the night before,she then reached down with her handsd again and told me to get ready she grabbed my head and held strong as she squeezed really hard and forced a large copious amount of cream onto my waiting tongue.again she went spatic My cock also started to go spatic from her actions and i just couldnt take anymore

Wanting to fuck what you shouldnt (as a girl that young)…

which sent a shock of adrenaline through my body and made my nipples stiffen, keeping pussy still swollen and turned on. As I walked the 20 minutes home I would look at the adult men I passed and my thoughts would get carried away: Oh! If only that builder would put down his spade and head over to me pin me up against the tree and force his

Friday Morning

up. I wondered what he felt like. He looked like he was of decent size, a perfect fit for my tight pussy. After a few gentle thrusts I added another finger, pumping in and out of my pussy, live and on air. "I love that sound" he said. So did I. The sound of my fingers pushing my juices around inside of my pussy filled the room. Followed by my

I Dominus: The Edification Of A S

deep in her throat. I struck her breasts again with the belt. Lisa gasped and sobbed into my mouth. The sharp sting of leather hummed across her flesh. I struck her five more times. Her eyes filled with tears, her body quivered, as she panted and moaned at the heat that was building up in her tits. Harold was grunting and moaning at the sight of

Diary of How I Became a Gay Sex Slave - Chapter 3

her hands on either side of my waist. I try to relax, I know she is going to fuck me hard. In one hard thrust, she has the entire length of that thick dildo inside me. This dildo is thicker then the others, it is tight inside my well used ass. She is merciless, fucking as hard and as fast as she can. Each thrust, the huge dildo is coming

Brandy Ch. 05-06

of that, plus the fact that the tightly fitting condom made the head bulge even more than usual, turning it a dark purple colour as his cock continued to grow, made it look as though he was equipped with something other than just normal flesh and blood – a cock that had been artificially enhanced – a bionic cock. Once he was satisfied the condom

Wills new old home: Part 2

her aunts uneasiness with the subject, Look, Maria, as you know, its completely natural for kids to do things like that. I mean, Will and Brook have been dating for a while, and they been through a lot. Besides, I recall walking in on Will showing it off in front of those girls- What? Oh..Maggie paused, Dammit! I am such an idiot! She thought to

Nowhere Else To Go

turned bright red.  I don't know exactly how or why, but the next thing I remember was taking off my shirt and bra and sitting on his lap, as I had done a few hours before with my boyfriend. However, his reaction was the opposite. He kissed my neck very slowly, licking and biting, and those wonderful hands fondled my breasts. He pinched my

Emma Ch. 03

her fingers on her clitoris and stroked and worried it while kissing and stroking Harriett, who smiled and watched Emma’s fingers moving in and out, up and down. ‘I’ve never seen a woman do that before.’ ‘I’ve only seen Charlotte do it, but I try not to watch.’ Emma and Harriett were playing together for several hours of masturbating and

Learning to Trust

behind me before I did. As I entered the house I thought I was safe and never thought to turn and close the door myself, instead letting it close on its own as I unbuttoned my jacket, pulled my earphones out and unplugged them from my phone. I opened the cupboard door and hung up my jacket, kicking my shoes off at the same time and as I closed it

A Witchs Orgy

great powers in the black craft — and the two cleaved to each other for mutual benefit. What benefit, you might ask, would compel two of a species with a well known preference for solitude to spend eternity together? Quite simply stated: beauty. It isn’t as unreasonable as one might think. After a few hundred years, even the most radiant of

The Weekend

beer in the fridge, and took them to the living room. “Here you go.” “Lydia, this is my friend Stevie. Stevie, my wife, Lydia.” Stevie stood up, towering over Lydia, and extended his hand. “It’s an honor to meet you and thank you for dinner.” “You’re welcome,” said Lydia, as Stevie’s hand took hers, causing sparks to fly up her arm. “Though to be

