Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Pt4

allowed my cock to poke at her quivering ring, as she in turn continued to slurp up and down at Lisa's clit. Her butt hole resisted the first prod, a not unfamiliar occurrence. On drunken nights we'd experimented before, always without success. Reaching around, Emily ran her thimb down Lisa's perineum then rammed it in hard, like she was pushing

My Cute Little Neighbor

and again.”“Okay,” she said, as she started to hump her hips up and down as I thrust into her.It was the first fuck for both of us and I wanted it to last, but at the same time, it felt so good to take little Jenny’s virginity right there in the bed that I shared with my wife, that I was about to blow my load.“Oh, Jenny! I’m about to cum,” I

Morning Experience

In his sternest voice, I ask "Do you not know why you are getting this butt warming?" She tries to think why before I answer then she said, "Oh I am so sorry please I am sorry I forgot." Another hard swoosh as the crop hits her sexy bottom again, "Sorry does not get it! I told you when you woke, you were to crawl under the covers and make love to

Weekend fantasy, chapter 1

we again kissed as our bare chests pressed against each other. Your nipples hardened and pressed against me. We kissed as my fingers released your skirt and pushed it downward. It was then that you saw the trail of rose petals and followed them to the bed, pulling me by the hand. Beside the bed I slowly finished undressing myself as you helped

my crush actually loves me part one

flowers. And i always prayed that you would be with me for the rest of our lives" Im still standing there jaw wide open and shocked, that she kissed me. She just blushed and told me "Ill see you in chemistry tomorrow" she smiled and gave me another kiss and went to class. I sat there for another minute and went on about my day. Jus the normal

Keeping Kelly Busy

before she knew what happened. Picking her up I told her that trying to dodge me by running up the stairs was a bad move on her part and now it was time to pay the piper, I hustled her back up the stairs and into the spare bedroom that I had set up just for this challenge.Positioning her in the center of the room underneath a locking steel collar

Rachel’s Fire: 06

Jan is now pulling on my pink dress. She always looks so confident and striking. Men are terrified of her. *Wish we had more money* I say. *We could do to get another half bottle for the party. Dyou not think?* *Theyll have plenty booze there* says Jan who is rummaging about in her handbag. She brings out a tiny bottle. *Have you ever tried

The Mercenary and the Elf Part 2

the falls, which was also the only source of light. Ethral was sitting on the ledge, and he swam to her, coming up before her.“Hello,” she grinned, “I’m glad you made it.”Water droplets were dripping from her skin, her hair looking dark and slicked back, revealing her pointed ears. Her knees pressed together, smooth thighs gleaming and appealing

Club Class Benefits

once let go of my hand until we'd reclaimed our baggage.Once through the customs I heard a voice squeak “Brett” I was sort of glad we weren’t holding hands anymore, there was a group, and looked like his family had come to meet him.He turned to me, “I want to see you again.” The voice called out to him again and a small blonde waved furiously

Charmaine’s Meaningful Affair

that previously.’ ‘Actually I imagined it and used it as an excuse to stop work.’ ‘Oh?’ ‘Yes I have a new project in mind and want you guys to publish it, although it will be nonfiction.’ ‘You know we publish only fiction and then only romance.’ ‘So?’ ‘I won’t be able to move Marion White on this Charmaine, be reasonable.’ ‘You can just say first


with excitement and lick my neck feverishly. The nails of her other hand dug into my back leaving little scratches. I love it when she does that and when she gets into a fever. With extreme control, she stopped. Everything suddenly stopped and my vision blurred as waves of sensations continued to poor over me. Kate let me cool down but I knew I

Meeting a fellow member in town

I would share what happened recently with someone I met on here!A couple of months back I was chatting to a friend on here who happens to live near by. As usual we had been flirting and swapping a few pics. After we’d both made each other cum we got back to normal chatting. It turned out we were both going to be in Town the following weekend. He

SchoolGirl Sluts

cum and straddled her abdomen, facing Kathryn, “Good?” Kathryn asked between groans,“Very good.” Renae replied, she smiled evilly, “But not as good as you.” The pair giggled wickedly and began to kiss one another fervently, sharing Courtney's girlcum between them. Renae slipped her hand down and found Kathryn's clit. “Uh, fuck!” Kathryn moaned,

Post-Bookstore Fun

and velcro cuffs, then clasping them together, He found the bottle of lube on the ground, it winding up there in their passionate struggle, and coated his still-wrapped cock in it, then retrieved her new little dildo. She moaned for him once more as he replaced the empty feeling in Sarah's cunt with the latex shaft, then held her hips at just the

Cordelias Feet 6 – The Queen Bees Play

chapter five before. Isn’t it impressive how many thoughts and emotions you can experience in the blink of an eye, if circumstances are right? Or should I say wrong? When you kneel in an unknown location, your breasts bared and eyes blindfolded, on your knees and with the knowledge that something embarrassing is going to happen resonating inside

A Sub of All Kinks Ch. 05

twitched slightly in prediction of what might be to come. Jason bowed his head before his Mistress. "I am yours to use my Mistress.""First I'm going to tie you up. Can't have you moving at the wrong moment now can, I? Up on your feet, it's time to play." Jason nodded and moved to his feet, standing at ease, awaiting his Mistress to restrain him.

Our First Meeting

described to me in a number of erotic conversations. I couldn't wait. We agreed to meet at the restaurant so there was an 'out' if we didn't hit it off in person, completely unnecessary as it turned out. The evening started well and just got better and better, no period of adjustment or unease; we talked, laughed and flirted through dinner and

Tease to please

getting some food ready. Jake smiled and quickly grabbed her with intention and held her tightly and gave her a kiss on the lips. “You having fun?” he asked. “Of course,” she smiled. “Are you?” “Absolutely,” he said. Jake had a cheeky smile on his face, Maria looked at him inquisitively and then left with the two drinks she came for. One of the

Sarah 3

caught up to us and i introduced her to sarah. we left the school parking lot and i pulled the car over at the ususal spot were me and sarah have sex.sarah sent me a look like what the fuck are you doing. but we really didn't care and me and sarah started to strip naked. heather got the picture and stripped herself.sarah immedietly jumped on my

The Twin Cheerleaders: High School Reunion

and forth made me think what it would be like if I came in her hair. "It would shine so easily." I answered to myself. I was than brought back to the wonderful sight of my sexy former math teacher giving me head. Ms. Daniels stopped sucking for a second, and caught her breath than said, "I'm about to get sloppy on your dick." She let out a wad of

A World of Color

outside her kitchen window, a wry smile on her lips as she considered that view a metaphor for her life. It was not that her life was bad, it was actually quite good. She had married well. John was a good husband who had a great career. He had given her three children, but they were the only color in her world. When they were at school, she was

Through the Glass

The buzzing toy in her hand is held against her clit as a drop of pleasure rolls down the inside of her thigh. She closes her eyes as her orgasm begins, tensing and letting out a low growl as she starts to gush and again finds my eyes as I watch her pleasure overtake her.Suddenly, I am distracted from the vision in front of me by a flashing amber

Mr Smith's First Visit

appointment book."You lean over to pull the appointment book out of the bottom drawer giving him a very nice shot of your tits (second part of the plan), but his attention is still on the paper in his hand. You put the appointment book on your desk, and look for Mr. Smith, yep, there it is, in the same exact spot it was the first 15 times you

From Sex Deprived to Sex Addicted Pt. 7

Bozo would wear.”“You know what they say about big feet, huh Stacy?” Tiffany asked.Both Nick and Stacy flushed red with embarrassment. “Tiff, stop it,” Stacy said. “You have to bowl better tonight than you did last week. You dragged the whole team down.”“Don’t worry, Stace, I’ve got this. Your boy could be my good luck charm,” Tiffany said.Being

A Special Promise

you, ever, right?""It's not that. I just... I've never done this before, you know? I don't know how to do it."He hugs her tightly, caressing her body with gentle fingers. As he hums her favorite melody into her ear, he can feel her finally relax and her breath deepening. She looks into his eyes with a new found confidence."So, are we gonna do it,

Enslaved by Marilyn Ch. 03

my cock as it continued to shoot. I then closed my eyes and tilted my head back. Every nerve ending in my body was in ecstasy. I then put my hand back onto my cock and the sensations felt even more heavenly. Finally the blissful feeling began to subside as I emptied the final drops onto my body.Once I had cleaned myself up I re-entered the room.

Holiday Diary: The Next Level

stared straight at me for a few seconds. As discretely as possible I reach up and casually brushed my left breast and nipple with my hand as if unconsciously brushing sand away.  As I brushed my nipple, a small shockwave of pleasure ran through me.  Did I really just caress my own naked breast in front of this guy?  Oh, the excitement.I reached

Brotherly Love

the kitchen. Though they were step-siblings, he may as well have been her real brother. His dad married her mom when she was only two years old and Aaron had fallen head over heels for his new baby sister. "Whoa, what's up with you, squirt?" He always insisted on calling her squirt.. He might be six years older than her but that didn't give him

The Massage

closer to me, bent over and kissed my lips and said, “Babe, you’re so sweet to do this for me, and I would really enjoy that massage.” He sat down beside me and handed me one of the full glasses of wine. We both sipped the wine, smiling and gazing into each other’s eyes. I could tell this was a pleasant surprise for him. I removed the glass from

Bossing the Boss Ch. 05

for that kind of stuff.’ She turned beet-red and hung her head in shame. ‘Yes, officer,’ was all she could muster. Then, he was gone. Suzanne looked around and her nightmare got worse. She had pulled into the parking lot of a seedy adult book store and lingerie shop. She was about to pull away when the flashing sign of the lingerie shop caught

A Pizza Delivery To Remember

tanned to a golden hue, and they glistened ever so slightly with the humidity of the night. The shorts weren’t skin tight, but tight enough to cause Jake to get a hard-on every time he saw her in them. She smiled again and thought, He always said that next to my white pants, nothing I own makes my ass look sexier than these shorts. Funny, this is

My Family Chapter 5

of being proper, you can use dirty words, I wont get mad.” Ashley flashed a half smile and said, “When daddy came all over your face and you looked in the mirror, what did it feel like?” “”Well, anytime your dad cums in my face it turns me on. And last night when I looked at myself in the mirror and knew that you could see me it got me really

Christmas With The Family - Part 2

under the covers, spread her robe open and buried his face in her sweet, teen age snatch. She tasted so good he began to slurp as his tongue assaulted her cunt lips. “Oh God Harry, that is so good, please, please don’t stop!” He spread her cunt open wide and licked every inch of it as he entered two fingers. Much to his surprise he felt

A Night Out

should have come over, I thought. He could relieve my frustrated state. My hand was still between my legs, just laying on my hot pussy when suddenly Lisa turned towards me, and her hand laid right on top of mine on the sheet. She said, Why dont you let me do that… Oh my god, I thought, my best friend just caught me touching myself and is now

Gina’s Life Ch. 01

my dream a little?’ I watched Andrew appear in the kitchen. He looked down at his feet with his hands in his pockets. ‘Shouldn’t you be stood by the door?’ I said. I watched his brow furrow as I walked past him. ‘What do you mean by that?’ he said, following me to the hall. ‘Well, it seems we have two doormats,’ I snapped, plonking my half eaten


people that any of them knew.In her wedding gown, a mile wide smile and a little make up applied by knowing family friends, she was a stunning bride and the pride of the young Air Force officer pilot and the object of jealousy of all of the other pilots in attendance.And their lives continued on the path of THE PLAN to the benefits of both of

Another Life

dress covering my breasts with it, dare I? I reached in and pressed the button for the 12th floor. Then taking a deep breath I threw my dress in and turned, the doors closed. I must be mad. I walked away from the door the sounds of my shoes sounds so loud on the concrete floor. I remembered Gerard's instructions, reluctantly removed my hands from

By His Reputation Ch. 05

with, gently opening and closing again. She moved onto his Bluetooth speaker, his dining room table, and then to the windows, with a balcony leading right out into the Seattle skyline, glittering with the stars of buildings far away and the cars blasting through the city. The balcony was simple enough, concrete base, and a steel fence-like guard

Breaks of the Game Chapter 2

a corral for me?" Spade looks around. "Hm, I would love to have the job Nikkie, but it's a damn long walk into town and back. As you well know, my truck is building a nest in the ditch." "Well," she laughs, "If you're not afraid to live with a crazy woman that carries a gun for a living, I just happen to have a truck in my garage that you can

My Breanna My Darling SUPER MEGA FIX PART 1

a red shirt with a vest over, Bennie cap, and Skinny jeans,And had pinkish red hair."Hey this place isn't that bad" She walked lower to the main floor "And Wheres the bathroom" Soon she stares at me with these eyes that could kill. "Say Hello To Your New Step Sister" i tried so hard not to say 'DA FUK' So i nicely looked at her and said "Um why

Seducing Andrew

as I sit down. Steve joins me and starts sucking on my right nipple, while Andrew sucks on my left. Then Steve’s hand finds his way to my pussy. And pretty soon I am ready for some more fucking, and I get out of the tub. As I bend over to pick up a towel, Steve notices that my ass is still not completely closed, with water running out of it.