Renaissance at Greygarth House part one

Walking into ‘Jane’s’ room he found Jane and Alison whispering and giggling. “OK mister, get ‘em off! And we want to see some swing about it,” they cried and began to vocalise ‘The Stripper.’ Ron was more than happy to oblige. He knew he wasn’t being mocked in fun and he was the rightful loser in a wholly orchestrated plot. When he came to remove

Bridge Party

pushed Mrs. Thornton's chair back into place underneath the bridge table.Mrs. Simon took off her shoe and began to assault Josh's balls with her foot while he ate Mrs. Thornton, who was by now slouching far down in her chair to push her mound more tightly against Josh's mouth.So it went for the next two rubbers, with Mrs. Thornton making bids

Work Trip Fix

of her clit. Opening up her ass more, he slid his tongue up to slide in her asshole. It tasted better than he could have ever imagined. While squeezing her butt open with both hands, he buried his tongue as deep as it could go in her ass. He wanted to be as deep in her as he could go. The subtle sighs Sammie let out while having her ass tongue

Me, My Girlfriend, and Her Mom: Part 4

now it was her daughter’s turn.Ashley was on top of me, the head of my cock slamming against the entrance to her womb, while above her, Jill was crouching on the bed, sodomizing her daughter with the strap-on. It seemed she loved getting double-teamed as much as her mom did. Minutes later, she had her back to me, her ass wrapped around my cock,

Sarah – Part One

ago, when I was much more naïve, and continues to the present. Sarah is different in so many ways. She is a sharp business woman, a designer of women’s clothes and buyer for a national chain of stores. She is always sharply dressed, nails and hair perfect. She is an accomplished artist, working mostly in pencil, pen and ink and water color. Her

True event pt 2

  “Great tell me know why don’t you”   Once she was done she rinsed of the shaving gel dried me with a towel, then without warning took my cock in her mouth then licked all over my balls and along the under side of my shaft.   “Mmm much much better” she moaned   “Actually it feels amazing” I said   “Would feel even better without pubes at all,

Prostate Massage and More

but firmly, Eve began to stroke my dripping cock. She cooed "Okay, baby. Let it go. You have my permission. Enjoy this." I don't know who was moving more; Eve stroking my cock and finger-fucking me or me panting and trying to fuck her hand and push against her invading fingers. Regardless, it didn't last long. I warned her I going to cum and she

Panties Galore

and I even tasted of their assholes too.I opened my eyes when my wife came home and said, “Hi honey how was your night?”She looked at the five naked girls lying all over me and said, “Not as good as your night was!”After a moment’s thought she asked, “Did you manage to fill them all?”I replied, “No! I filled Candy twice and one of the other girls

My cousin and I, with my mom and aunt

to both of us. Sasha definitely had better pussy eating skills, just like I thought. She had been eating Britney's pussy for years, so it was no surprise."Oh, mom. I had no idea you felt this way about your daughter," I moaned.I had my eyes closed for a few seconds, but when I opened them, Jenna gave me a look."Sorry," I muttered."I love you,"

Thou Shalt Obey!

even think I would have cared that all these men were watching. My desire for relief was overwhelming. One of the older men placed his finger on my nipple, running it between my legs. His touch, that violation, pushed me over the edge. I came in violet waves of ecstasy. The degradation of such a personal act being publicly performed in front of

From Crash to Crush

sat and looked at each other for several seconds. Then Evan got up slapping his hands on his knees and started gathering her things. There was blood on her clothes and Evan had thought to bring her a robe figuring that she wouldn’t be putting clothes on anyway. Nothing was going over that hip and Evan didn’t find anything in her suitcase that

A Visit To The Tack Shop

attentions was maddening and I moaned in desire in spite of myself.I felt his hands on my backside at the same time his lips gently kissed the tips of my vaginal lips. My legs spread wider, as if to give him easier access. Soon I was rewarded with his tongue parting those lips and as my sensations increased, I began trying to thrust my body

The Hammock

and then, circling back down, teasing the oil out over her tummy. When his hand swished below her belly button, close to her panty line, her stomach involuntarily convulsed as spasms of excitement were induced by his soft touch so near her pubic mound. She could feel the tips of his fingers slide just beneath her bikini bottom and she felt the