A New Toy

"Thank you sir." I'm already naked, but together you and I strip her down. You help her out of her skirt and panties and I take off her shirt and bra, kissing her as I do so. She and I begin making out. You're surprised to see that I take the lead with her. Maybe I've learned something from you. I moan into her mouth and bite her lip tenderly

Spider and the Fly

her pussy. She has to bite down on her cheeks hard in order not to moan loudly in public, her knees having a moment of weakness. He laughs again, before standing and guiding her fingers to one of his belt loops before telling her to follow.The trip out of the Airport is fairly easy. She only stumbles slightly at the escalator, due to the fact

Queen Yavara: Chapter Twenty-Eight

up at her, my voice shaking in grief, “I made a promise to your daughter.”“Oh?” Lady Straltaira laughed, “Do you still think she loves you? Are you that fucking st-”I buried the knife into her neck. Lady Straltaira looked at me in terror and shock as the knife came down again and again. She fell to the floor, and I jumped on top of her, tears

Angel Dreams: Dream 6

you back into the house with your family. The door opened and I pretended to be asleep. “Nikki,” you said, softly shaking my arm, “wake up baby.” I opened my eyes and tried not to get weepy looking at you in shame. “Oh baby, you didn’t do anything wrong,” you assured me. “My mom told me what she asked you and I scolded her for being nosy and

Bound by a Demon

be very strong. His skin was a dark orange-red colour and bubbles seemed to move beneath it as he looked back at her, not with eyes, but with white fires. The fires seemed to grow brighter as he forced his will upon her and ignited a hot passion within her pussy. She gasped as she felt it burn, before failing to her knees as a small orgasm ripped

Harry Potter Promise NR.8

I suspect it would," she agreed. "Well, you are still rather young, so you don't need to have a set idea right at this moment. Which classes are you most interested in continuing with next year?"Harry smiled. "Defense, Potions, Transfiguration, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes and Charms, definitely. Maybe Herbology if I can."Minerva nodded. "Well, your

Awakening Sarah Ch. 03

clothes. "I hope they fit alright." He said as she began taking them out. The bag contained a pair of dark blue jeans, a pink and black striped polo shirt with a skull and crossbones embroidered on the pocket, a sheer black bra with matching thong panties, socks, and pair of black leather lace up boots. There was also a small red velvet bag. "Do

Challenge Accepted

erotic dream with one of my favorite male actors, when I heard the sound of my Call Me Maybe ringtone in the back of my mind. I cracked my eyes open and hurriedly searched on the nightstand to my left for my iPhone. I tapped the screen, put the phone to my ear and was greeted to the sound of blaring rock music.‘Shit,’ I cursed, snatching the

The Engagement Ch. 09

the full-length mirror, ‘since I don’t have a stitch on underneath this thing. You’re going to set Alice’s heart aflutter when she sees you too.’ He ran his hand along her thigh and traced a finger along the garter-belt she wore. ‘Except this and I know Robert won’t mind it.’ She giggled, ‘That’s for Alice silly, the dress is for Robert.’ *** As

Tales from Lusty Pines Retirement Home

all over the hot, sensitive flesh of her boobs. She is really surprised in how the old man knows exactly what to do to get her sexually excited, unlike the fumbling, over eager young men she usually goes out with. He is slow and methodical. Everything he does is like someone who has all the time in the world. Like someone who exist solely to give

Bedtime Release

begin to race along my veins slowing raising the heat, causing the flames that set Me afire.Watching your clothes fall to the floor while I lean against the doorway, hopefully you think I am just enjoying the site of you, eyeing each new inch of flesh revealed. When the door is actually holding My body upright while My knees turn into jelly.You

Christmas Eve, New York

this up for about 10 minutes, going faster and faster, and he was working so hard that I thought his mouth and jaws would be aching by the time he finished.Suddenly the cocksman groaned, "Yess, here it comes! Take it, you bitch! Take it!" At least two-thirds of his cock was in the other guy’s mouth, and what I could see of it began to throb with

Rachels Cocktail Party

bad she said. Finally she clipped her hair up in an elegant style. She reflected on the past two years, she was twenty-four and since she met Edward, had settled down to a steady life with him. She had a bit of a past, but all of that was behind her now and Edward seemed happy for her to stay at home and keep house and occasionally organize

Our Wonderful Summer

bikini. It was torture, I was always hard. My wife noticed, and seemed bemused. She would sneak up on me, and give my cock a quick squeeze. "See something you like?" she would ask. Then walk away chuckling while I stood in discomfort. Bedtime could not arrive fast enough. After Tiffany went to bed, I went caveman. I dragged Cheryl to bed, and

The Power He Has Over Me

table and pulled the dress from the box. It was a buttery tank mini-dress, cut low in the front and the back. I stood up, holding it in front of me. It barely reached my mid-thigh. I looked in the box for panties but found none. There weren't any stockings either but there was another note. "Your shoes will be waiting outside your door as well I.

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 21

may sleep or work on your art. I expect you to keep your door open at all times.’ ‘Dr. Burnside, I request permission to speak.’ ‘What is it?’ ‘Thank you for the art things.’ ‘You’ll need to thank Amy. She was the one who reminded me about your art.’ Wendy pulled out her textbooks and reviewed the assignments until 10:30. She then pulled back the

Pure Effing Passion!

sweetly gentle underneath Penha's kisses and fingers.  She gently traced her fingers over his chest and back, tipping her head back for deeper, wetter kisses.They still managed to look over at me occasionally to see if everything was alright.  I was frozen where I sat, not fully knowing what I was feeling.Here was the man I loved touching the

Christmas Cums Early

lubed before steadying it with her hand and guiding it into Nicholas. Nicholas took a sharp breath at the intrusion his eyes closing under his bushy brows at the new sensation as the toy slid up inside of him, the pressure it put on his prostate causing him to shiver; his cock getting less erect at the sudden change of attention. Jessica moaned

Ne’er Do Well

show and she did find a replacement. The party fiasco was just another in a long list of what Garrett felt to be slights and disasters caused by unfeeling, selfish women. None of them cared that he and grandfather ALWAYS spent the 4th together fishing and camping. None of them even thanked him for all the work he did helping prepare for the party

What Happens, Happens

putting his face opposite the driver. When the driver turned towards him with a menacing look on his face, Jeff grabbed his throat with his left hand. In a low voice, he instructed the driver. ‘Turn off the engine, hand me the keys, or die right here.’ With each phrase he uttered, Jeff added a bit more pressure to the driver’s throat. The driver

Me, the Party Favor

speakers. She slapped my face and told me to stop.Then she slapped my cock and said "spread your legs and bend over with your back to the mirror and look at the mirror when you bend over!"I had winced and did as she said to avoid any further pain.The numbers continued to climb and I realized that I was being sold!!When the number finally stopped

Graduation and… Ch. 09

lace. When he did that, a shudder of delight went through him. Because Mrs. Tate was offering no resistance save for some soft murmurs of protests, he began her breasts more boldly. When Tim’s trembling hands began caressing her breasts, Heidi felt her resistance evaporating and became frightened. She couldn’t allow something like this to happen

Love in the Time of War Ch. 07

would never allow it.’ ‘Charles, the world, our world is changing. The rules are different.’ ‘Not that different.’ ‘So if you believe that then your decision is made easier, is it not?’ ‘I suppose so.’ ‘You could take a mistress.’ ‘Alice!’ he exclaimed, ‘Sometimes you can go too far.’ ‘Why? Other men do.’ ‘I will not do that. That is not the

Sexual History of a Man Pt. 05 Ch. 01

I said. ‘Are you lost?’ ‘Hey, soldier,’ she said, staring at my bare chest as though she had never seen a shirtless man. ‘No, I ain’t lost. Figured you might be though, standin’ out here in ‘plumb nearly’ all afternoon.’ ‘Plum-what?’ I asked. You mean this place has a name?’ ‘Naw, it’s a saying we have. Plumb-nearly. Plumb out of the county and

Power Chapter 35: Joining the NBA

more animated. She toyed with her breasts. “So, Mr. Smith (yeah, not very inventive), you want your readers to be aroused to action by my writing. You know, your $45 an hour can buy a lot more arousal, and not just for your readers.” She unzipped his pants and pulled out his dipstick. The Dean’s poker buddy owed him one. “So, for $45 an hour I

My Devil Whore Boss!

"Mmm, fuck yes... keep licking my cunt!" she called to me, her hand still holding my head deep into her pussy. My face, chin getting soaked by her juices.Her legs began to shake, I could feel her inner walls rupture slightly, an orgasm taking over, where she pushed my head deeper in between her legs. My face being smothered by her gaping pussy,

A Chat With Maxine Part 3

I asked hoarsely, then slid a couple of fingers, from my free hand, into her cunt, ‘This?’‘Oh God yes!’ Max cried out, thrusting her arms out and gripping the head board.I began to work two fingers on each hand in and out of her pussy and bum, rubbing my cock on her bum between my fingers and stroking it with my thumbs. Max stretched herself out

The Limp Factor: Part One

since I am a man, but thanks to her help, she made it flow even better. Thanks so much! The Limp Factor: Part One I was so fucking nervous. Here I was, sitting on my next door neighbor’s bed in nothing but my boxers, surrounded by walls of art highlighted by a sandy color background, and she was in her bathroom getting ready to surprise me. My

A Bad Day

double time. My entire day was one disaster after another, people wanting my attention, phone calls, irate customers, equipment breaking, and not a moment to myself to think. i was finally able to escape work and as i was walking to the car it started to rain, not petite little movie rain drops but the cats and dogs kind, and me with no umbrella,

Leah Starting Over

at him. ‘That’s a lovely idea.’ ‘It’s awfully crowded,’ I notice as we pull up at the lake. ‘Does that bother you? We could go somewhere else, if you like?’ I look over at him and can’t help smiling at his genuine concern for my comfort. ‘No, this is alright. To be honest, I’ve never been on a picnic by the lake before. I’m looking forward to

Randi the Real Pain Killer

while I was waiting for him. As always, Teresa was there to make my life easier. “Mr. Jameson, I see by the schedule that you have an appointment with Dr. Rains later today. Is everything all right?” she asked. “Miserable toothache, Teresa, and I was hoping it would subside while I wait,” I confessed. “Well, Randi has a fondness for

Lacy Lingerie

at the sensation of his mouth on her."Oh no, we can't. Someone will hear us," she whispered in a ragged breath.But, they quickly passed the point of no return. He knew how sensitive her nipples were and she was his now. Her hand stroked his hard cock up and down and she lifted her leg to rub him against the softness between her legs. "I need you

Preacher's Sinful Daughter Chapter 1: Sinning in the Dark

cumming in your daughter, Daddy.”“I am,” he groaned. His dick thrust a final time into me and then he relaxed. He panted, satiated, and pulled his cock out of me.“Oh, Daddy, that was amazing,” I panted. “Ooh, it was better than I could hope.”“What a whore I raised,” he growled. He seized my hair. I squeaked in shock as he yanked me off the table.

Dirty Washing

to do it for her. Jill lives on my floor so it was no bother. We put it in the lift and wheeled it to her flat. I disconnected the old machine whilst Jill took the wrapping off the new one.We got talking about her son Tom going to school and the both of us not having partners. Jill kept thanking me and saying she didn’t know what she’d have done

Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 02

relieved to hear her express my very same concerns. Her lips were still curled up in a smile as they met mine and we kissed, long and deep, tasting each other and moaning into the other's mouth."Russ," Liz murmured after I while, her words interrupted by my persistent kisses, "I wanted to tell you that... You know, that night, when we didn't... I

Late Three

wow,” she said. She was starting to sweat, though it was very cool. I sat back down in my chair and bent her across my lap, resting her full weight on me. This was what she’d been waiting for; she cooperated willingly. It started when she found out about some of the stories I was writing. She decided to confess something to me to even the score,

Step Dad's Dating app 3 - Chapers 1&2

my fingers moving faster.... faster"nnn... mmMM..... AHHh!" Star bursts exploded behind my eyes as I came, hard. breathing fast as waves of pleasure washed over me. the hot water flowing from the shower head cascaded down my body.I finished the tedious work of washing and shampooing, before heading back to my room wrapped in a towel.Chapter

Because That's What Good Girls Do

her clit on occasion as well which caused her to jump slightly in pleasure.Soon he was sliding himself into her one inch at a time. Katie groaned as she felt his cock stretching her pussy open. Jake gasped slightly, feeling her cunt squeezing around his shaft. Once all eight inches were inside he began to rock back and forth. Her tits bounced

Hallway Fantasy

deeply, ready to whine and beg for more, but the breath is caught in my throat as you spread my cheeks and push the entire length of your cum soaked dick into my tight ass. I scream and claw at the wall, flailing beneath you, every part of my body pulling away from the pain but my hips which seem to drunkenly rock back against you, taking in

Gigolo in Washington DC – part 4

before. Sandra was in charge. She directed him to get on his hands and knees then crawl to her. He eagerly did so without hesitation. She told him to continue. He reached up, unzipped her skirt, pulled it off and removed her matronly panties. Her full bush was exposed with her light brown and white speckled hair. She proudly stood there exposed

One Great Ride

picture. I loved the way my 32 D tits looked without a bra, my hard little nipples pushing at the fabric of my shirt. My long brown hair was flipped to one side and in my bright green eyes you could see the lust I had for this guy I just met. Damn girl, you look amazing. Id love to see that sexy body naked. All in good time I guess ,) We said our

As Flies to Wanton Boys...

not look away - knew, somehow, she was not supposed to - and so found herself pushed forward ever so slightly, till her hips were touching the edge of the table in front of her. She expected the pushing to stop then, and slowed herself - till she realised the nail was now pressing more deeply into her, that Miss Oh was not yet done. Slowly,


Connors not home yet why don’t you beat off in his room.”“Okay I will.”“Good see you in an hour or so, I’ll be in the pool.”Connor quickly and quietly went to his room and hides behind the door just in time to hear Shane go down stairs to the pool and Billy was coming down the hall to his Billy entered he was still naked and Connor got a

She Developed Early

me what he just did to you.”As my sister-in-law stewed over what my brother had done to his own daughter she gave me the go ahead to do the very same thing to her.I made Debra feel almost as good as I had made her mother feel, almost. Both women made me feel better than I had ever felt before.Debra was every bit an active participant during sex.

There Oughta Be a Law Ch. 05

thing.""No, it was nice enough. And I get the feeling that you really enjoyed it hmmm???""Yes Ellen my dear, it might just be my best sexual experience ever, although our first night ranks right up there with it."Ellen leaned in to kiss me passionately. "I'm glad to hear you say that, because our first night is at the top of my list and there's a

Rediscovery and Recovery Ch. 03

to find a small house or flat in Exeter, a city which I’d always enjoyed – not so small as to be missing out on city life (having a thriving university helps in that regard) but also not so big as to be without character. But time was against me, and what with the hassle of moving after a very long time in London, I failed miserably to find

Getting revenge on Daddy, part 2

You smile wickedly to yourself. You've never thought of yourself as a particularly sexualised being, but thanks to Chloe, you have started to realise just what a temptation your slim, teenage body really is.You look down at the way the top hugs your generously girlish hips, and admire the curvature of your legs. Chloe told you last week that the

A Night's Work Ch. 3

Yes Mistress... Thank you. I watch as you diligently lick the cream from the bottle... My devoted whore will do anything for me... This pleases me well. As you finish cleaning the bottle you see another standing above you... The male trainer... The bulge in his shorts looming before your eyes. I indicate it's his turn now. He lowers his shorts to

My Berlin Summer Ch. 06

varying his rhythm, arousing me pitilessly and unequivocally until, with his final surge within me, I cried out in submission. After withdrawing, he pulled me up to a kneeling position by the hair and spun me around in front of him. Unbidden, I cleaned him with my mouth, hoping to earn some modicum of acceptance in his eyes.I understand perfectly

Taylor and Mona - Porn Queens

be doing all this stuff but there she was, lying beside me on my bed in an almost transparent nightgown telling me things I could hardly imagine. I couldn’t readily accept that she was talking about herself. It was late and I was exhausted. I finally told Taylor that I had to go to sleep; I had to think over everything she told me. She looked at

Queen Yavara: Chapter Eight

as he did so. More and more people flocked to the scene. Humans and dwarves chattered amongst themselves as the beasts dropped to their knees at the sight of me. “Queen Yavara,” said the captain of the guard, still shaken but what had just transpired, “You are entitled to diplomatic protections. I will dispatch twenty guards to escort you


apparently couldn't resist saying on her literal way out the door.I waited until it closed behind her before I laughed.–Twenty minutes later I was headed out the door myself when my phone buzzed. I raised an eyebrow as I opened the text from Blake and she was in bed wearing nothing but panties. I quickly shot a text back as I locked the door

Letting Go by Letting Go

just before she was about to climax. She ignored him, and continued stroking her heated sex.Paul stood up and grabbed her wrists in one hand. "I said, STOP slave! It's not time for you to cum yet. Not even close!" Victoria was stranded at the very brink of orgasm. She began to pull her hands free, begging "Please Paul...please master! I'm so

Little big brother

on my chest. That was when I held her up and we looked into each other's eyes and had a long passionate kiss. After that I was about to go to bed when Amanda came in my room and said she had a plan to get back at brad. And needed someone to whoop his ass. That was when she looked at me. Don't get me wrong I'm talk and strong and play sports and

Me and My Brothers -- Chapter III

under him, adding, “Put one foot up on the couch and the other on the floor.”As I positioned myself like he had, I realized how exposed my pussy was with my knees spread so far apart.“Mm that looks so pretty,” Bobby said.I looked at him and saw he was staring directly at my pussy which tingled with excitement. I looked at his peter and realized

Confessions of a Small Town Girl- College 2

want to hurt him. I knew he had feelings for me, and in the back of my mind I had feelings for him too, but I knew I didn’t want anything serious. I didn’t want the strings that went along with a relationship. I felt bad about what I was doing, but not bad enough to walk away. I wanted him, tonight, and was not going to deprive myself of what I

Do You Prefer Doctor…or Mistress? Ch. 02

assault his mind, ‘so helpless…up your will gets weaker…down my will gets stronger…weaker and weaker…yesssss baby weaker and weaker…helpless…no control…just weak and helpless as you release and give yourself even more to your Mistress, ‘ cum erupted from John’s cock as his body reached ecstasy unlike anything he had ever known. His cries came out

The Reluctant Cuckold - Part II

was pleased about that. She kissed him once again and made to move away but he reached out and held her. “I love you, you know.”“I love you too,” she told him as she kissed him once more before sinking to her knees.Billy gave out a thankful moan as she took him in her mouth. All he could think about was Jerry with Ian. Would she be doing this


of the backseat. I dropped the tail gate and spread the blanket. Jane my wife asked, “What do you have on your mind?” I answered, “I just thought we would mess around just a little.” She jumped up on the tail gate and I moved between her legs. We started making out like teenagers. While we were kissing I moved my hands to her shirt and started

(Not So) Good Samaritans

rail station.Sarah’s eyes opened, she didn’t even realize they had been closed. “Oh my god. Yes, thank you. Sorry, I’m just so tired”With one hand still on her hip, Mike guided her to the nearest seat. “Well here, sit down”Dave had sat down on the bench at the very back of the train, Mike guided Sarah into the seat next to Dave and then sat on

Candida Comes Out

fingers into her pussy. Scooping out her cum. It was only after this that she turned around, bent over, and spread her ass for me, crying out in pleasure, as my fingers entered, lubricating her ass, spreading her nectar. Inside and out.I slapped her ass once, that was her signal, and she moved as I stood up, and then got down onto her knees, her

Woody in the Woods

he did it too. I was just pulling my boxers over my butt when they startled me. I had just gotten out of the shower. Benny, I say back to him, or Gabe? Gabe, he answer. Together we walk for at least twenty minutes making small conversation when he tugs on my arm. Hey, he says, I have to pee. Ill be back. Okay, I answer and walk over to a tree

Who Cares What I Wear? Ch. 01

I know you miss him. I know it’s been hard. But you can’t hide forever.’ ‘I’m not, I just…I just don’t know if I feel like it.’ ‘Okay, you’ve given me no choice.’ Sharon adopted a no-nonsense tone and Emily had to smile. ‘I’ve been nice, given you lots of time, but I have to draw the line. If you’re not at the party by ten o’clock, I’ll come and

A Very Special Dinner Party

and all having me twice. Clearly watching me getting screwed was a massive turn on for them, making them all ready again very quickly.I lay panting, cum running down my thighs and my pussy twitching. Tina and Julie ushered the men out, telling them that they would take care of me. They did.I was untied and helped upstairs into the shower, where I


without the other. Now then a shadow is formed when there is something that blocks the light- forming darkness. Light can often be found inside of a shadow, as well as around the outside though…. Now a Dayshadow has the tendency to be warm and inviting. It’s often colored gray, having the tendency to tread the line of the vanilla side, which is

Surprise encounter

You see, I love to fulfill my fantasies. One fantasy has always been my desire to see just how far my wife of thirty-five years would go if put in a sexual situation. One that was just plain, out of the norm for us. One night I got my chance to experience my desire.. You see my demure wife is a great looking lady, despite our middle ages. As with

A Cop’s Revenge Ch. 01

my sad tale. This may help you understand me better, or it may result in you deciding that we cannot have a life together now that you know who I am really am. The latter will destroy me and therefore I am placing my life in your hands. Do as you see fit. My tale begins back in high school. It was here that I first laid eyes on Shannon. Oh, how I

Mentoring Brandon Chapter 12

"And, of course, Bob and Brandon were true friend," he concluded with a big grin."Yea, right, with Brandon's hand on your cocks," he quipped. "I believe that!"Tom stood up, walked over to Dave and gave him a big hug. Brandon and I just sat there watching our two friends. Tom, hugging Dave with one arm, brought his hand to Dave's hardening

The first time with Helen

One that meant I would last for a reasonable while and would allow me to concentrate on her body in the quest to find all of her erogenous zones one by one. I found that her tits were possibly the most responsive, but so was her stomach when a finger lightly grazed over the taught skin. It was a delight, discovering her elbows liked attention and

Secret Fantasy Part 3

about not wasting time, she started unbuttoning my shirt right away, while I was removing my shirt, she went to work on my belt and zipper. Naked, we jumped in bed. I wasn’t sure how to proceed, but knew I just had to run my hands all over her body, so I did. I saw some body oil on the night stand and thought this is gonna work out great! I

Cum Drinker Fantasies: Mind Controlled Moms 1

I muffled a pitched moan in delight as I caved, my pussy convulsing hard from an earth shattering orgasm, continuing to lock my lips and jerking his cock with them. More and more of his load spewed and pooled inside me as I did this, and I kept coaxing it, draining it out of the shooting head, lashing it with my tongue until it stopped. After

Control Ch. 1

turned and smiled. "Time to do it," he thought to himself. After checking the dinner he had prepared in hopes for a pleasant evening, he turned the stove and oven down and grabbed up the scarves lying on the kitchen counter. The handcuffs were in his back pocket, just in case. "Love of mine, I have a little problem. Can you help me out?" he

Rebuilding Each Other

knew she probably hadn't heard him come in, but surely she wasn't so distracted that she wouldn't hear his footsteps through the floorboards above her. He remained still so as not to add any more unnecessary noises to the floor above her.Several minutes passed as he leaned against the counter and ate his bland sandwich and drank the cold,

The Lover’s Dream

I slide into you, your teeth sink into my neck…the pain from your teeth is cancelled by the pleasure from my cock…we begin to rock in unison…starting slowly, building up a rhythm that takes us onto ever higher peaks of pleasure…like the false peaks of a mountain…you keep thinking it can’t possibly go any higher than this one, but lo – the next

Taking Risks Chapter 1

care of his boxers. I looked up at him and he looked down at me."Baby, theres one thing you should know about me. I love to give orders to my women. You know, order them around like my slaves? If you don't like that, i won't do it...." he trailed off."I don't mind that at all." I lied."Good, you're all suck." He comanded. I took the

Balcony Erotic Romance With Wife

by the ocean. The suite was located on the second floor and had a balcony that looked out onto the street, where tourists to this quaint Victorian town strolled the sidewalks. After getting back from dinner, that first night, we went to the balcony to unwind with a few cocktails. My wife is a petite brunette with natural highlights in her hair.