Summer Time Chp. 2 Here Cums the Girls

must have been six or seven squirts and she tried to swallow it all but some came out of the corners of her mouth. I must have blacked out because the next thing I knew Becky was next to me with a look of contentment on her face. “Welcome back to the living stud, you know I’ve heard the other girls say how they like their boyfriends cum and now

On Forgetting

a doctor, she eyed him cautiously, youngish, maybe a few years older than herself, handsome. She shook herself, he’s the doctor, calm down. The doctor smiled at her apparent attention and set the chart down on the foot of the bed. ‘Let’s see how you’re doing, hm?’ Langdon smiled weakly. Odd that he didn’t introduce himself, she thought as she

Lisa's Guilt Ch. 06

then kneel right back down again. I would weave an arm or leg in-between the metal bars on my bed frame, then twist my body until the shoulder or hip was in utter agony, and try to sleep. I never wanted to break an arm or leg. That wouldn't allow me to repeat the same torture the next night. And when my parents were gone, I would go to the

The Mom Incident

She felt a warm wetness between her legs, this feels wonderful was her thought. This continued for at least ten minutes she was wet, hot and horny. Finally they all came up for air, Ginger was breathing very heavily as Al spoke. Ginger did you bring the outfit? Smiling coyly she stood up and asked, Bathroom please. As she headed for the bathroom

Valley of Sinners Ch. 02

her abode and what does he find? She lives in a mini-mansion in her own vineyard. Now is that a somebody or is it what? Nash becomes more focused. Hope has asked him to fictionalize her life story, which he would have done just for a bed and tucker, simply to break the monotony of his mundane life. She offered five hundred smackers to write down

The Morning After

delicately through the window blinds onto my face. As I slowly awaken, I turn my face over to the alarm clock to my left. “7:01 a.m.,” I think to myself. I turn my face over to you, laying there, still asleep, to my right. Your face is curled up into your pillow, with your golden blonde hair glowing like a night lamp behind you. The presence of

Lord Potter

of Harry, then without the use of her wand she had made Harry’s trousers disappear and was now staring reverently at the large throbbing beast that was before her, veins stood out along the thick shaft, it was about three finger widths and was domed with a deep purple head, before Harry had chance to react to this, Hermione’s head was covering

The Big Tease

planning this date for a while now. Online, I have had the confidence to be as seductive as I want to be, but real life? This is a different matter. I’m naturally a shy girl, but I am determined to overcome this.To help me achieve this, I choose my most seductive outfit. I want to look my best for our first meeting. Our plan is to meet at a busy

A Little Place Called Heaven

to us, let her sundress drop to her ankles. Under it she had on a pink bra and panties. She undid the back bra clasp and skinned those panties down her legs, and my phallus began to rise like a long-dead golem returning to life. As she stepped into the tub, I looked at Jake and he at me. “Remember our deal,” I said. “I know, I know,” he said,

Taken by Jamel and friends.

hard against my ass cheeks. He screamed out how tight I was then filled my bowels with his hot seed. He was quickly replaced with the other two guys. Each lasted about five minutes before spilling their come into my well stretched man pussy. Then it was Jamel’s turn. He lasted much longer than the others. Partly because he had already come in my

No Names, No Regrets

up for round two, honey?”The guy next to me smiled, the two old ladies behind her frowned, but the couple next to her asked, “Is there really enough room in there. I’d love to join the mile high club.”My fuck buddy rang for an Attendant. When she arrived she said, “We have another couple that wants to join the mile high club. Will you take care

It is all in the mind part 1

browned and her legs shapely and athletic – her swimming obviously did a good job of making her fit and toned. He studied her body and the way her blouse was lying he could see through a gap between her buttoned white blouse to show off a very pretty and delicate bra. Paul’s cock was starting to react and he was transfixed and quickly obsessed