The Ravishing of Constance Ch. 10

her own state of undress. ‘Wait, please, wait … I meant nothing by it. I was not trying to harm you in any way.’ They both fell silent at what they could hear, low but distinct, from behind the door to the tiny alcove-room where Daisy slept. Stifled moans and cries, and a steady creaking. Greta’s red face darkened toward purple. Constance donned

Cock Master

that any mention or thought of Rachael having a Black baby made us both cum. Instantly! Four orgasms later I can’t even get hard anymore, I’m done! Rachael tried playing with me, sucking, you name it, my dick wa, my clit was dead. Then she took my hand and put it on her belly and said, “Black baby” and the dead returned to life. More

Stephanies Abusive Father *amended*

on its side. The couch, television, a few chairs. There was an unmistakable scent of kerosene. I looked to the top of our stairs and saw my dad leave from a side entrance holding four empty rectangular cans in his arms. Brad rushed up the flight. He waited for me to follow and led me through our living room, to our moms bedroom and it was than

Bond of Friendship

Her voice is liquid steel."It's eight. Of course you're right. I'm sorry.""You said 9 so we'll go with split the difference and say 8 and a half. That's 34 weeks." She starts up the vibe at about half power and puts it inside me, putting the thong on to hold it in place. I move to help her. "That's 34 minutes then. You will not cum.""That's

Me and my Twin Sister part 3

be really stupid, or in love,” she said as her face turned from frustration to a smile. Now I was confused. She went to the door to unlock it and called Jackie’s name out loud. “Jackie!!!” she screamed. Just then Jackie was at my door. “He didn’t bite, you got yourself a keeper,” she told her as she looked at me, as I was standing there confused

You never know a woman

a sip of her coffee, closing the vee shaped view of her chest.I got another robe from the closet and took it to the bathroom for Carol who was just getting out of the shower.“What do you think?” She whispered.“I think she will be okay after some sleep.” I answered.“No dummy, what do you think about… you know, the three of us?” I could see the

Hell to Pay Ch. 01

to Sally and Mark, and they continued down the trail. ‘The rest of you can go back or just sit here and bitch, but we’re going on,’ Dixie said as she walked away. Casey wasn’t far behind them and watched as she followed her friends. He’d been attracted to Dixie because of the way she looked. She had long auburn hair worn in a pony tail hanging

His wife!

me that she was nervous!"I have only ever sucked Steve's dick, but I can't wait to suck yours in front of Steve!"I sat there and Lisa unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out! "Oh my, that is big isn't it Steve?" Steve just watched through his phone as he recorded my cock coming out of my pants.Lisa looked at Steve and said, "Are you sure

Anna the Slave Episode 01

around him again, pushing him all the way into her mouth and down her throat. He moaned again, grabbing fistfuls of hair and pushing her head up and down to a frantic rhythm. There would be no more teasing.Anna did the best she could to breathe while he frantically pumped his dick into her mouth, down her throat, while simultaneously pulling her

Finding Her Way Home

hard again, excited at the possibility of entering her. He quickly climbed on top of her, positing his cock at the opening of her anus. "Sir, please don't. Please."She pushed her legs away."Stop slut. Relax.""No sir, no...please."He was tired of her begging and covered her mouth with his hand. "Relax love."He moved into her, his cock entering her

Syntax Error

He’d seen that. He’d talked about that with her. And then he’d shown her how to get the reactor together, how to run it, and then how to draw its power. And together they’d powered up. Time and again, bumping up the levels each time. Weeks later and that effect goes on. And on. He felt it now. A power that the coal-powered day-to-day life could

Ginny and Katy Pt. 08

rule against having sex drunk?"She smiled, "I wasn't drunk when we started."She removed what little she wore and followed me out into the hall, pausing to toss them into her room.As we went down the hall she said, "I saw my dress in my room. No sign of anything else."I said, "Betty probably has them. You were pretty drunk last night. Someone

best day of work

my fingertips. Your abs so hard, I run my hands up and down your abs. I lean up kissing your neck and kiss my way down your chest making my way to your abs. I pull at your belt unhooking it then unbutton and zip your pants letting them fall to the floor. I fall onto my knees in front of you, rubbing my hand over the front of your boxers feeling

The Payment

excited again and her juices flowing down her inner legs. He picks her up and places her onto the strong table. Her legs spread wide around his waist. Dierdre quickly moves up besides him and starts to stroke his cock again. She leans forward and kisses her boss, letting him taste the juices of the woman before him. He licks the girls face,

Fucked Over Ch. 02

her lips. She parted her lips and both of their tongues wrapped around each other, searching and finding. The sounds around them started to fade as Dave pulled his clothes off and Marissa allowed the dress slide to the floor. Her cunt was shaved and she had a tattoo of a black rose just above her opening. She looked down at his cock and licked

Mistress and Me!

and I went back to my original position. I kept sucking them and sucking them until the milk stopped running down my throat. I stopped sucking them and began fondling my own brests while moaning in pleasure. Now get on the bed you little bitch and strip yourself of your slut cloathing she said with a strict tone. I nodded and striped myself while

Departing Pleasure

over the weekend. He met her at the airport and whisked her to his secluded lake house. She lost count of how many times they had made love. She remembered that they had christened every single room and every flat surface in the house. So consumed by their passion on the back deck, they slowly and tenderly made love underneath the twinkling

Pure Innocence

put on a little blue cotton dress, a pair of sandals, and donned a blond wig. The wig was long enough that I could put pigtails on either side. Even the light blue cotton panties I was wearing gave me the feeling of a young innocent female, or, so I thought at the time. I put on some light makeup and a little eyeliner on my eyes, grabbed my

Sharing my Girlfriend

crawled onto my lap, her white latex skirt sliding up her thighs as she straddled my legs. Hooking her hands behind my head, she gave me one more glance before leaning in and pressing her lips to mine.At first I was hesitant, feeling strange about kissing Kate in front of her boyfriend, but the feel of her soft lips and prodding tongue combined

Reina Learns

this. It was unfair. He positioned her lying down and let her sleep the rest of the way. But he couldn't help staring at her two perfect breasts. He slowly undid his trousers and grasped his erect gland. Slowly moving his hand up and down he pictured himself setting her on his dick and pushing down. Stroking faster, he imagined breaking her

Dominating and Owning a Punk Ep.2 Natalie Dominates Sam

forward. She was crying again. Natalie continued to make giant painful slaps on her ass, occasionally switching between cheeks.“Damn Sam, your ass is so fucking nice. Makes me a bit jealous. Bitch.”She spanked Sam harder. My cum began to drip out of her pussy and splatter around as she was spanked. Sam sobbed heavily and flinched at every

Mother May I (Part I)

my cock as I walked over and gently smacked them each in the face with it jokingly. Chris held back a small giggle at it, but Jacob was unamused. "Such a buzz kill, Jakey." I said, continuing to stroke myself over his face and rubbing the head on his lips a bit. He resisted for a moment and then I felt his tongue snake out around it like it

Bubbles Redux

were spread to the legs of the chair. ‘That looks, good, Bunch. She’ll get a good view from there. We’re going to show you what it looks like for a younger girl to get fucked by a much older guy so you can know and feel the pain like we did. Don’t close your eyes! There may be a quiz later. By the way, you’ve got to tell me where those handcuffs

My first mature man

course. That was it, the work load went up a gear. The whole lecture thing was so different, you went to lectures if you wanted, if you had a problem you saw the tutor. Well I had a problem with some work to be marked and went to see my tutor after a lecture, it was last lecture of the day so he suggested I walk with him to his office. David, as

Wedding Gift

and swayed. Finally, he looked into my eyes. It was as if he were trying to scrutinize my soul. I felt loved and desired and boldly returned his gaze. Stepping towards me, Ken embraced me and kissed me. Our tongues wrestled with lustful yearning. I broke the kiss and undid the bowtie of his tuxedo and threw it in a chair. He slipped his hand

Drop the Beat

car. He could see that his spanking had made her bottom just slightly pink. He slapped her ass as she bounced on his dick, making her moan louder. She started talking in partial sentences of ecstasy, "oh God! Your dick! Oh! Fuck me! Oh! I'm going to cooooooome!" As she came, he felt her pussy grip his cock and his own orgasm hit him like a

Pool-time part one

like you were ten miles away. What’s up?”John pulled her close and confessed, “I was daydreaming about some of our past swinging adventures. God they were pretty hot!”Her frown turned into a smile and she squealed, “Yeah and some weren’t! Remember that couple who seemed compatible when we met? After going back to their hotel room things really


access. She had just dropped her head back on the pillow when he brushed a finger across her clit sending lightning flashes all up her spine. Her back arched. Her body trembled. He seized her mouth at that moment, fast and hard, trapping her gasp in her throat. He continued the sweet torture while she was propped on her elbows with her head

Cuckold Humiliation

hands. This time he eases her panties down so that She could step out of them. I watch as his hand disappears between Her thighs and starts to caress Her and at the same time he stoops to take one of Her nipples into his mouth.Much as I am hating what I am watching I feel my penis straining against my chastity cage in its attempts to achieve an

The Piper Ch 7

wait in the pool house before we get there. Anna and I will have a quick chat and then meet you there for a night of fun. Sound good?" "Sounds great," replies an excited Anna. "Sounds like Lucas is home, I will send you an email shortly with some ideas. Gotta go, see you Friday night." "Wow, I can't wait for Friday night!" says Anna as she

Sam and Amy

my bedroom on my dresser.’ ‘Bedroom on the left?’ ‘Yes.’ He came back and after struggling with her rubber band he brushed her hair back using it as therapy as much as anything. She relaxed, closed her eyes and just let him brush her hair. After a few minutes he stopped and said, ‘I won’t put the rubber band back on because I’d just pull your

Brimstone Series Book 2 - Episode 2

inviting her to a work lunch was a good middle ground, I entered Luke’s office one morning without knocking, the door already wide open as it always was.For a moment I thought the space was empty, the desk that I built the only thing I could see. I decided to turn my spare bedroom into a wood shop, because instead of subjecting them to

The House Sitter

casting me a guilty, slightly embarrassed look.   “Yeah…,” she continued cautiously as if trying to pick the right words. “A guy that I’m kind of…seeing.” I let out a brief scoffing laugh as I shook my head.   “You invited me over to your boyfriend’s place?” I asked, as she spun around to face me, a full glass of wine in

Sasha Ch. 06

placed the call to his office. Three rings, four rings, no answer. His voice mail recording interrupted the ringing. ‘Hello, you’ve reached the desk of Sasha Katarinov. I’m not here, so please leave a message.’ He’s not there, so he must be on the way to the airport. How the sound of his voice made me feel like crying. At the beep, I wailed,


hours later Gina and I check in to a motel,1 bed of course. Gina tells me why not? Gina has a tracking app on her phone that she uses to track Rudy. But has to be within 20 miles to be correct. She brings app up, knowing he is almost off work.Tracking Rudy is easy, we follow aways back. Rudy goes to his motel and goes inside. Gina is

My Addiction To My Boss Chapter 2

close my eyes and take a deep breath. I cannot concentrate on my work, the vibrations are clouding my thoughts. I look back at Damien and see him moving his hand under his desk as he watches me struggle. "Oh, my God! He's getting off on this. Why does he get relief if I don't? Well... maybe I can help..." I hurry into his office and shut the


bra and starts sucking my breast and he's still kissing me he moves his hand in between my legs and he puts his two fingers in my pussy and starts fingering me I start moaning and scratching his back while I hold on to him he takes of my skirt and panties he pulls down his pants and I get on my knees I start nice and slow from the tip with nice

Divorced Soccer Mom

letting my cock spring out. It is a monster cock. It is 9" long and very very thick. Marty said 'No, please, you're too big for a small woman like me.' I'm not sure if she can handle my cock. Again, I ignored her. I'm smiling, pulling her shorts down and tore her panties. She pushes me away, resisting my advances but to no avail. I buried my

Satisfied By Mom

cum dripped out of her ass and flowed under my ball sac.I soon felt my balls churn, I was close to cumming,my cock enlarged in my mom's ass."Mommy wanna taste you,cum here" she said.I obliged stood in front of her,my cock pointing at her face,all wet with the watchman's cum.She squeezed my cock to get as much of the other man's cum she could off

In Camera Ch. 02

of the spirit. ‘Thank you. Thank you so much.’ ‘Though I do expect an apology.’ She filled the glasses again. ‘Yes. Absolutely. Let me just say that I am sooooo sorry…’ ‘Stop.’ she said ‘That’s not the apology I want. Denis isn’t here. He needs to hear it too.’ ‘Um, ok.’ I was confused again. She went over to a cabinet and took out a video

Long Distance Lovers

I realize we’ve barely said two words to each other. We’ve been far too busy staring at each other and kissing. Since it’s a bit dangerous to kiss me while I’m driving in downtown Dallas, we settle for holding hands and talking about your trip, my schoolwork, the dogs…anything to keep our minds out of the gutter, at least for now. When we get

A Fitting For A Hairbrush

He was looking for a strong good-looking woman, someone who would appreciate his body (he had no personality to speak of), and he found one. Strong was the operative word. Abby was also very attractive and wore her clothes to accentuate her charms. Charley actually got so stiff when he first saw her that he was embarrassed at the expanding tent

Film Noire Series #1

out his cock and her rosy rectal folds all the way, a beautiful cherry beckoning for a kiss. He always pushed his cock back in again fast and with such force to let her know he was in charge. He entered her all the way in with her reflex pushing him all the way out to no effect.Lauren was feeling faint again, she bent harder and put her head

To Snare A Tiger

reflexively, I pressed them more tightly together.“But how can I?” I protested. “My story is a romance. What can be new or surprising about that?”He smiled, a predator stalking his prey. “Now, some may deny it, but every romance story is mainly about fornicating, whether explicit or not. But if it is only about fornicating, it becomes boring and

Remembering the first

but when I went back to check on Billy, he had other ideas. I turned the corner and saw him, soaping up his cock, and jerking off. It was the first time I had ever seen another person's dick hard. I silently watched him and I realized it was turning me on. Suddenly, he then turned and caught me watching. Billy didn't even stop. He mentioned how

Prime Assets Ch. 07

needed to cum. So badly!’ ‘I know,’ said Howard, ‘You explained what happened, and I understand. Perhaps the assignment was too much too soon.’ What Emma wasn’t telling Howard was that the interrupted orgasm still lurked within her. She was still harbouring a ferocious hunger for, well, anything that would finish her off, to give her closure on

I Work in a Doctor's Office - XI

Kelly said with a sly smile on her face. “Sounds like you got your balls well drained by the entire staff. I guess your vow not to get sexually involved with the staff went right out the window.”“What can I say? Walking around with my cock and balls on display was bound to end up like this although I didn’t expect to have it happen so quickly

Justice and Audrey: The After Party Surprise

body to kiss her deeply, smearing her cum all over her face and lips, smearing his all over her thighs and lace panties. Breathing heavily between kisses, Audrey whispered to Justice, "I can't believe you never sucked cock before, cuz that was fucking amazing!" Justice looked Audrey deeply in the eye, smiling slyly and gently caressing her now

Back from the Future - Chapter 2

inserting one finger deep into her cunt. Melia gasped and groaned as I penetrated her for the first time. I fucked her slowly with one finger, whilst playing with her clit with my other hand. Melia was soon sopping wet and approaching orgasm. I pushed another finger into her pussy and Melia shook as a small orgasm overtook her body. I was ready

A frustrated wife seeks help

I felt Kay begin to move, watchingher rolling over and raising her as with her legs. Shewas such a hot woman I was more than ready for this.I knelt behind Kay and rubbed some KY Jelly onto mycock before putting the tip to her asshole. Again shetensed, but didn’t move. I caught hold of her hips andpulled her towards me as I plunged strongly deep


and walks in. She notices the silky sheets on her bed, but doesn't notice the cuffs stashed under the mattress, or any of the other toys hidden. She takes off her top and skirt, revealing a fancy red bra, matching thong and garter belt, and the thigh high stockings she wore today. She sees the blindfold, and grabs it. She sees it matches her


David, has a small business locally, which has kept us in a style we enjoy, I would call it comfortable. Our sex life has always been once or twice a week, and very basic, which had suited us both.I suppose it was about two years ago when I turned forty-three years old, I started noticing changes in my needs. I had a dildo hidden in my drawer for

Sonoran Summer Interlude

with her floppy hat and sandwiches. We ate lunch and Rhonda removed her beach jacket. She had on a leopard print micro bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Rhonda ran into the lake and yelled at me."If you can catch me, you can have me." I was stunned by her outfit, but inspired by her words. Amazingly, I had become an champion swimmer


and a collection of poetry. I have a little following but nothing major by any means. I teach writing at a local college and a few on-line courses. I’m sixty-one and in pretty good shape considering I love to eat and hate to exercise–except for my garden. I grow most of my own food. I live a pretty simple life, but one day I decided to get a

Rattling Snakes Cage 2 Ch. 07

walls of his cell.’ ‘You really are a complete bastard aren’t you? How long is this going to last?’ ‘As long as I’m having fun…..aren’t you having fun? Last night I had a great time….’ ‘You’re sick…..screwing an unwilling woman is sick.’ ‘No it’s a turn on….the more you hate it, the more you struggle against me, the more I like it.’ ‘I’ll

The Victoria’s Secret Male Model Part 2 of 2

I need the real thing. Let me suck your monster and get it ready for my man pussy. Please Lance I need you, only you,” Frankie begged in full blown lust for his man. “Please let me love you in my own special way, only a way a virgin can. I’m all yours Lance, heart body and soul. Take me and claim me for always together in that very first time of

Perfect Ten

was Daisy. Gradually she became less shy, laughing at my jokes with flashing white teeth. It didn't take long, I knew she was ready for the clincher." Well Daisy, I'm afraid I have to go now, I'm already behind schedule me and my rig have got to hit the road."oh", her face dropped with disappointment."Well", I looked out the diner window as if


came out and no one was touching my dick. It just shot off and I wasn’t even hard. I could feel my hole again clinching around Ben’s dick. I felt him swelling inside of me and as he started shooting he crushed my nuts hard sending me into a scream. My scream made him cum loads. I could feel every blast going in me.. Bruce walked over and said

Im Always Down for an In-Between Class Quickie

glance over at me with a suspicious smirk, a knowing glint flashing across your eyes. I return your smile and continue towards my intended destination. After a brief inspection of the surrounding hall I see nor hear any sign of others in the area of the building. I reach out and push the lounge room door open dragging you inside. An enthusiastic

A Long Hard Look (part 5)

breathing hard. I'm sure I'd get a surprise visit from him very soon, probably tonight whilst I was getting into my dressing gown to change. Maybe he'd wank outside my window. There's something that turns me on!Ross looked at me on the way out. "Erm, Judy I don't know how to say this but yer bra's sticking out of ya shirt." He looked slightly

Azalea Ch. 04

groaned some more. Cass walked out of the kitchen. ‘Ah girl, ye-es! You are a rock when you pass out! I was not going to try peeling off your clothes at 4am in the morning, even if there’s not that much to peel off!’ Sabrina threw a cushion at Cassandra who squealed and warded her off with a bright green spatula. Flopping down again on the couch

Caroline Ch. 01.10

in the town and we arranged to meet at midday on Tuesday. The conversation finished with a still frosty goodbye from her and a cheery ‘see you tomorrow’ from me. Lunch was not going to be easy! That evening I told Jo everything that had happened on Sunday except about Maria. I wasn’t being secretive but I didn’t think that I should burden her

My first time with a guy

well and would chat from time to time, he was cool. The nervousness I was feeling now was due to the fact that I now knew this was going to happen. I was so horny just thinking about it. I think he came to the same conclusion and before long asked if I wanted to meet up. I said "I'd love to, I'm in work now in the factory, why don't you come

A Hypnotist’s Birthday

into being my servant.’ As I walk talking I was circling the room and raising my voice as dramatically as I could to get the attention of as many people possible. ‘Now to do this I need total silence which is why Doug over there has had to shut the music off, but don’t worry it will be back on in a minute.’ I turned to Anna who was stood behind

Home alone babysitter

the front door go and looking at the clock she thought her parents where back early. Upon investigation Kelly discovers it was her father, Steve. Kelly asked him what he was doing back and Steve replied "forgot my wallet we only had spare change on us so I have come home and your mother is at the school, I wasn't disturbing you was i", "no why

Birthday to Remember

take long at all. She used the heal of the hand at her pussy to start rubbing her clit hard. Her hips started to move to the rhythm of the circulating jet. ‘Godssssssssssssssssssssssssss’ she moaned as her climax built rapidly. Then Tiffany came back. She had her head turned as she came in so Rae was able to lower herself to the bench seat to

I’m Not the Girl You Used to Love Ch. 02

If I lose you to him, I will never get you back. You could leave him again and maybe you would. But you couldn’t come back to me because it would hurt too much. It may be abused, but even if we didn’t get married I would never love anyone but you. And I think, deep down, you love me for me too. You are a very loving person and you want everything

Chrissy Serves Ch. 01

pumps with a 2" heel for me to wear. Nothing fancy, if not for the heel they would have looked normal with a real maid's uniform. We did have to have the clerk, a cute girl who looked barely 18, go into the back to find them in my size. She was giving us strange looks the whole time. When we got home, Sandra pulled into the garage. As we were

A Boy and His Sisters Best Friend… In Love (The Long Awaited Sequel)

attractive in my eyes. I dont know if its because I was always around her or that she had teased me for so long. Whatever it was, it didnt matter anymore because now I could act out any sexual dream with her for real, and she would soon confirm that statement. After I put the first load of laundry in the washer, I went back upstairs and found

SLUT 4 U - Part VI

She mewled softly. ‘Oh, Darius! You shouldn’t! I- I- Oh God, I don’t know...I...I’m just so needy today. It feels so good, I can’t, oh, I can’t control myself. I’ve been such a slut, but- oh…what’s wrong with me?’ He scared into her wide blue eyes. ‘Scarlett, there’s nothing wrong with you. People might think you’re too slutty, or too