I advised indicating my basket, ‘the sunset is really pretty outside. I’ll set it up, go rest for a little while. You can always pick up again after dinner’ ‘But it worked a minute ago! Maybe just a little longer’ ‘It won’t work until you rest you lip. Are you hungry?’ ‘Yes. I’ll help’ she motioned for the basket but I wouldn’t have it ‘No, let

It's Rachel's Turn

you ma'am.""Twelve.""Thank you ma'am""Thirteen""Arghh (sharp breath). Thank.. you.. ma'am""Fourteen""Aaaaaaaah (gasps)..... Thank. You. Ma'am ""Fifteen""Urgh (vocalizes, gasps, wheezes 1 minute pause) (Under breath) (Out loud) Thank You Ma'am. ""Hey, you took it all! I kind of thought you wouldn't!""Yeah honey, I am awesome like

Werewolf Girl Ch. 03

just inside her hipbone, driving her wild. He brought his other hand up to gently cradle her jaw and leaned down to place his lips against hers. He kissed her gently, more gently than she’d imagined he would. He caressed her lips with his, inhaling through his nose, breathing her in. Vera stepped closer, bringing more of their warm, wet skin

Getting off the Seesaw. Part 1, Shut the Cuck Up

saw themselves. Barry had put it in years ago because he said he needed to know who was at the door. From her vantage point Diane could see Spike in the hallway and the girl on the threshold clutching a large bag of takeaway curry. ‘If you think I’m pleased to see that monster,’ said the girl, ‘then think again.’ That put Spike on his mettle. ‘I

My female boss

as well. But it hurt a little though. “Ow,” I said. “Sorry about that, but I never had sex with a woman quite as sexy as you. So I guess I got carried away,” Erica replied. I laid down flat on my back as she got up. She slowly took off my pants and underwear, so we were both naked. “Not completely shaved, but I like it though,” Erica said. Then

My Tortured Slave (Part 1)

me properly; I’ve let it slide, but not anymore” I stood up angrily and looked down at her.“What are you going to do sir?” she said quietly emphasising the sir. She looked up with apologetic eyes, but I could see the hatred behind them.“We will try something different” she silently shook her head, I smiled at this. “It will be a surprise to you,


the last minute and decide to call at half five?” As there is nobody else left, the question is aimed in my direction, with no decent answer I shrug my shoulders and smile. I’ve worked with Jess for just over a year. At 24, she’s six years younger than myself. She’s very confident, but not arrogant, and always ready to poke fun of herself. She is

The incident that changed my life for the good

when she gets up on the table and lays on her back and pours more beer between her legs and tells me to kiss it.Kiss a pussy? I have heard of this, but never thought I would do it. It was looking me right in the eye with all it beauty. I told her "I have never done this before and I dont know what to do". She said she would tell me. I thought of

It really Happened

about every weekend, was who I had my eye on. I am Leiza, and my husband is Bill. Steve would come over and my husband and I would drink, smoke, and talk on the ham radio until late at night, then Steve would always hit the road around two am. Bill and I would then go to bed. This routine had been going on for about three months now. Luckily, on

Earthquake Girl

room couch. She worked on building up a mood of quiet, satisfying contemplation to combat the imminent reality of being bored for the rest of the afternoon. All this produced though was the seeping knowledge that she would have to break up with her boyfriend soon. We're not compatible, and I'm not having fun anymore. She was sure he would take it

The EX Ch 1

her from behind, with hard blows from his hand coming down on her backside. Grabbing her hair, and pulling her head up to his mouth. Calling her a whore. Shane turned on the shower and stripped her clothing and stepped into the hot stream of water. She covered her hands in soap and began roaming them all over her body. Across her breasts. Down

Seeing you again

Lew’s girl It wouldn’t surprise me. none the less I smiled “hi, Lewis told me to pop by today I’m the ford escort, red car black bonnet” I said.“Kitty, right?” she asked looking me up and down, a slight smirk on her face. “erm, yeah?” I said a little unsure. “I can see what he loved about you” she said, before I could answer she muttered she will


live a little woman! I tell you what. You study, there’s a bottle of wine in the fridge. I’ll give you a text when I am coming home and I’ll bring a fella or two.” Melanie winked before laughing.Alex could feel the heat rising in her cheeks. “As long as one of them isn’t Matt. That guy is an idiot.”“But he has a massive cock and can make me come