Romance comes to a small town farm girl

face.I felt more fingers and her mouth close to my clit. Shelaid one hand on my belly and said “Relax.”I took several deep breaths, trying to do as shewanted. When I was calmed a bit I felt a finger entermy anus, sliding in the secretions from my puss. Herthumb pressed inside my vagina, stroking it’s companionand waving from side to side. She

Grace Ch. 03

is more than just a stranger? Am I attracted to someone who must be over fifteen years my senior? And, if so, why does this feel so different than a crush? I shake off the questions when I hear his car door open. Richard walks around and opens my door for me. I fumble with the seatbelt and clutch my over-the-shoulder bag up into my arms and stand

May I Watch You Stroke?

have my first orgasm.” My vibrator is all the way up inside of my cunt. We’re both looking at each other. You scream and moan out. Your hand is moving so fast up and down your shaft. Your balls are hard and filling with your cum. “Maybe we should just fuck! I don’t want to waste the cum. I want the cum inside of my cunt.” I take out my

Maternal Instinct Chapter 1

not allowed to discipline her for a couple years. This brat raised hell and caused us plenty of fights. We finally got things ironed out but the annimosity remained underneath everything. I got out of the military and went to work for a security and support contracting company. My success grew and I did alot of business overseas. Needless to say

Woman's Best Friend

thrusts of Champ, I almost forget about Roue. However, when I look around the room for him, I find him nuzzling deep in Sally’s cunt.I wink at Sally and confess, “Hey Sally, he really loves pussy!”“I know, God he eats me better than Matt does, but don’t tell him that. By the way if Matt were here, he’d be video taping this hot action.”I laugh and

Our Romantic Weekend

his is finger sliding in and out of her slow and steady. Soon she feels two fingers in her and he is picking up pace thrusting in and out of her. Mark finally pops his head out of the water for some much needed air but he continues to thrust inside of her. After a moment or two he goes back down with a vengeance and attacks her clit with all that

Helping Out A Friend…and Myself

I would take it slow so I put my arms around her and kissed her, waiting a bit before sliding my tongue in her mouth. As we kissed, she raised her upper leg over my hip and began pushing her pubic area on me, it looked like she was getting into things. Then, her tongue slipped into my mouth as her hand slid down my stomach and began rubbing the

My Date with Emily

seen them. So Youve been to first base, and second base, I think well call you safe on third before this is all over. She got back near the chair and dropped to her knees, and once again I pinched myself, cause this clearly had to be a drug induced dreambut no, the pinch hurt. She reached down and finally pulled the thong down her thighs, lifting

The Collar 3

really good to obey, and not just in my head, either. I get warm feelings everywhere when I do what you say. It makes it a lot easier to obey, and that's why I danced for you so sexy when I stripped off. It felt so good, especially since I knew it was so bad. That's what made it better. The worse the things you tell me to do, the better it

Courier Service

his nose, and had perhaps slimmed him down ever so slightly. Certainly, the Duke was nowhere near as imposing in life as the martial picture had imagined him. Yet, there was a certain self-possession, told in the carefree, utterly unconcerned way he swept into the room. As though a courier visit was for nothing more than friendly court gossip.

Daddy, and me and my sister

my Daddy off. Then Daddy came around behind me and pushed his stiff cock straight up my tight ass. Liz lay in front of me and I started licking her fast and hard. Daddy’s, cock was so big and my asshole felt too small. He slid in and out relentlessly. He was hammering my tight asshole. Liz came in a big yell, and she handed me a vibrator. She


as he cruelly pinched my left nipple. I let out a low moan as He kept moving down my body, His hands nearing the junction of my thighs, aching for His touch but knowing with His current mood it was more likely to be cruel than kind. He surprised me by lightly dragging His fingertips over my bare pussy lips, making me part my thighs and arch

Desperate at the Museum

probation. It’s been fast tracked by the boss, he wouldn’t say why. But he said to say thank you both for your hard work today and he’ll see you for your meeting tomorrow morning.” Mel blushed as she took the envelope from him. “Thanks,” she said, trying not to laugh out loud, just relieved that her plan had worked. “Coming for a drink?” she

My First Time with Jackie… Part 1

She looked away and that was my answer. My blood was boiling; I bet she hasn’t even experienced an orgasm. If this is what “marriage” mean I’m glad I’m single. “Ok Jackie you don’t have to tell me, but trust me; you will leave here feeling very satisfied. Because I’m going to tear that cootchie up girl” I laughed, but kept my eyes on her. I

End of Exams – Part 1

is at 10:00am Saturday morning. She has been studying hard, trying to put together the concepts in her mind. I have always admired how hard she works at the things that interest her. I have been working hard, too. I am planning an end-of-exams surprise for her. So, 8:00 am Saturday morning comes, and the alarm goes off. Sam is awake quickly and

Control, Sam, Control Finale

none had ever been close to fulfilling, and she just wanted it to never end. Handing over, breathlessly, to her deputy she sat down and allowed the cameras to move away from her as she secretly waited for Sam to give her sweet release. Sam toyed with the idea of stopping, to rob her and leave her begging him to return, but he wanted to leave his

A Femme Domme Tale Ch. 02

circles, it was submissives who trimmed or kept a bare pubic area. I did break with convention somewhat by getting the area around my vagina lips and asshole waxed. I discovered that it felt much cleaner and it was also more pleasurable when Chris went down on me or 'worshiped' me, as I now liked to call it.I reached back into the closet and

Lena's New Life Ch. 04

covered her entire slit, tongue kissing her, then sliding his full, flat, wet tongue up to her clit again, and she felt him pushing his face against her as she pushed up, straining to get to her orgasm.It was right there, right there, and she was panting, crying out in short gasps, with long moans every time he sucked her clit. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!


mention that with the 3 foot high stone walls, large stone pillars, and attendant shrubbery, the porch is very private). I kissed her at the same spot on the other side of her neck. Jane leaned back against me. She struggled a bit, testing the ropes, but she was securely bound. I was experienced. Reaching around from behind, I ran my hands from

Driving in Snow Ch. 08

the phone Ann was using the motel’s wifi connection to check out the colleges in the greater NY capital district. She found: Rensselaer, Union college, Russell Sage, Ualbany, CNSE, Skidmore, Siena, Saint Rose and even HVCC. She told me: ‘One of these schools is where I am supposed to be.’ I asked: ‘Which?’ She replied: ‘I am not supposed to know

Spanking Lucy

making our way to the bar in the rear, I saw an open, unoccupied dining room. I pulled you inside, pushed you against the wall, and kissed you hard. Do you remember? My hands roamed freely over your body. Groping, kneading, massaging your breasts, twisting your nipples through the fabric. My lips at your throat, hard insistent kisses. My fingers

Brianna and Frank, Chapter 02

a big room on the second floor. Above that floor was a white picket fence surrounding a smaller tower, and Brie imagined Frank had some sort of sun deck there. Two big, white pillars with an arch above accented the entrée that was hidden inside. On each side there was a similar two-level building. The buildings were not attached in a straight


was Felicia, my 2 nd cousin’s aunt.   She was a very attractive 38 year old woman with a lusty look.   She stood at 5’9”, long straight black hair & brown eyes.   Giving birth to her then 7 year old son had given her a slightly wider hip and a belly, however, she still looked desirable.   She was married to my cousin’s uncle, Rupert Mc Caine, a

Pawnographic (Part 1 of 2)

moan, and I had to assume nobody else was home when she shot the video.Immediately after that, she gave the camera an intense, sultry stare, and lifted both of her legs into a V.  That’s when I wrapped my hand around my cock.  Two fingers spread her pussy lips wide, showing the glistening pink within.  Then she switched to a back and forth motion

My life pt 7

you're on a holidayYou can't find the words to sayAll the things that come to youAnd I wanna feel it tooOn an island in the sunWe'll be playing and having funAnd it makes me feel so fineI can't control my brainHip hipHip hipWhen you're on a golden seaYou don't need no memoryJust a place to call your ownAs we drift into the zoneOn an island in the

Sex and the Extended Family The Beginning Part 4

me Bobby. Make me cum…please…."Bobby spread his legs further apart and started pumping my pussy up and down on his shaft at a blinding pace. I flew upward like a rocket blasting off from a launch pad at Cape Canaveral on its way to the moon. I felt the orgasms building up deep inside my trembling belly as he pumped still faster. I felt his cock

Nick and the s****rs, part one

the young hole pulse on his hard cock. Cherry could climax dozens of times at night. One night Nick got Cherry up on her knees and began to lick her ass. First she was not sure if she liked this but as his tongue rimmed her hole, she relaxed and enjoyed it. He then fingered the tight ass but needed more. He loved to fuck the ass so he aimed his

Deep Breath!

twice doing this. The first probably shouldn't have surprised me as I soon discovered that I did not need to apply any pressure to her neck....the mere positioning of my hand with the lightest of touch was enough to give me control of her breath. This opened new dimensions to question of risk, but also opportunities to play allowing a number of

The Perks Of Being A Gentleman

couch and he followed her. His fingers crept up her legs to her chest where they stopped. Her bra was nothing more than a burden; he needed her tender flesh in his mouth. The bra flew across the room in a blur and seconds later he delved into her perky buds. His tongue lunged at them with determination. Extended foreplay was what they both

A Perfect Fit Pt. 10

to tell and he'll explain it to her. They go to a trendy place that's not too pricey and that will understand Jenni's style. Once more unto the breach...The girl behind the desk lights up to see Mark, a sexy man with great hair in need of cutting. "Hello! What can we do for you?""She needs a trim. She wants some color, too." Jenni nods

Lindseys Story Pt 2

and hoped she would join them again. They said they would be happy to have her go clubbing with them some time as well. Karen gave Lindsey a wink and asked if the ride home to Alexis’s was fun. Lindsey felt her face turn red and said it was just fine. The other girls laughed and she felt herself getting even redder. Karen patted Lindsey on the

BBW Needs to Play

they were home this would not be a problem, but in small hotel room, there was no escape from the noise of the morning routine. Cherry rolled to her side, to face the sink area and opened her eyes just a sliver. Karl’s cycling toned ass came into view. Her eyes drifted southward admiring his toned thighs and began to picture how they looked as

Bird and the Blonde

vibrator. She let out a small gasp as it made contact. Her eyes widened and she quickly looked in all directions to make sure no one was near the car – as did Bird. Then as she pressed the egg more firmly between her legs she let out a long, sighing breath and her eyelids slowly lowered. Bird watched as she stroked the humming silver egg up and

Brynn Phytrelia Pt. 01

bigger, she was faster, and they were not breathing as hard. She slammed into someone, nearly knocking both of them off their feet. ‘Please, help me…!’ She cried, then gasped. When the man looked at her, he looked equal parts stunned, angry, and confused. Then he looked behind her, where the two men were still chasing her. She saw him take a

In Ihren Augen

away from me, from our freedom, when she was bitten by a lead bug meant for some delinquent Jew kid. It came rapidly – the pain, the funeral, the memories… The loud clang of the now halted train startled me, demanding my thoughts be focused on the metal beast resting before me. Holding back tears, I watched my comrades snap into action, prying

Blurred Lines Defined

if it makes it easier for you. We both know its just BDSM and causal sex but they dont have to know that. Michael felt her stress so he backed off, So tell me what you thought of the rest of the stories. Silk liked how smoothly Michael could turn the subject sometimes. She was feeling pressured and knew she snapped at him even though she didnt

Christy’s Awakening.

it’s load in my mouth and I had made him cum. Little old me. Wow! His smell and now the taste of his cum were intoxicating. I worked his cock with my mouth, following his motions so I didn’t lose him. I could feel his cum pooling in my mouth. I didn’t want to swallow it yet and let my tongue work the tip of his cock of keep his pleasure going.

Centre Parks Threesome

in harder, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he shouted.I started to do the same, “Me too, fuck this is horny.”Emma was panting with her head buried in my chest. I fucked my cock as much as I could but Emma’s body had collapsed on top of me preventing much movement. I could see from her face that she was still experiencing orgasms. With a huge groan, Darren

Welcome To The Family

doing this to his  dad, but he needed to show him he wanted nothing to do with having a new mom.  On the day they were to move in, Aiden stayed in bed, looking up at the ceiling. He had no interest in meeting them. He still couldn't get over the fact his dad was replacing his mom, even though it had been 13 years since she passed away. As soon as

Bronze Beauty

fingers. Then four. Then with both hands she was fucking herself. I walked over and stood next to her nightstand and watched her. She was arching her back and biting her lip. With every thrust her eyes rolled back and I oh so much wanted to have her right then and there. Then she must have had an orgasm as she stopped and smiled at me licking her

The Greatwar 3033 Part 5: Jack find something out

said that he was hoping that was what he was asked he said the he need to get back to his cabin to get something before the captain raised his hand to stop jack and say that he saw the wooden box open on the bed and the sword in his hand, the captain even said the nurse tried the remove the weapon but every time they tried the weapon started to

Married Guy Loves First Time As A Sub Bottom

I could do more, and that I was ready. When I asked what I was ready for, he replied that I was ready to become a true submissive bottom. I asked what that meant, and he said that he wanted me on my knees to undress him, and then suck on his cock to get his daddy good and hard, and then let him give me a really good fucking. It all turned me on,

Charity Graduates 3 : Hope and Change

into our arms. I never told him I loved him, Hope cried into my shoulder. They counted down to ten and cheered inside the mansion. We said nothing. There was nothing that could be said We held our friend close as her heart broke and the first snow in fifteen years fell softly on our shoulders. Should old acquaintance be forgot and never be

Everyone’s A Winner Ch. 02

know which one of you is going to enter so that they can sign this’ ‘What is it?’ Jenny asked suspiciously. ‘It’s just a contract which needs to be signed before you take part it just clarifies that you are aware of the rules and what the prize structure is, if you don’t sign it then the company could refuse your prize request. It’s just

In Bloom

it. I obeyed without hesitation. The two men standing there were massive. Being in sales, it's in my nature to smile and shake a person's hand when meeting them. Their hands engulfed mine, and their grips were crushing. It was immediately clear that I was now the Beta male in the room. They were polite enough, but they quickly brushed past me to

Aphrodite's Curse Ch. 025

one individual whose crimes against the Gods were so egregious and now was assaulting the beautiful Andromeda, having already punched Helen of Troy into unconsciousness. Running down the stairs to the main hall, Hades reached out with his enormous hand and grabbed Tantalus around his chest, literally ripping his still thrusting body from the

Jake and Noel Ch. 05: Game Changer

said matter-of-factly.Noel giggled "Of course"Jake got up fast and got down before Gabby. She was very attractive but he was keenly aware he had only met her hours prior and that here he was naked before her feet. She was wearing sandals. He bent down and kissed each of her feet on the toes. When he had finished, Gabby lifted her foot and placed

The Lonely Eyes

ecstasy. I’d known about my orientation from an early age, I knew in my heart that I was not meant to love women, but that didn’t mean I didn’t yearn for those long, drawn-out romances that one often saw on the silver screen. And it certainly never occurred to me that I would give something as significant as my virginity away on a

My New Boss Ch. 02

it was aimed at an empty corner of the room. I globbed some lube on the head of my cock, and dropped the tube on the floor."You should relax as much as you can, because all this moving around you're doing is only going to make it worse for you. Just lay still and take it."I pressed the head of my cock against her tight hole. It was very difficult

Almost Caught

1 hr 05 min.'Still over an hour to go!' she managed to think in the tiny gaps between the almost continuous orgasms.'Help me!' she cried out through the gag. 'I can't take it any more!' But her muffled moans could not be heard outside her room. The gag forced her to suck in air through her nose and her breathing was becoming more and more

An Unexpected Lover

on a bench and joking about a local massage parlor and what that must be like. My mind keeps running, fantasizing what it would be like to rub his soft, pale skin. Wondering what those firm abs must really look like with out a shirt, but mostly lost in a dream of touch. I’m brought back when he laughs, pointing at a little kid freaking out over a

The Gentle Cowboy Ch. 07

a smirking Jake, she was at a loss at what to say. ‘This is just pure madness,’ she laughingly sighed. Grabbing her hand, Jake brought it up to his lips and brushed a feather light kiss to Daisy’s knuckles. ‘Pure madness,’ he agreed. ‘Spend the rest of the day with me, Daisy.’ Eyes widening at his request, Daisy shook her head, ‘Jake there’s no

Sniff Addiction in the Chaldain Abyss

cavern in which his senses were fully aware but his willpower and resistance had become drastically inept. I have called for a dancer, Amara whispered, her fog-mist feeling like an effervescent sprinkling in his ear. You will enjoy. I will show you what you dont know. Wh . . . What dont I know? You dont know what it is you like. I will show you,

Dr. Joseph’s Office Ch. 02

bag of sugar,’ Marsha said, handing over a 2-pound bag of sugar. ‘I got it to use when I make coffee, but I hardly ever make coffee. Really, I don’t need it.’ ‘Well, thanks,’ Lacey replied. ‘And I’ll bring some of the cookies over here when I finish, because I certainly can’t eat a whole pan all by myself.’ She chuckled. ‘Well, I suppose I

Me and megan #1 part 1

right back into another semester of my freshman year, and it was all cool another fresh start and new classes. The only thing is that on my way to school I always pick up this girl, on my way to school and take her with me. It wouldn’t be so bad, except for the fact that im madly in love with her.She is just so perfect; she has short blond hair,

Being... More than Friends

fourth of July. She then, after pulling him outside of her mouth said "Okay..." as she turned around he stared at her on the ground, and said "Let's get on your'd be easier for you" helping her up, and on the bed, she then sat on her knees. He rubbed her firm butt, then slide his fingers in between her cheaks, which brought her onto all

Teacher Student Confidentiality

fondled Cat to hardness and with the other hand Samantha pinched Cats nipples. There were 3 girls masturbating now and the other two were in a make out session. Once Cat achieved full hardness for the 6th time that day (including the morning masturbation) Samantha jerked her around. I dont want that thing pointed at me just yet. Samantha hissed

Kristi and the high school boy

stopped sucking his tongue at this point and backed up a step. She looked at him and asked, So what is your name? I cant spend all afternoon sucking and fucking the cum out of a young buck that I dont even know his name. The boy replied, My name is Jack, and now that you know my name, your pussy is mine. With that he reached forward, pulled

Is She Worth It? -Chapter 2

Are you feeling better?""Moooooommmmm. I'm fine, lighten up. " I said embarrassed. I looked over to my dad, who gave me a fist pump and said," nice one buddy, getting shot! You'll be the most popular kid in school! And who's this girl your principal told me that you saved? Did you get her num..." " LEE!!! HE'S BEEN SHOT!" "Okay okay dear." My

A Hole in One

a bubble deep inside her that started to grow at a snail’s pace. The heat inside her body began to slowly release. Claire could feel the beads of perspiration form on the outside of her skin. It was not cold outside, but she could feel the air of the outdoor surroundings cool her body as he pulverized her pink inlet with his hard cock, still


on. His mother was having an affair. Her staying late at the university had nothing to do with them bugging her and he realized his father knew and that’s why he chose to ignore the fact she was there and continued to suck his son’s cock. Pleasure rocketed through Pete and he groaned so loudly he knew the neighbors could hear as he reached his

Hitting On My Sister

Again I got to hold her hand under the table and she rubbed my cock on purpose to get me hard. Obviously she was getting even with me for what I had done to her. Dinner was good but I could tell that Virginia was antsy. She got me as hard as she could and then asked me to get out and allow her to go to the bathroom. Mom smiled as she saw my

Mrs. H has to chaperone

a good time, just as much as any other kid. So when the DJ played another hip-hop song, Justin and I threw our hands in the air and started to dance. To my surprise. Justin was a very good dancer. Not only was he dancing to the beat, but he knew all of the latest dances. Something that I wasn't expecting from a goofy white kid. I was really

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 08

further ado, I give you Chapter Eight… The usual terms and conditions apply. Do not steal our words, do not reproduce them without our permission. Do enjoy. NAPLES – XAVIER: Xavier lay on the edge of sleep, his body wrapped in a warm buzz of wine and the aftermath of fantastic sex. Aldo sprawled behind him, one arm and a leg draped over him. His

The Substitute

and she screamed, "OH YES" After her climax we rested for about 5 minutes and then Steve said "It's my turn" Steve began by using his finger in her pussy. This warmed her up for what was to come. She began to moan softly. At that moment, both Steve and I got between her legs and took turns licking her delicious pussy. She felt one mouth and then

Celestial Fall - Chapter 1-4

on the coast or under the oceans they are never far from water.The Draconic are Dragons of old they are the bankers of this planet they guard their banks well and are not to be laughed at when it comes to making loans.The Agleo and Decona are two very different races that have a very strong connection when either species dies they are reborn as

Didn’t meet my friends

and say it my turn bitch I moved to his cock and starts sucking him I then started moving back and forth amount all three of them. Then I felt one of them behind me as I was sucking Mike. From his voice it was Tim he said to the others I going to fuck this white bitch now then I felt his black cock start to slide inside me then I felt him start

Missing Master

Will you spank me while you're buried deep inside me? Oh Master please... I want to be your anal slut. Oh god please fuck me...""Spread yourself for me, slut. I'm going to give it to you hard, until you can't take it anymore. Whether you like it or not. I'm going to fuck you and you're going to moan for me."I spread myself at his command, for his

Missy Carries on for Me

fucking good: mutual oral stimulation. I had to stop sucking his rod for a bit as his tongue and lips were being particularly efficient with my pussy and his fingers were probing both openings. I had to pull my mouth from his cock so I could let go:"You bastard, I love it, Oh shit, lover, that feels so damn good."Then I slammed my mouth back down

Sunbathing Nude for Walter and his Friends

masturbate for him. Sometimes, he’ll even take his cock out and masturbate with me. We’ve done that on a few occasions. It’s very hot and very naughty. My name is Virginia Wells and I’m a very healthy, sexy, and very horny young, woman. I have brown long hair and green eyes. I’m 5’7” and weigh one hundred and ten pounds. I have very large

Moth Ch. 018

how to stop it,’ screamed Keme, now struggling against both Zoa and the worn man to get back at the child. ‘It kills,’ screamed the child. ‘Where?’ asked the worn man the child, even as he kicked Keme’s legs away from under him. ‘When?’ ‘It’s not happened yet,’ said the child, suddenly sounding older than time. The child rocked in place, side to

Daddy's New Girl Pt. 03

his voice echoing of the walls making him seem more malevolent. "You are nothing but a whore for other to use and abuse.""Yes Sir" she replied giving in to her urges. "Please use me like a sex toy. Fuck me and break me. Please!!" she whined."I will do as I please." He enjoyed the squeals and yelps of pain as he finished tying the girl. Rope

Stacked Deck Ch. 01

choked back his words. He’d never once seen her lose her composure in the near 150 years he’d known her. The events of the past month clearly had her shaken. She was terrified to the core. They all were. Since the dawn of the ‘Breed,’ the only threat to them came from the humans who wanted them destroyed, and over the years they’d nearly succeded

It’s All in the Game Ch. 02

to drag on for years. Her ex lived in Austin and apparently had money enough to keep filing motions and counter-motions on every little detail that kept her case tied up forever. He was fighting for custody of Ashley and Marsha was determined that would never happen. Supposedly she had enough documentation to prove an ‘abusive relationship’ and

Joans Introduction to Her Sapphic Side

anal beads popping the first through her clinched sphincter muscle. The intensity of Joans orgasm was heightened by the sensations from the string of beads being pulled slowly from her ass during the peak of her climax. Martin watched in fascination as his lovely wifes body underwent one of natures true expressions of beauty, the female orgasm.