The Missing Toy part 1

we are just going to go shopping later today. There has been too unasked for borrowing going on.” I told her “I already apologized for ruining your shirt.” Sarah replied “Oh, she isn’t talking about shirts sweetie, just be ready to go shopping at noon,” Rachel told her. Noon rolled around and we all got into my car. “So which mall are we going

Times In Tehran

the Staff House which was in a compound with twelve foot high walls surrounding it. On the main floor we had our own kitchen complete with a staff of Iranian cooks, and off to one side a large recreation/meeting room. Our living quarters were bedrooms on the top floor. In an area below the main floor we had a bar called the Scorpion Club, just

Best Laid Plans Ch. 07

want to come in today and clean out your desk. You had better shut down things at the mall too, and return anything that is company property because we are about to be audited. I'm really sorry about all of this, but you are smart and young, I'm sure that you will get a job somewhere."Helen smiled, "Yeah, maybe." She got up off the couch and

Natalia's Bitch Ch. 01

showing nicely. She trotted down the stairs and whipped open the door. Ben had BETTER be dressed as she had asked. He was standing there, in a trench coat, she had allowed for it this time."Hi" she said smiling.He bowed his head not daring to look her in the eyes."Did my little faggot do what I asked of him?" She noticed the front of his trench

151 Reasons

Alina's dripping centre, she was already 2-0 up. Loud, horny and scraping skin from my back beneath purple nail polish, she rasped hot breaths into my ear with each savage thrust. An absolute delight to fill with my boiling come and watch it ooze from her soaking red entrance, distended petals hanging open, the shape of a crucifix. Quite fitting

Reverse Cuckold: Part 1

years old. Her and Jim were married four years ago. A few months after their wedding, they were involved in a bad automobile accident in which they were both seriously injured. Jim recovered fully but she received a spinal injury. She was paralyzed from the knees down, and has limited movement of her hips and upper legs. She does have feeling

Stelleranne 1947

in her mouth which was hurting from accommodating this monstrous phallus. His dick pulsated for what seemed an eternity thought Stelleranne and added to her amazement it stayed hard after the last drop was suck down her eager throat. Immediately Damian rolled her onto the bed onto her belly and mounted her from behind. He drove his dick hard and

Chosen Mate Ch. 13

I can continue without you love. She cried, her aura dimed, as she gave all the energy she contained to his unmoving body. The children extended their wings to Sandra, adding their energy to hers. Harry took a breath, then became still again. Margay was a white blur, moments later, that raced over the sand to them. She moved into the nest,

Banbury Cross - Ch. 1 The Scoop

based paranormal investigative magazine "The Gnosis". I had seen and written about many things that could not be explained by common sense or science - hauntings, ufos, Sasquatch, demons and even a leprechaun like entity terrorizing a small town in Ireland ("End of The Rainbow" Gnosis Magazine April 2014). My editor, Tony Mathis, had grown to

Laurie Meets the Neighbor

done. What she had those young studs do to her. It had all started off so simple. She had set the timer and took the pictures of herself posing around her classroom, just like her online sex buddy had dared her to do. It had been such a thrill. She had been surprised at how wet and horny it had made her. She had figured that the danger of the

The Way Back Ch. 01

really — trying to ignore the twinges in my knees. She lined me up and I pushed in, stretching out my legs. That felt better. Another breathtaking experience! The feel of the walls of her warm moist sheath as I began to move! I was rapt in the sensation, slowly moving within her to and fro, to and fro. My eyes had been closed the whole time, and

The Story Of Us: Part 1 (Re-edit)

go and Chris take care of her you know how wild she is' I just saluted him and we walked out the suite and as soon as I shut the door Lexi gripped my hand and ran towards the elevators. I looked at her and giggled 'Lex are we really going to the arcade?''No silly im taking you somewhere more private'.She grabbed my hands and pressed the up button