An Evening to Fondly Remember

The first came across my breasts and as I rubbed it over my tits, I moaned, "I want all of you to cum on me!"  I reached up a touched the left shoulder of my blouse and came away witha wet, gooey hand.  As one would cum, he'd step aside and another would take his place.  They came on my face, on my tits, across my stomach. I was dripping as I


in the corner facing the room with his hands on his head, Steve did as he was told, after a few minutes Steve felt his dick twitch he knew the Viagra he had taken the night before was still in his system and to his horror he was getting an erection, his dick was soon solid both girls were staring at it wide eyed, Karen said ” mum he got a hard

An Anal Fantasy Comes True

I heard a rustling in the bushes. Thank goodness, he's finally here. I began my little show. I splashed in the water, jumping so that my breasts would bounce. I knew he must be hard by now. There wasn't a rock nearby but there was a beach of pebbles and sand. I spread my beach towel out carefully and laid down. I poured suntan oil into my hand

Hello Sub Ch. 03

away any and all cum. My cock begins to soften I slowly pull it from your mouth; a small whimper escapes your lips as my cock is pulled free.I pick you up removing your blindfold and wrist restraints. I move over to the bed lying down."Come lay with me slave."You slowly tiptoe over lying down. The sheets feel cool against your warm skin. "I hope


and neck, covered her shoulders and back, and swept over her in wave after wave of a dominating erotic shower. Creamy man juices flowed freely over her and she freed her hands and rubbed it all over her tits and body, smearing his emissions across her skin as they jetted over her by the gallon. Seeing her rubbing his cum all over her body only

smokeSCREEN : bookpHOR

across the bare army-surplus mattress. ‘I really don’t need the mattress,’ I say. ‘You’ll sleep on it and like it,’ Michelle tells me. Here in the sub-basement – which I’m hoping Crow has given up – perhaps I can get some rest before sorting things out in the morning. ‘Thanks for being cool,’ I tell her. ‘Yeah, well – that’s me,’ she says.

Adventures of Sindycane: Stalkings and Lace

counter between us, and I walked out of the office with the keys to a sexy little car that fit perfectly with my sexy little mood. I waved buh-bye to the heat of LA and headed down Highway 1, singing and smiling and feeling lucky to be right here, right now with nothing but the unknown for four bliss-filled days. If life is what you make it “my

Tristan and Colton: Part 2- Tristan

vial.Now Colton just needed a plan to gain Tristan’s trust.“How will I get him to drink it?” asked Colton.“You may have to put that ass of yours to good use,” said Brandon, smirking.“You’re probably right,” Colton replied. The thought of having sex with Tristan did not appeal to him to say the least, but Colton knew that he would have a hard time

But Daddy

bra up over her breasts so that Kitty could have access to them.Stephanie Jones wanted to lick Kitty’s pussy after she had peed.I had never suspected that of those girls. Then Kitty asked, “Would you like Colleen to come to our motel room? She can spend the whole night. She goes both ways so she could satisfy us both...perhaps at the same time.”I

accidentally licked girlfriends s****r

other night. Her s****r who was across the room smiled really big and said she had an excellent night, something she would always remember. I couldn’t believe it, I had given my girlfriend’s hot s****r oral sex, she had came in my mouth, and I licked all those juices. We never mentioned it to anyone but I keep having fantasies about being able to

He Wanted to Talk

ran the woman’s classes and Patra handled the males. He understood that, Martin appeared to have a way with the somewhat chubby types that kept them eagerly showing up for workouts. Martin always wore tight shorts and a light tank top, he got a lot of close looks from the housewives he taught. Even the male classes increased by a few older men.

Dirty Gurlie Returns

and tugs back hard. He continues to plug my ass as he pulls harder against my head.“FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME,” I scream at him as his cock slams into my ass again and again. He shoots his hot cum into my ass and starts to slow. “No, don’t slow,” I tell him. “FUCK ME HARD AND FAST!”He resumes speed and pulls harder on my hair. Soon I am cumming

Holy Matrimony

She nuzzled my neck and whispered, "Are you awake?" I kissed her and touched her between her legs. She was already wet. She let me slide my hand inside her pajama top and fondle her but she stopped me when I started to penetrate her with my fingers. She didn't want to play around. She just needed release. She lay on her back, turned her face away

I Was Fucked By Jimmy Bright

Bride and some others lower down on the rungs of college studlings—it was just Jimmy Bright had taken the ante up to its forever potential-he was fond of saying JUST WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? And you had to politely tell him for the eighth millionth time, and he would say WHO ARE YOU TO WASTE A MINUTE OF MY TIME? And you would have to bow in his

The Cafe’

she settled against him easily following, hypnotized by the magical energy they created. The song ended and they stopped dancing but he continued to hold her close, he liked the feel of her heart beating against his chest, inches from his own. She didn’t want to lift her cheek for the warm place on his shoulder, she listened to the heavy rhythm

Brockway Mountain Dove Ch. 02

She smiled softly at me as I gathered her three bags of groceries from her hands and opened the door from her. I carried it all out to her white Dodge pickup and I offered a bright grin, opening the truck door for her after setting everything in the truck bed. ‘You’re too sweet,’ Selene chuckled, reaching up to pull my head down, and she kissed

My hero

as possible. You see, I was walking away from a relationship I had wasted the last 10 years of my life in. I had been unhappy and I had felt unloved and unwanted for at least the last half decade. I’m not sure what had happened, but I just had to get away from there and all the reminders of how I had messed up my life. The strap of my bag dug

One Suite Cruise Pt. 2

in the cool air of my cabin. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room, recalling the events of yesterday.Dawn, the sexy brunette who liked to be tied up… and that sexy blonde with the devil-may-care attitude and flirty smile. Choices, choices….‘Well,’ I said out loud to myself, ‘I can’t make any decisions until I get dressed and head out

Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 01

answered. Then she realized she could indeed visualize herself doing this. Wow.The next day, Saturday, she began her day with her vibrator, thoughts still on the phone conversation with Kayte the day before. As always, she placed a thick pad between her clit and her vibrator; she had always done this, as it was painful without it. Then, she lay

A further visit to the toilets

the back of my throat and I loved it!! It felt so hot and sexy to take a cock like this I could feel the saliva build as my throat gagged slightly then he assaulted it again pushing hard so my nose was now into his pubes and his cock had entered my throat. Oh god it was such a turn on to be used like this!! He held me there for a few moments then

A Rare Beauty: Part 2 of 2

a hard cock and cum-slick ballsack – not my own - in my hands as I was coming, but there was also a potent and undeniable erotic thrill from something so utterly strange, so forbidden; I was having one of the most powerful orgasms I’d had in a very long time, my cock pumping and spasming so strongly inside of Tina that she cried out in ecstasy as

Fit to Be Tied Ch. 03

my right hand under my waist. I moved to push off the car with my free hand, but he encircled my left wrist and pulled it behind my back. Still pressing his body against mine, his free hand pulled at my scrub pants. "I never thanked you for demonstrating the effectiveness of this hold." "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I could feel

Sharing CIndy Chapter 12 "I Listen As She Gets Fucked By Two Men"

it. It had my mind really racing. This actually was one of three different times Cindy met the two brothers for a night of sex. One night was spent with them cruising around in one of their limos, where one brother would drive and the other was in the back playing with her. They switched off twice before they parked in the lot of one of their


before, but I never enough that I could feel it between my thighs. I found my phone and went back upstairs wondering why he wanted it. He held out his hand and I gave him my phone. He wrapped his big hand around both my phone and my hand and sat me back on the edge of my bed. Then he returned my hand back to his gigantic cock. My other hand

Retirement part 2

the first stranger he gave head to and he was never so turned on. He has always been shy and only had been with a few males before. By now my dick was straining the fabric of my slacks and I kept shifting in my seat to get comfortable. At a traffic light, he turned in his seat and looked at the bulge in my crotch. He offered to bring my bags into


in a slinky little mini dress covering a thong and nothing else. But the phone rang, and Tommy said that he and Yola had a big fight, and that she has left him, probably for good.So I told him let’s go anyway. He can drown his sorrows in drink and the cleavage of some young hotty. He refused, and I then reminded him how many times he has told me

Control, Sam, Control Ch. 03

He placed his hands around the back of her bra, underneath the shirt but not touching the skin, and then swiftly undid the clasp. Debbie felt the pressure on her breasts flee as he bra sprang open but, enclosed as she was by 5 students on each side, she could do little more than curse to herself and make a mental note to fix it once the lecture

Those Days of…Ch. 06-10

her back, legs bent and spread wide apart, the other that was kneeling down between them and now I could not only hear the low moans of Julia’s pleasure, but also the much fainter, slurping sounds as the young woman’s mouth and tongue worked to bring her to her peak. The younger woman’s kneeling position provided me with an unobstructed view of

My Box… (pt.2)

car.A hair salon. I walked to the smell of burnt hair."you must be Ms. Riley" the front desk clerk asked. "Yes, nice to meet you" I said shaking HIS hand. He was fairly attractive. Stood about 6'2, deep waves, great smile, light-Skinned. "My pleasure" he said giving me a once over. He walked me over to a empty chair. I felt everyone looking at me

Twin Japanese Nieces Pt7

I watched out the back glass until I could not see the house anymore. My whole world would have to be without me for a week.………………………..Germany sucked. My meetings went well, but it rained every day. It was nice to see the rainfall especially since it had been so dry back home, but doing anything was a real pain. The only break I really had

Kate and I Ch. 42-44

what’s she doing, and here I am, her boss making her do this, she’s not even paid to do this either, why is she still here? As soon as I finished thinking this she finishes the complaint, lays it down, and looks at me as her glasses have fallen down her nose, ‘What is it, Aden?’ she says, as she adjusts her glasses to actually see me, ‘Do I have

Being Mr. Millers Slut – Part 5

bald cunt which was more than a little wet. Mr. Miller watched as I rubbed her wet slit and he stroked his hard cock. The little girl was squirming against my hand moaning. Eat her whore, eat her little cunt till she cums and loves it. Mr. Miller said as he shoved my head down her body. The girl squirmed more, and moaned. I knew she was liking it


and a tiny cream-colored satin rosette nestled between her tits. Looking at them, Jack thought they'd make a perfect handful... or mouthful. And when she saw the look of barely contained hunger in his eyes, Ashley unfastened her belt and let the skirt fall in a soft pink pile around her tiny ankles.The matching panties were too much. Jack closed

Our Stories: Hawaiian Vacation Part 2

to kiss each other again, with open mouths and tongues extended. Matt finally shot his seed onto the girls awaiting mouths. Sheri took the first blast onto her tongue and cheek. Rya took the next two across her tongue, nose, and forehead. Matt continued moving back and forth, coating the girls with cum. When he was finished, Rya took his cock

The Face at Her Window

office and two of the other girls in the office had called in sick. There were four properties to be shown and Jennifer had to pinch hit and show three of them. The last prospective buyer had shown a lot of interest in the home, which was good, but spent two hours inspecting the home, which was bad. It meant that she didn’t get back to the office

Step-Daughter makes his fantasy come true

smiles at this and comes over sitting on the sofa then curling up next to me her cute ass spooning into my lap as I stretch an arm over her waist, draping it there as we watch the film.All the time I can smell her hair and fell her body pressed against mine, I can feel myself getting turned on as I think about Rachel so close to me. Photos

Jailhouse Cock

to be able to hold back. Then I got to the point of no return and I knew I was going to cum. I grabbed each side of her head and started to fuck her mouth hard, and I could hear hear slurping and slopping as I thrust my cock into her mouth. Closer and closer I got, and I knew she liked it too, as I could feel her starting to moan, and the

Love Never Dies Pt. 04

I’m okay. It’s you I’m worried about.’ ‘Me?’ Mick took a gulp of beer and then nodded. ‘Yep, you. You’ve been rather quiet these past few weeks. And out there on the course today, you didn’t seem quite with it. Worst game I’ve seen you play. Is something bothering you? Something wrong?’ I shook my head. ‘No, nothing wrong.’ I thought for a